Welcome to another exciting and uplifting episode of Da Fixx! Recently DJ Focus sat down with the talented actress, singer and producer Tamala Jones. They explore the themes of her new movie “Ordinary Angels” and the importance of personal growth. Let’s get to it!

The Inspirational World of “Ordinary Angels”

Tamela plays Rose in “Ordinary Angels,” a nurturing friend who operates a hair salon alongside the main character, Sharon. The film is a testament to the power of faith, love, and community, all delivered without an ounce of preachiness or self-righteousness.
The Role of Faith in Adversity

Tamala opened up about the challenges she faced in her own faith journey, particularly during the pandemic. She emphasized the significance of holding onto faith amidst trials and how “Ordinary Angels” mirrors the real-life struggles we all face. Her message is clear: during hard times, it’s crucial to reach out, connect, and extend a helping hand to those around us.
The Decline of Neighborly Love

Focus and Tamala then discuss the decline in neighborly interactions, a trend intensified by the pandemic’s isolating effects. Tamala passionately spoke about the need to dismantle barriers and engage in random acts of kindness to rebuild our sense of community and mutual support.
A Stellar Cast and a Powerful Message

Praising the cast of “Ordinary Angels,” Tamala highlighted the director’s storytelling abilities and the young actresses’ extraordinary talent. She reflected on the movie’s core message, defining “ordinary angels” as those who create positive change through acts of love and kindness. It’s a timely reminder for us all to be a be a light in challenging times.
A Personal Testament to Divine Intervention

Tamala shared a touching personal story that reinforced her faith in divine guidance. During a period of financial difficulty, an unexpected act of generosity from a friend, followed by a series of career opportunities, solidified her belief in God’s provision and care.
Embracing Personal Development

In the real talk segment, Focus and Dice discuss the importance of personal development. Just like a business plan, a personal development plan is vital for setting goals, tracking progress, and ensuring peace of mind. We discussed how such planning can alleviate stress, provide direction, and enhance overall well-being.
The Pillars of Personal Growth

Our hosts explored the need for self-reflection and goal setting in personal growth. Focusing on self-improvement and resilience before attempting to change others is necessary for success. Tracking progress across the various aspects of life, including physical, mental, and financial health will help keep you motivated and accountable.
The Interplay of Faith and Personal Development

Focus and Dice also share their personal experiences of personal growth. They discussed the parallels between spiritual and physical development and the significance of healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise, nutrition, and spiritual fasting.
Financial Stewardship and Legacy

The conversation also highlighted the importance of financial literacy and responsible money management. We stressed the need to manage resources wisely and the impact of leaving a legacy for future generations.
The Power of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Focus and Dice wrapped up the segment by emphasizing the need to address past hurts, seek forgiveness, and work towards healing toxic relationships. Taking responsibility for one’s actions and striving for reconciliation is paramount in all relationships.
In Conclusion

This episode is a beautiful blend of spiritual and practical wisdom, offering insights into navigating life’s challenges and striving for personal growth and community support. We hope this episode inspires you to find your “ordinary angels” and to embark on a journey of personal development that encompasses physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being. Remember, the path to self-improvement is continuous, and every step you take is a step towards a better you.
Thank you for joining us on this journey, and until next time, keep striving, keep growing, and keep finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
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The role of Rose in “Ordinary Angels” (00:01:10) Tamala Jones discusses her role as Rose, her character’s selflessness, and the impact of the movie’s message on faith and community.
The importance of community and helping others (00:03:31) Tamala Jones discusses the significance of community, the impact of the pandemic, and the need for random acts of kindness.
The stellar cast and director of “Ordinary Angels” (00:07:21) Tamala Jones praises the cast and director of the movie, highlighting their exceptional performances and the depth of storytelling.
The meaning of “Ordinary Angels” and being a good citizen (00:09:24) Tamala Jones reflects on the movie’s message, emphasizing the role of ordinary people in creating love and helping others.
A personal testimony of faith and divine intervention (00:11:11) Tamala Jones shares a personal story of divine intervention during a challenging time in her life, highlighting the role of faith and unexpected blessings.
Promoting the movie “Ordinary Angels” and personal details (00:15:24) Tamala Jones encourages viewers to watch the movie and shares her social media handles for further engagement.
Real talk: Personal development and planning (00:16:29) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the importance of personal development, planning, and growth from a biblical perspective.
Personal Development (00:18:21) Emphasizing the importance of daily personal development, self-reflection, and setting measurable goals for growth.
Self-Reflection and Personal Growth (00:19:20) The conversation examines the significance of self-reflection, personal growth, and the impact it has on individuals and their relationships.
Healthy Lifestyle Prioritization (00:24:19) The hosts discuss the importance of prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, nutrition, and spiritual well-being, as part of personal development.
Physical, Spiritual, and Financial Growth (00:25:47) The parallels between physical health, spiritual growth, and financial stewardship, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement in various aspects of life.
Financial Stewardship (00:30:40) The focus shifts to the importance of wise financial stewardship, managing resources, and leaving a financial legacy for future generations.
Forgiveness and Reconciliation (00:32:38) The episode concludes with a discussion on the significance of seeking forgiveness, reconciliation, and addressing toxic relationships as part of personal development.

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