Hey family. We want to share with you a profound conversation we had on a recent episode of Da Fixx. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble are exploring the intricacies of faith, healing, spirituality, and the Christian journey, and we’re excited to bring you the highlights and insights from this discussion.
The Transformative Power of a Prophetic Word

Special guest, Petrina DeLacey, is not only the owner of a Christian club in LA but also a social media influencer, podcaster, and artist. She shared with us her incredible story of faith and how a prophetic word at the age of 16 changed her life. Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, she made significant changes, including turning down a record deal at 18 to pursue music for God.
Focus and Dice were moved by Petrina’s testimony and her decision to submit to God’s call. It’s a common struggle to fully embrace a word from God, but Petrina’s story is a testament to the profound impact it can have on our lives. Her commitment to serving God through her music is a powerful example of heeding God’s call, despite challenges and temptations.
The Christian Club Concept: Clean Fun and Positive Music

They also touched on the innovative concept of a Christian club. The importance of clean fun and positive music in the Christian community cannot be overstated. Petrina’s role in creating a space where young adults can enjoy themselves without compromising their faith is truly inspiring. It’s a testament to her dedication to spreading positivity and faith-based messages through her talents and platforms.
Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth

Petrina’s personal journey of transformation and her relationship with her husband is nothing short of inspiring. She opened up about her early struggles with living a double life and being in a relationship that wasn’t aligned with her faith. The prophetic word she received was a turning point, leading to growth and divine confirmation of her future with her husband.
A Christian Love Story

Her music journey, supported by her husband who became an audio engineer and built his own business, showcases the importance of creating music that aligns with one’s values and faith. Both Focus and Dice, admire Petrina’s love story and her unwavering commitment to her faith, which undoubtedly impacts our listeners.
Creating Uplifting Spaces for Young Adults

Petrina’s involvement in starting a Christian club in LA stemmed from her disappointment with the state of Christian concerts and hip hop events. Her vision was to create a space for clean, fun, and positive experiences. She emphasized the biological proof of music’s impact on individuals and the importance of choosing positive and faith-filled music to uplift and inspire.
The Healing Power of Music and Spiritual Detox

The impact of music on spiritual well-being was a key topic in the real talk segment. Our hosts emphasized the importance of being intentional about the music we listen to and the potential spiritual connection within music. They shared personal experiences of how certain songs influenced their behavior and decision-making, and the need for a spiritual detox from negative influences.
Intentional Music Choices for Spiritual Connection

Focus and Dice encourage us to be intentional about their music playlists, considering the spiritual implications of the music they consume. Promoting positive and uplifting music, we discussed the role of music in creating a positive and edifying environment, as exemplified by the Christian club in LA.
Thank you for tapping in. We hope this episode inspires you as much as the conversation inspired us. Keep walking in faith and let the music you choose uplift your spirit and guide your path.
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Da Fixx Introduction (00:00:02) The hosts introduce the show and set the tone for the episode.
Encouragement and Boldness (00:01:47) Encouragement to be bold in faith, trusting in God’s plan and overcoming fear.
Discussion on Sin and Growth (00:04:39) Personal experiences and reflections on the impact of sin and the need for growth in faith.
Spiritual Detox – Impact of Music (00:05:51) The hosts discuss the impact of music on spiritual well-being and the need for a spiritual detox.
News Segment (00:12:02) A segment discussing news about TikTok and the rise of bee populations.
Interview with Petrina De Lacey (00:14:30) Petrina De Lacey shares her faith journey, including a personal encounter with God and her decision to submit to God’s call on her life.
Transformation and conviction (00:19:20) The speaker describes her transformation and conviction to change her lifestyle and relationship with God.
Prophetic word and spiritual growth (00:22:05) The speaker shares the impact of a prophetic word on her life and her subsequent spiritual growth and involvement in church activities.
Unique relationship and divine confirmation (00:25:37) The speaker narrates the unique journey of her relationship with her husband, including a divine confirmation of their marriage.
Surrender and testing of relationship (00:29:00) The speaker discusses the challenges and testing of her relationship with her husband, including moments of surrender and confirmation from God.
Marriage proposal and musical journey (00:34:49) The speaker shares the story of her marriage proposal and the beginning of her musical journey, including recording music with her husband.
Recording Music (00:37:21) Petrina discusses recording her first album and the surprising success of a song recorded on her honeymoon.
Christian Concert Disappointment (00:39:40) Petrina expresses disappointment with the state of Christian concerts and the lack of relatability for younger audiences.
Inspiration for “Hundreds of Blessings” (00:39:40) Petrina explains the inspiration behind her song “Hundreds of Blessings” and the desire to create catchy, prophetic declarations for the people of God.
The Birth of a Christian Club (00:46:23) Petrina shares the motivation behind starting a Christian club, aiming to provide a real concert venue and performance space for outreach.
The Impact of Music on Spiritual Well-being (00:53:38) The hosts discuss the impact of music on mental health and the importance of choosing positive, faith-filled music for a healthier mindset.
The impact of music on the soul (00:56:19) Speaker 3 discusses the need to detox from certain music, the emotional connection to music, and the importance of being intentional about the music we listen to.
The spiritual connection within music (00:58:00) Speaker 1 and Speaker 3 emphasize the spiritual connection within music, its impact on individuals, and the need to be intentional about the type of music one listens to.
Detoxing from detrimental music (01:01:13) The discussion focuses on the need to detox from music that may be detrimental to one’s walk and the impact of certain types of music on behaviors and decisions.
The healing power of music (01:05:20) Speaker 3 highlights the healing power of music, including the impact of gospel, worship, and praise music on individuals’ well-being.
The impact of negative music and the importance of intentional music creation (01:07:40) The conversation addresses the negative impact of certain music and emphasizes the need for intentional music creation to avoid negative consequences.
The benefits of uplifting music and the importance of changing playlists (01:10:33) The discussion focuses on the benefits of uplifting music, the importance of changing playlists, and the impact of godly music on individuals’ lives.
The role of a Christian club in providing clean fun (01:12:23) The hosts and Speaker 3 discuss the significance of a Christian club in providing clean, positive music and creating a space for believers to have fun in a respectful manner.
Spiritual Detox Interviews (01:14:52) Speaker 1 promotes upcoming interviews on spiritual detox, encouraging listeners to tune in for inspiring faith journeys and professional insights.
The Fix Mission (01:15:43) Speaker 1 emphasizes the show’s purpose: to have real talk conversations, bring on different guests, and inspire growth in faith and professional aspirations.
Closing Remarks (01:16:32) Speakers wrap up the episode, reminding listeners to stay focused and expressing a farewell message.

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