We got another special spiritual detox episode of Da Fixx. Our hosts welcome Rama Montakhabi and Tamera Fair. Rama, an actress known for her roles in “BMF” and “Tomb Raider 2,” shares her journey in the entertainment industry, her spiritual growth, and her aspirations. Tamera, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, discusses her path to success, the importance of faith, and the impact of the pandemic on the church.

Rama Montakhabi: Navigating the Acting World

1. Experiences on the Red Carpet

Rama Montakhabi’s red carpet experiences are a testament to her growing presence in the entertainment industry. She emphasizes the importance of preparation and confidence when attending such high-profile events.

  • Preparation: Rama advises aspiring actors to research the event, understand the dress code, and prepare talking points. This helps in making a lasting impression.
  • Confidence: Walking the red carpet can be daunting. Rama suggests practicing poses and maintaining a positive mindset to exude confidence.

2. Working with the Cast of “BMF”

Rama’s role in “BMF” has been a significant milestone in her career. She highlights the importance of building strong relationships with cast members and crew.

  • Networking: Building connections within the industry can open doors to new opportunities. Rama recommends being approachable and professional on set.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with the cast and crew fosters a collaborative environment, enhancing the overall production quality.

3. Impact of the Entertainment Industry Strike

The entertainment industry strike had a profound impact on Rama’s career, but she used this time to focus on personal growth and development.

  • Adaptability: Rama stresses the importance of being adaptable and finding ways to stay productive during industry downtimes.
  • Skill Development: Use periods of inactivity to hone your craft, take acting classes, or explore other creative outlets.

4. Mental Health and Well-being

Maintaining mental health is crucial in the high-pressure world of acting. Rama shares her strategies for staying grounded.

  • Self-care: Prioritize self-care routines, such as meditation, exercise, and spending time with loved ones.
  • Professional Help: Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if needed. Therapy can provide valuable tools for managing stress and anxiety.

5. Future Career Goals

Rama’s aspirations include exploring diverse roles and potentially working on a faith-based show on Netflix.

  • Goal Setting: Set clear, achievable goals for your career. This provides direction and motivation.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay open to learning and evolving as an actor. Take on challenging roles that push your boundaries.

6. Spiritual Growth and Revelations

Rama’s spiritual journey has been a cornerstone of her personal and professional life.

  • Faith: Rama emphasizes the importance of keeping faith strong and trusting in God’s plan, even in the face of adversity.
  • Reflection: Regularly reflect on your spiritual journey and seek ways to grow closer to your faith.

Tamera Fait: Faith and Entrepreneurship

1. Journey to Success

Tamera Fair’s path to success is a story of perseverance and faith. Despite facing challenges and negative expectations, she has built a thriving career.

  • Resilience: Tamera’s story highlights the importance of resilience. Stay focused on your goals, even when faced with obstacles.
  • Support System: Surround yourself with trusted individuals who can provide guidance and support.

2. Faith in God

Tamera’s strong faith has been a guiding force in her life and career.

  • Spiritual Guidance: Seek spiritual guidance in your decision-making process. This can provide clarity and direction.
  • Community: Engage with a faith community for support and accountability.

3. Impact of the Pandemic on the Church

The pandemic has significantly affected the church and its members. Tamera discusses the need for accountability and spiritual maturity during these challenging times.

  • Adaptation: Churches need to adapt to new ways of connecting with their congregations, such as virtual services.
  • Self-reflection: Use this time for self-reflection and spiritual growth. Seek support from others to maintain a strong faith.


Rama Montakhabi’s experiences and advice provide a roadmap for aspiring actors, while Tamera Fair’s journey underscores the significance of resilience and spiritual guidance. By embracing these lessons, listeners can navigate their own paths with confidence and faith.
Key Takeaways:

  • Preparation and Confidence: Essential for making a lasting impression in the entertainment industry.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Building strong relationships can open doors to new opportunities.
  • Adaptability and Skill Development: Stay productive and adaptable during industry downtimes.
  • Mental Health and Self-care: Prioritize mental well-being to thrive in high-pressure environments.
  • Goal Setting and Continuous Learning: Set clear goals and stay open to learning and evolving.
  • Faith and Resilience: Trust in God’s plan and stay resilient in the face of challenges.
  • Community and Support: Engage with a supportive community for guidance and accountability.

By incorporating these insights into our lives, we can navigate our careers and personal journeys with greater clarity and purpose.
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The red carpet experience (00:01:48) Rama Montakhabi talks about her magical experience on the red carpet for the second season of “BMF”.
Working with the cast (00:02:52) Rama shares her experience of working with the all-star cast of “BMF” and the family-like bond they share.
The impact of the industry strike (00:04:13) Rama discusses the extreme impact of the industry strike on her mental health and the shift to commercial acting.
Maintaining mental health and well-being (00:05:30) Rama explains how she maintained her mental health and well-being during the industry strike and the importance of having multiple streams of income.
Portraying a heavy scene (00:07:08) Rama reflects on her approach to portraying a heavy and intense scene in “BMF” and the importance of setting boundaries.
Future career aspirations (00:10:30) Rama shares her excitement for future roles, including action, emotional, and comedic roles, and her upcoming film project.
Spiritual growth and revelations (00:13:30) Rama discusses any spiritual revelations and growth she has experienced over the past year.
Rama’s spiritual journey (00:13:49) Rama discusses her spiritual growth, faith, and trust in God, expressing gratitude and hope for the future.
Rama’s future career aspirations (00:14:39) She hints at a potential role in a faith-based show on Netflix and her desire to work on more inspirational projects.
Influence of hip hop (00:15:42) Rama shares her love for hip hop and its impact on her life, naming Tupac, Biggie, and Aaliyah as her top three favorite artists.
Faith-based hip hop artists (00:16:45) Rama mentions her familiarity with Christian hip hop artist Lecrae and expresses her admiration for his work.
Connecting with Rama on social media (00:17:22) Rama provides her social media handles for listeners to connect with her.
Tamera Fair’s faith journey (00:18:35) Tamera shares her spiritual journey, upbringing, and the role of faith in her life and career.
The church and spiritual maturity (00:20:32) Tamera discusses the state of the church post-pandemic, addressing the need for accountability, engagement, and spiritual growth.
Overcoming challenges and finding success (00:25:30) Tamera reflects on her upbringing, overcoming negative expectations, and finding success as a businesswoman through faith and determination.
Therapeutic journey and family dynamics (00:26:48) Discussing the impact of a family member’s influence, overcoming toxic communication, and the stigma of therapy in the black community.
Generational differences in parenting (00:29:07) Exploring how traditional parenting methods may not align with the needs of newer generations, and the importance of understanding and motivating children.
Spiritual growth and mother-daughter relationship (00:30:28) Highlighting the importance of honoring and repairing relationships, and the impact of spiritual growth on family bonds.
Transition from education to entrepreneurship (00:31:57) Describing the influence of Minister Farrakhan, the shift from pursuing medicine to entering the childcare business, and the lessons learned from the journey.
Lessons from running a daycare business (00:34:10) Reflecting on the importance of doing things right the first time in business, and the value of seeking mentorship and guidance.
Unexpected entry into acting and producing (00:36:09) Detailing the unplanned entry into acting, the transition to becoming a producer, and the allure of the business side of the entertainment industry.
Unplanned entry into radio (00:39:42) Recounting the unexpected entry into radio, from initial nervousness to becoming a radio personality and promoting a play.
The comedians’ persona (00:40:33) Discussion about comedians’ on-stage versus off-stage personas and their interaction with the producers.
Transition to iHeart (00:41:29) Transition from a smaller station to iHeart, discussing the platform’s global reach and the decision to move.
Excitement for Double Cross (00:41:58) Excitement about working on the set of “Double Cross,” a black production with a full studio and its important storyline about missing children and sex trafficking.
Appeal for Double Cross (00:44:31) Encouragement to the audience to support the show “Double Cross” and prevent it from being taken off the network.
Social media connections (00:45:28) Information on how to connect with the speaker on various social media platforms.

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