In a recent episode of Da Fixx, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble had the privilege of hosting two remarkable individuals: Dr. Rhonda Cotton and Chaka Balamani. Both guests shared their profound journeys of faith, their dedication to community work, and their passion for empowering the youth. Let’s jump right in!

Dr. Rhonda Cotton: A Journey of Faith and Empowerment

Early Faith Journey and Challenges

Dr. Rhonda Cotton, a multi-talented CEO, writer, producer, model, and mentor, began her faith journey at a young age. She shared how her relationship with God has been a guiding force throughout her life, helping her navigate the challenges of peer influence and life’s distractions. Here are some key takeaways from her story:

  • Staying Aligned with Faith: Dr. Cotton emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s faith despite external pressures. She advised listeners to seek guidance through prayer and to remain steadfast in their beliefs.
  • Vision and Guidance: Following the visions and guidance that God provides can lead to fulfilling one’s purpose. Dr. Cotton’s journey is a testament to the power of divine direction in achieving personal and professional goals.

Media and Film Production

Dr. Cotton’s work in media and film production is a significant aspect of her career. She is involved with Mega Mind Media Productions and has worked on various projects that reflect her commitment to impactful storytelling. Here are some insights from her experience:

  • Impactful Storytelling: Dr. Cotton believes in using media to tell stories that inspire and uplift. She encourages aspiring filmmakers to focus on creating content that has a positive impact on society.
  • Upcoming Projects: Dr. Cotton mentioned her upcoming foundation, the Great and Grand Foundation, which aims to support economically disadvantaged families and children. She also has several books and events in the pipeline, showcasing her dedication to making a difference.

Chaka Balamani: Filmmaking and Youth Advocacy

Dedication to Youth and Community

Chaka Balamani, a filmmaker with over 20 years of experience, has a deep passion for youth advocacy and community work. His journey began with a rites of passage program through his church, which had a profound impact on his life. Here are some key points from his conversation:

  • Rites of Passage: Chaka’s involvement in a rites of passage program helped shape his commitment to working with the youth. He highlighted the importance of mentorship and community support in guiding young people.
  • Film Projects: Chaka’s film “Six Hearts One Beat” involved 75 young actors and showcased his dedication to providing opportunities for youth in the arts. His work with the Black Women for Positive Change on films addressing teen domestic violence and high school dropout rates further underscores his commitment to social issues.

Faith and Filmmaking

Chaka’s faith has been a significant influence on his filmmaking career. He shared how his relationship with God has guided his creative process and inspired him to create films with heart and passion. Here are some insights from his faith journey:

  • Faith-Infused Films: Chaka believes in creating films that reflect God’s love and the triumph of the human spirit. He encourages filmmakers to infuse their work with positive messages and to use their platform to inspire others.
  • Upcoming Projects: Chaka recently wrapped up a holiday film called “A Christmas Bonus,” which brings awareness to cervical cancer and highlights the importance of afterschool music programs. This project exemplifies his commitment to using film as a tool for social change.

Marriage and Salvation: A Deeper Understanding

This episode also featured a discussion on the parallels between marriage and salvation, emphasizing the importance of a strong relationship with God. Here are some key points from this conversation:

  • Covenant and Commitment: Focus and Dice highlighted the significance of understanding the covenant of marriage and the plan that God has for individuals. They likened the excitement and anticipation of a wedding to the joy of being saved.
  • Prioritizing Relationship with God: The conversation stressed the need for individuals to prioritize their relationship with God over the desire to be married. A deep and intimate relationship with God is essential for spiritual growth and fulfillment.

Spiritual Transformation and Community Involvement

The episode concluded with a discussion on the importance of spiritual transformation, obedience to God, and community involvement. Here are some actionable tips from this segment:

  • Feeding the Spirit: Engage in regular prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with other believers to nourish your spirit and strengthen your faith.
  • Finding Purpose: Seek God’s guidance in discovering your purpose and use your talents to serve others. Both Dr. Cotton and Chaka exemplify how finding one’s purpose can lead to impactful work in the community.
  • Giving Back: Get involved in community work and support initiatives that uplift disadvantaged individuals. Whether through mentorship, volunteering, or donations, giving back is a powerful way to make a difference.


The conversations with Dr. Rhonda Cotton and Chaka Balamani offer valuable insights into the power of faith, the importance of community involvement, and the impact of purposeful work. Their stories inspire us to stay true to our beliefs, use our talents for good, and prioritize our relationship with God. As we continue to navigate our own journeys, let us remember the lessons shared by these remarkable individuals and strive to make a positive impact in our communities.
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The spiritual detox (00:00:00) The host introduces the segment as a spiritual detox and welcomes a talented guest, Dr. Rhonda Cotton, who is a CEO, writer, producer, model, and mentor for youth.
Dr. Rhonda’s faith journey (00:01:25) Dr. Rhonda shares her spiritual journey, starting from a young age and how she trusted God’s vision for her life despite challenges and peer influence.
Dr. Rhonda’s career journey (00:05:23) Dr. Rhonda discusses her early modeling career, transition into film production, writing, and poetry, and her passion for empowering youth through creative expression.
Media production and current projects (00:09:54) Dr. Rhonda talks about her work with Mega My Media Productions, her roles, and various film projects she has been involved in, including upcoming projects.
Future plans and initiatives (00:11:54) Dr. Rhonda discusses her upcoming foundation, the Great and Grand Foundation, aimed at helping disadvantaged families and introducing children to the entertainment industry.
Upcoming events and industry involvement (00:13:53) Dr. Rhonda shares details about an upcoming prayer event and panel for industry professionals, encouraging participation and auditions for potential opportunities.
Connecting with Dr. Rhonda (00:15:29) The host invites listeners to connect with Dr. Rhonda on her social media platforms and acknowledges her inspirational work.
Welcoming Chaka Balamani (00:16:46) The hosts welcome filmmaker Chaka Balamani highlighting his extensive work in film and youth advocacy, expressing excitement about his exclusive insights.
Passion for community work (00:17:18) Chaka Balamani discusses his passion for youth advocacy and community work, emphasizing the importance of black men taking an active role in their communities.
Youth Advocacy and Filmmaking (00:17:47) Chaka Balamani discusses his early influences and the impact of working with young people in his films.
Advocacy Films and National Day of Nonviolence (00:18:48) Chaka Balamani talks about his collaboration with a lobbyist group and the success of their advocacy films.
Confidence and Faith (00:20:37) Chaka Balamani shares how his confidence in filmmaking grew and the influence of his faith journey.
Upcoming Film: A Christmas Bonus (00:23:20) Chaka Balamani discusses his latest film, “A Christmas Bonus,” and its focus on cervical cancer awareness.
Community Support and Impactful Filmmaking (00:25:00) Chaka Balamani emphasizes the importance of impactful storytelling and community support in filmmaking.
Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers (00:27:08) Chaka Balamani gives advice to aspiring filmmakers, emphasizing the value of dedication and utilizing online resources.
Top Directors and Musical Influences (00:29:30) Chaka Balamani shares his top three directors he would like to work with and discusses his favorite hip-hop artists.
Gospel Artists and Spiritual Reflection (00:31:16) Chaka Balamani reflects on his top three gospel artists and shares the influence of his faith journey on his work.
Real Talk Topic: Salvation and Marriage Proposal (00:33:24) The hosts discuss the concept of salvation as a forever marriage proposal and its significance in their lives.
Understanding the Covenant (00:35:12) Discussion on the lack of understanding of marriage covenant and the need for self-improvement before marriage.
Mirroring Marriage and Salvation (00:36:44) Comparison of marriage and salvation, emphasizing the lifelong commitment and growth in faith.
Benefits of Being Single (00:39:37) Emphasizing the advantages of being single for ministry and service.
God’s Rejoicing Over Believers (00:42:28) Comparison of God’s rejoicing over believers with a groom’s excitement at a wedding.
Salvation as a Lifelong Commitment (00:40:49) Emphasis on the lifelong commitment and blessings of serving and growing in faith.
The Pursuit of God (00:48:26) Discussion on the relentless pursuit of God and the need for a real intimate relationship with Him.
The spiritual transformation (00:52:02) Discussion about the spiritual transformation and the day-to-day efforts required for spiritual growth and obedience to God.
Importance of obedience (00:52:51) Emphasizing the benefits of obedience to God, blessings, and the assurance of eternal life.
Engagement with faith (00:53:40) Encouraging faith in Jesus as the ultimate relationship and the need to walk in godly purpose.
Reminder of the significance of the relationship with Jesus (00:55:07) Highlighting the importance of being engaged as the bride of Christ and prioritizing the relationship with Jesus.
Chaka Balamani and Dr. Rhonda Cotton’s contributions (00:56:43) Acknowledgment and appreciation of Chaka Balamani’s community involvement and Dr. Rhonda Cotton’s work with disadvantaged youth.
Upcoming segments and community involvement (00:58:08) Announcement of upcoming segments and a commitment to being more vocal and involved in the community.
Plans for new segments and comedic addition (00:58:54) Plans for new segments and considering the addition of church comedy to the show.
Closing remarks (01:00:05) Encouragement to focus on turning negatives into positives, prioritizing Jesus Christ, and advancing the kingdom.

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