Hey family! Welcome to Da Fixx. In this episode DJ Focus sat down with two remarkable individuals, actress, and author Telishia Berry and actor comedian Paul Jerry AKA Hey Pablo. The pair are not only talented in their respective fields but also deeply committed to making a positive impact through their work and their faith journeys.

Telishia Berry: A Beacon of Women Empowerment

Telishia Berry, a CEO, producer, publisher, actress, and radio host, graced us with her presence and shared her multifaceted journey. Known for her dedication to women empowerment and highlighting courageous women, Telishia’s story is one of faith, resilience, and vision.
Faith as the Foundation

Telishia opened up about her faith journey, stressing the significance of operating in faith, especially during life’s trials. She spoke candidly about the evolving landscape of the church and the crucial role of younger generations in staying rooted in their beliefs.
From Writing to Acting: A Career of Many Acts

Transitioning from writing to acting and publishing, Telishia founded Stride Publishing out of sheer determination to bring her vision to life, despite financial hurdles. Her magazine, Courageous Woman, was born from a personal need for motivation and has since become a source of inspiration for many.
The Spotlight of “Double Cross” and Beyond

Speaking of her acting career, Telishia highlighted her role in “Double Cross,” expressing gratitude for the opportunity and pride in her son’s acting achievements. She also touched on her pageant successes and teased upcoming projects, including a novel and script based on her real-life experiences.
Aspirations for the Industry

Telishia’s aspirations for the industry are clear: more opportunities for African American writers and producers to share positive and empowering narratives.
Paul Jerry AKA Hey Pablo: Comedy, Acting, and Healing

Following Telishia Berry’s powerful insights, Focus welcomed Paul Jerry AKA Hey Pablo, an emerging talent in acting and comedy with a background in boxing.
Comedy as a Catalyst for Change

Paul shared his belief in the power of comedy and the arts to inspire and uplift, especially during challenging times. He emphasized the role of laughter as a healing force and a means to connect with others.
A Testimony of Loss and Resilience

Paul opened up about personal tragedies, including the loss of his mother to breast cancer and his brother to suicide. These experiences brought him closer to God and taught him the value of staying the course. He highlighted the importance of mental health and the therapeutic nature of acting, which helped him process his grief.
The Grieving Process and Moving Forward

Paul candidly discussed his grieving process, from channeling his pain through boxing to finding solace in acting and writing letters to his late mother. He shared a touching moment when he found a rainbow over his vision board, a sign he interpreted as his mother’s presence and encouragement.
Lessons in Leadership and Community

The real talk conversation also revolved around the experiences of facing isolation and “wilderness seasons” in our faith journeys. Focus and Dice discussed the importance of building spiritual strength, seeking guidance from our faith community, and being a positive influence on others.
Conclusion: Embracing the Desert Experiences

In closing, this discussion with Telishia Berry and Paul Jerry AKA Hey Pablo is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of facing life’s challenges head-on, and the transformative impact of personal growth. As we navigate our own journeys, let us embrace the desert experiences as opportunities for development and trust in the process, knowing that we are never alone.
Thank you for joining us on this reflective journey. We hope the stories and insights shared by Telishia and Paul resonate with you as much as they did us. Remember to leave a comment and share your thoughts about the episode. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Faith Journey and Career Path (00:00:00) Discussion on faith journeys and career paths, highlighting the importance of faith in personal and professional growth.
Changes in the Church (00:02:45) Comparison of the church environment in earlier years to the present, addressing the acceptance of different perspectives and the influence on the younger generation.
Starting as a Writer and Actress (00:03:57) Telishia Berry’s journey as a writer, her introduction to acting, and the impact of her first acting role.
Starting Stride Publishing (00:05:37) The story of how Telishia Berry started her publishing company with limited resources and distributed the first publication.
Women Empowerment and Courageous Women (00:07:12) Telishia Berry’s motivation to highlight courageous women and share their stories, inspiring others with their experiences.
Interviewing Courageous Women (00:08:20) A discussion on the inspiring stories of women Telishia Berry has had the opportunity to interview, including celebrities and successful entrepreneurs.
Acting Endeavors and Double Cross Role (00:09:14) Telishia Berry’s experience in acting, particularly her role in the show “Double Cross” and the journey to achieving her acting dreams.
Pageant Titles and Future Projects (00:12:08) Telishia Berry’s achievements in pageants and her plans for future projects, including writing, producing, and collaborating with her children.
Upcoming Novel and Industry Change (00:13:07) Details about Telishia Berry’s upcoming novel and her desire for more opportunities for African American writers and producers in the entertainment industry.
Connecting with Telishia Berry (00:15:26) Information on how to connect with Telishia Berry through her website and social media platforms.
Introduction of Paul “Jerry” AKA Hey Pablo (00:16:07) Introduction of Paul Jerry AKA Hey Pablo, highlighting his talents in acting, comedy, and boxing, and the positive impact of using these talents to inspire others.
Spiritual Journey and Personal Loss (00:16:54) Paulshares his spiritual journey and how personal losses shaped his faith and acting career.
Grieving Process and Therapeutic Outlet (00:19:55) Paul discusses his grieving process, using acting as a therapeutic outlet, and recognizing signs from his loved ones.
Acting Career Development (00:23:40) Paul talks about his journey into acting, the pivotal moment that led him to pursue acting professionally, and his experiences in the industry.
Current Projects and Future Engagements (00:29:29) Paul shares details about the series and stage play he’s working on, as well as his upcoming comedy shows and recent commercial work.
State of Hip Hop Culture (00:31:52) Paul 4 reflects on the current state of hip hop culture, expressing a desire for more substance and empowerment in the music.
The music of the past (00:33:18) Discussion about the nostalgic and poetic nature of music from the past, including R&B and gospel rap.
Connecting with artists (00:35:29) DJ Focus offering to introduce new Christian hip hop artists to the guest and discussing the impact of music on the soul.
Real talk on faith journey (00:36:46) Discussion on facing challenges and seeking God during tough times in the faith journey, including the importance of personal time with God.
Leadership in the wilderness (00:37:53) The significance of experiencing wilderness moments for spiritual growth and learning to lead in challenging situations.
Jesus in the wilderness (00:45:01) Reflection on Jesus’ experience in the wilderness and the need to build up the spirit to resist temptations.
Building the spirit man (00:46:07) The importance of resisting isolation and connecting with a community to strengthen the spirit man during wilderness experiences.
Desert Experiences (00:49:43) Discussion on facing challenges in the wilderness and overcoming temptation through faith and spiritual growth.
Opportunity for Spiritual Growth (00:52:34) Emphasizing the importance of facing challenges as an opportunity for spiritual growth and leadership.
Expectancy in the Wilderness (00:55:09) Encouragement to expect power and growth from God while facing challenges in the wilderness.
Reflection and Identity in Desert Moments (00:56:04) Understanding the significance of desert moments for reflection, hearing from God, and finding one’s identity.
Support for Telishia Berry and Paul Jerry (00:58:49) Acknowledgment and support for Telishia Berry and Paul Jerry for their impactful work in various fields.
Closing Remarks (00:59:34) Encouragement to focus on positivity, faith, and kingdom advancement, ending with a message of encouragement.

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