Hey family, I’d like to share with you a heartfelt episode of The 116 Life that I believe will resonate with many of you. As you know May is Mental Health Awareness month and June is Men’s Mental Health Month. Reach Records SVP over A&R Ace Harris and his co-host Meah Evans have an eye-opening conversation about the mental toll that comes along with being an artist or public with so much of your life, and the tension that exists in Christian culture around struggling with your mental health.
The Personal Impact of Mental Health in the Arts

Mental health awareness is a topic that resonates deeply with both Ace and Meah, especially given their experiences in the music industry. They’ve seen firsthand how mental health struggles can affect artists, and it’s a conversation that’s becoming increasingly important. The music industry, with its unique pressures and challenges, often amplifies these struggles, and both Ace and Meah understand the importance of genuine support and understanding.
The Cultural Shift in Mental Health Conversations

The dialogue around mental health has evolved significantly over the years. It’s no longer a taboo subject but one that people are openly discussing and advocating for. This shift is crucial, not just in our personal lives but also in how we approach mental health in the music industry and beyond.
Mastering Self-Discipline and Self-Control

On a personal note, Meah has been focusing on mastering self-discipline and self-control. It’s a journey of sacrifice and adjustment, but it’s essential for reaching one’s full potential. Learning that sometimes the biggest obstacle in our path is ourselves, we have to do some honest self-reflection and be willing to change.
The Importance of Therapy and Professional Help

Meah also says she’s come to realize the value of therapy and the role it can play in helping us navigate our mental health. It’s a resource she is looking forward to using and she encourages others to consider it as well. Therapy isn’t just for those who are struggling—it’s a tool for anyone looking to improve their mental well-being.
From Prayer to a Holistic Approach

In their conversation, Ace and Meah talked about how Christian culture is embracing mental health. We’ve moved from a stance of “just pray about it” to recognizing the importance of therapy and professional help alongside spiritual support. This holistic approach is vital for addressing mental health struggles effectively.
Vulnerability and Support in the Church

Our hosts also discussed the challenges within church culture, where there’s a lot of pressure to appear perfect. We must create spaces where people can be vulnerable and share their struggles without fear of judgment. Supporting one another is a fundamental aspect of our faith and community.
Finding Silence and Stillness

In a world filled with noise, finding moments of silence and stillness is essential for our mental health. Meah has experimented with staying off social media until noon and says it has had a positive impact on her mental well-being. Starting the day with prayer or meditation helps prioritize our mental energy and health.
The Multidimensional Nature of Mental Health Support

Mental health support is multifaceted, combining practical strategies like relaxation and engaging with nature with spiritual practices. It’s about finding a balance that works for each individual, whether that’s through professional therapy, support from loved ones, or personal spiritual practices.
The Digital Age and Mental Well-Being

While acknowledging the benefits of clinical therapy, Ace and Meah also discussed the potential pitfalls of becoming too reliant on social media and digital distractions. It’s important to be present and focused on our personal well-being, family, and spirituality, rather than being constantly connected to technology.
Advocating for Mental Health Awareness

We encourage everyone to advocate for mental health awareness and engage in open conversations about mental well-being. It’s a collective effort that can lead to a more understanding and supportive society.
Conclusion: A Call to Action for Mental Health Dialogue

As they wrapped up this episode, Ace and Meah expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to discuss important topics like these. Their hope is that their conversation inspires others to engage in meaningful dialogue and prioritize mental well-being in their lives. Remember, mental health is a journey, and it’s one we don’t have to walk alone.
Thank you for joining us on this exploration of mental health in the music industry and beyond. Let’s continue to support each other and keep the conversation going.
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Introduction (00:00:00) Meah and Ace introduce the episode and discuss their week.
The evolving conversation around mental health (00:01:40) Meah and Ace talk about the evolving conversation around mental health and its relevance in pop culture.
Factors contributing to the awareness of mental health (00:03:44) They discuss the impact of COVID-19 and the tragic deaths of well-known figures on the awareness of mental health.
Generational differences in mental health awareness (00:06:58) Meah and Ace discuss how different generations view and approach mental health awareness.
Potential exploitation of mental health resources (00:09:00) They talk about the potential exploitation of mental health resources and the importance of not abusing mental health days.
Personal experiences with mental health struggles (00:11:03) Meah shares her personal struggles with social anxiety and past suicidal ideation.
Artists and mental health struggles (00:15:13) Ace discusses the mental health struggles of artists he has worked with, including Andy Mineo, RG, and Lecrae.
Supporting artists through mental health struggles (00:19:50) Ace shares his experience of supporting artists through their mental health struggles and the humility it has given him.
The tension between work and care (00:20:16) Artists’ struggles and the challenge of balancing work and caring for their well-being.
Supporting a struggling producer (00:21:11) A producer’s mental health struggles and the importance of providing support and resources.
Caring for one another as believers (00:22:34) The significance of caring for each other’s well-being beyond professional obligations.
Evolving conversation on mental health in Christian culture (00:23:59) The evolving perspective on mental health in Christian culture and the need to address it sensitively.
Combining therapy and theology (00:24:47) The importance of integrating therapy and theology in addressing mental health within Christian culture.
Challenges in discussing mental health in the church (00:25:32) The hesitancy and challenges in discussing mental health within church culture and the need for open conversations.
Vulnerability and perfection in church culture (00:27:24) The impact of perfection and vulnerability within church culture on addressing mental health struggles.
The role of prayer and scripture in mental health (00:31:57) Discussion on the role of prayer, scripture, and seeking God’s peace in addressing mental health struggles.
Different approaches to therapy (00:37:07) Exploring different approaches to therapy and the significance of professional therapy alongside personal methods.
Practical ways to find peace and relaxation (00:40:23) Practical strategies for finding peace and relaxation, including refraining from toxic behaviors and connecting with nature.
Driving in Silence (00:40:55) Discussion about the importance of being still and observing amidst the loudness of life.
Impact of Social Media (00:41:07) Exploring the negative effects of social media on mental health and the benefit of refraining from it in the morning.
Practical Steps for Mental Health (00:42:11) Emphasizing the significance of practical actions like meditation and disconnecting from technology for mental well-being.
Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health (00:43:30) Advocating for a holistic approach to mental health, including spiritual, clinical, and practical aspects.
Conclusion and Sign Off (00:44:21) Expressing gratitude for sharing and encouraging listeners to engage in the conversation about mental health.

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