Welcome to Da Fixx family. In this episode DJ Focus caught up with the CHH veteran Jered Sanders for an inspiring spiritual detox discussion. Their conversation was not only enlightening but also deeply inspiring, as they explored the state of Christian hip hop, the creative force behind Jered’s latest project “Talk to Me Nice,” and the crucial role of high-quality music in bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular. In the real talk segment, Focus and Dice explore the faith journey and how overcoming doubt can help you walk in your God given purpose.
The Genesis of “Talk to Me Nice”

Jered’s project “Talk to Me Nice” began as a collection of upbeat tracks but soon transformed into a profound introspective journey. Throughout the discussion, Jered emphasized the need to dismantle the stigma that Christian hip hop can’t match the quality of mainstream music. He shared his belief that to truly resonate with listeners and compete with secular content, Christian artists must produce music that not only entertains but also carries a powerful message.

The Competitive Edge of Christian Hip Hop

The state of Christian hip hop is evolving, and Jered highlighted the importance of the genre’s competitiveness and versatility. He praised the growing unity among younger artists and the fresh voices and sounds emerging within the scene. Mentorship, according to Jered, plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of talent, and he humbly expressed his desire to support and inspire up-and-coming artists.
The Inspiration Behind the Tracks

Their conversation also highlighted the stories behind some of Jered’s songs. He shared the inspiration for “Kobe’s Back,” a track born from his admiration for Kobe Bryant’s relentless work ethic. After a four-year hiatus, Jered returned to the studio, writing and recording 65 songs, channeling the same pursuit of excellence that defined Kobe’s career.
“Morning Devo” was another standout track they discussed. Jered wanted this song to capture the experience of a spiritual awakening, similar to the freshness of a new day. It’s a reintroduction of sorts, not just for Jered but for any listener who might be encountering his music for the first time.
When it came to “Blessing,” Jered revealed an organic creative process, one that didn’t involve writing down lyrics but rather letting the flow of the moment guide the song’s creation. The collaboration with Mission on this track is a testament to the synergy that occurs when artists are genuinely excited about the work they’re doing together.
Jered Sanders with Bizzle and Datin Overcoming Doubt with Faith

The real talk discussion revolved around the impact of doubt on our dreams and goals. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble both shared personal experiences of overcoming doubt and the significance of seeking divine guidance in making pivotal decisions.

The Pressures of Life and the Power of Perseverance

Our hosts also touched on the pressures of life, both personal and professional. DJ Focus shared insights on the different challenges faced by men and women, particularly the financial and emotional responsibilities that come with leading a household. Through it all, Focus says, faith remained the cornerstone of his ability to persevere.
Embracing Change and New Beginnings

As the conversation came to a close, our hosts touched on Jered’s potential retirement from rapping to focus on youth pastoring. While Focus and Dice support his new path, they also expressed hope that he would continue to bless the world with his music. Stay tuned for more episodes of Da Fixx where our hosts continue to explore the transformative power of music and faith.
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The spiritual detox (00:00:00) DJ Focus introduces the episode, setting the stage for a discussion about the state of Christian hip hop and the inspiration behind Jered Sanders’ project “Talk to Me Nice.”
Jered’s break and return (00:01:00) Jered Sanders discusses his break, time spent with the Lord, and his return to music.
Lessons during the break (00:02:24) Jered shares the lessons he learned during his break, focusing on stewardship and personal growth.
Physical transformation (00:03:25) Jered talks about his fitness journey and the inspiration behind his weight loss.
State of Christian hip hop (00:04:11) DJ Focus and Jered discuss the current state of Christian hip hop, its diversity, and its competitive nature.
Acceptance within the church (00:08:03) The conversation shifts to the acceptance of Christian hip hop within the church and the need to find supportive spaces.
Unity among Christian hip hop artists (00:09:27) Jered and DJ Focus explore the unity among Christian hip hop artists and the generational shift in attitudes towards collaboration.
Mentoring and support (00:11:12) Jered discusses his role as a mentor and the support he provides to younger artists.
Inspiration behind “Talk to Me Nice” (00:13:11) Jered explains the inspiration behind his project “Talk to Me Nice” and his creative process.
Creating competitive music (00:15:05) Jered emphasizes the importance of creating competitive, high-quality music within Christian hip hop to convey the message effectively.
Doubt and Uncertainty (00:29:29) Discussion about the impact of doubt and the importance of seeking wise counsel when uncertain about a decision.
Inspiration Behind “Kobe’s Back” (00:17:35) Exploration of the inspiration behind the song “Kobe’s Back” and its relation to the artist’s personal journey.
Morning Devo and Reintroduction (00:19:05) Explanation of the inspiration behind the track “Morning Devo” and its role in reintroducing the artist to the audience.
The Journey of “Blessing” (00:20:59) Insight into the evolution of the song “Blessing” and its significance in the artist’s creative process.
Challenges in Song Creation (00:22:23) Discussion about the challenges and contrasts in the creative process of writing introspective songs versus more spontaneous ones.
The Future and Legacy (00:24:57) Reflection on the artist’s future plans, including the release of multiple projects and the intention to create a platform for emerging talent.
The Impact of Doubt (00:29:48) Exploration of the impact of doubt and the importance of examining the seeds of doubt sown by others.
Real-life Examples of Doubt (00:32:20) Personal experiences and challenges related to dealing with doubt and seeking guidance in decision-making.
The doubt of doubters (00:33:13) Discussion on the impact of doubters and the importance of not letting their negativity affect one’s decisions.
The power of prayer (00:33:56) The role of prayer in overcoming doubt and seeking guidance in making important decisions.
Community and support (00:34:49) The significance of having a supportive community and the impact of negative influences on one’s aspirations.
Self-doubt and age (00:35:38) Exploration of self-doubt, age-related skepticism, and the importance of pursuing one’s goals regardless of age.
Overcoming doubt and societal expectations (00:37:14) Challenging societal expectations and overcoming doubt, particularly in the context of relationships and personal aspirations.
Root cause of doubt (00:44:22) The importance of identifying the root cause of doubt and seeking guidance from a higher source.
Faith and career decisions (00:46:00) Discussion on faith-based career decisions and the impact of doubting one’s ability to make a significant career transition.
Doubting and Pressures (00:47:59) Discussion about the pressures and doubts faced in life and the impact on relationships and faith.
Overcoming Doubt and Fear (00:50:01) Encouragement to overcome self-doubt, the importance of faith, and dealing with negative influences.
Trusting God and Moving Forward (00:54:26) Emphasizing the need to trust God, avoid doubt, and continue moving forward in faith and purpose.
Support for Jered Sanders (00:55:34) Acknowledgment and support for Jered Sanders’ music career and transition to youth pastoring.
Upcoming Exclusive Segment (00:56:57) Teaser for an upcoming exclusive segment featuring a multi-talented individual and encouragement for positive growth and focus.

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