Hey family, welcome to another episode of Da Fixx. This one is a beautiful exploration of the world of gospel music, personal growth and steadfast faith. Gospel singer and songwriter Geneen White joins DJ Focus and Dice Gamble for an inspiring spiritual detox segment and our hosts get real about sin and redemption. Let’s jump right in!
The Gospel Music Journey of Geneen White

The episode opened with the inspiring story of Geneen White, a gospel singer and songwriter whose voice and faith are as strong as her commitment to her craft. Born into a pastor’s family, Geneen began singing solos at a tender age, her voice echoing through the church halls penetrating the hearts of the congregation. Her move to California at 13 marked a pivotal moment in her life, leading her to a church community that nurtured her growing faith.
Geneen’s decision to pursue gospel music was deeply influenced by her upbringing. She shared the importance of having a personal relationship with God and how her faith provided a strong foundation for her life and music career. Her journey is a testament to the power of gospel music to inspire and uplift, and her dedication to creating music that resonates with her beliefs is nothing short of admirable.
The Pressures and Triumphs of a Preacher’s Kid

Going further into Geneen’s experiences, they explored the unique challenges and misconceptions faced by preacher’s kids (PKs). Geneen opened up about the pressures of living up to certain expectations and how she navigated her path in the music industry. She also gives us an intimate look at her latest album, “Timeless,” discussing her creative process and the personal stories behind her songs. Her upcoming plans, including a potential West Coast tour, reflect her desire to support fellow artists and continue spreading her message through music.
Sin, Accountability, and Redemption

The conversation took a profound turn as our hosts explored the topic of sin and the necessity of personal accountability and repentance. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, emphasize the importance of recognizing our sinful behaviors and the role of Christ’s sacrifice in our redemption. Dice courageously shared her journey of overcoming addiction, shedding light on the need for spiritual strength and community support to break free from the chains of sin.
They also discussed the biblical perspective on sin and the transformative power of Christ’s love and sacrifice. It is a powerful reminder of the gravity of our actions and the potential for change and growth through Christ’s redemptive love.
Personal Regrets and Spiritual Growth

Our hosts didn’t shy away from sharing their personal struggles and regrets. Dice Gamble recounted the painful decision of having an abortion and the lessons learned from being in an unequally yoked marriage. DJ Focus spoke candidly about the financial and emotional toll of addiction. Their stories underscored the importance of seeking forgiveness and the incredible potential for spiritual growth and healing.
Focus and Dice also touched on the psychological burden of sin and the impact of toxic relationships on our mental well-being. The need for self-reflection and alignment with God’s word was a recurring theme, as was the power of forgiveness and the opportunity for redemption that is available to all.
Celebrating Life and Talent

Amidst the weighty discussions, our hosts took a moment to celebrate life and talent, wishing happy birthdays to various individuals in the music and sports world. The lighthearted banter about basketball players and their styles provided a welcome respite and a reminder of the joy that can be found in everyday moments.
Final Reflections

This episode is a journey through the highs and lows of faith, the power of gospel music, and the importance of personal growth. Trust us when we say you will be moved by the honesty and vulnerability of our hosts and the universal messages of hope and redemption that resonated throughout the episode. Thank you for joining the discussion and remember to leave a comment and share your thoughts, we look forward to hearing from you.
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Money Makin’ Monday (00:01:36) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the significance of Monday mornings as moneymaking days and express gratitude for waking up with the right state of mind.
Discussion on Sin Remission (00:03:49) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble talk about the concept of sin remission and the challenges of avoiding sin.
Introduction of Janine White (00:04:39) DJ Focus introduces Geneen White, a gospel singer, and songwriter, highlighting her talent and contributions to the music industry.
News at 90 (00:05:54) Dice Gamble presents news about medically tailored meals, autonomous taxis in Los Angeles, and green travel tips.
Nostalgic Conversation about Black Books and Rotary Phones (00:06:19) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble reminisce about black books, rotary phones, and the role of operators in connecting calls.
Discussion on National Poundcake Day (00:09:51) Dice Gamble talks about the significance of National Poundcake Day and shares personal anecdotes about pound cakes.
Sports Report by Justin Adams (00:12:00) Justin Adams provides updates on college hoops, women’s and men’s college basketball games, and NBA match results.
Interview with Geneen White (00:15:23) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus interview Geneen White, discussing her faith journey, personal relationship with Christ, and choice of gospel music.
Geneen White’s Journey in Gospel Music (00:16:48) Geneen White shares her journey in gospel music, from her childhood in church to her professional career, and her commitment to inspirational music.
The testimony of a PK (00:20:43) Geneen White shares her experiences growing up as a pastor’s kid and debunking misconceptions about PKs.
Challenges of being a PK (00:21:55) Geneen discusses the pressures and struggles faced by pastor’s kids, including feeling the need to live up to expectations.
Releasing the album “Outdated” (00:25:31) Geneen explains the process and challenges of releasing her album, “Outdated,” and the significance of the album’s title change to “Timeless.”
The single “Do Free” (00:28:44) Geneen shares the story behind the single “Do Free,” the impact of the song, and the emotional journey of releasing it.
The nine-minute worship experience (00:33:49) Geneen talks about the creation and decision to keep the nine-minute worship experience “Glory Glory Glory” on the album despite potential industry resistance.
Future plans and West Coast tour (00:37:44) Janine discusses her plans for a West Coast tour and the initiative to support and promote LA artists in the gospel music industry.
Connect with Geneen White (00:40:52) Geneen shares how to connect with her on social media and where to stream her worship album.
Is your sin in remission? (00:41:38) Discussion about recognizing and repenting from sin, and the process of remission.
Acknowledging sinful behavior (00:43:00) Exploring selective beliefs about sin and personal accountability in acknowledging and addressing sinful behavior.
Challenging sinful behavior (00:45:43) Addressing gluttony as a sin and the need for personal accountability in addressing and challenging sinful behavior.
The process of change and repentance (00:47:29) Discussing personal experiences and the process of change and repentance, emphasizing the need for trust in God and active regression.
The ultimate sacrifice for sin (00:54:01) Exploring the significance of Christ’s sacrifice for sin and the need to take sin and redemption seriously.
The power of sin and freedom in Christ (00:57:52) Emphasizing the power of sin and the freedom found in Christ, highlighting the importance of taking sin seriously and striving for freedom.
Protecting My Gates (00:59:54) Discussion on being selective about media consumption to protect creativity and spirituality.
Negative Impact of Sin (01:00:41) Exploration of the psychological burden of sin and its impact on mental well-being and relationships.
Parenting and Sin (01:01:34) Reflections on parenting, accountability for teaching right from wrong, and the impact of sin on children.
Walking Away from Sin (01:02:17) Emphasizing the power to walk away from sin, the importance of spiritual growth, and recognizing personal change.
Toxic Relationships and Sin (01:03:51) Discussions on identifying and breaking free from toxic relationships influenced by internalized chaotic spirits.
Redemption and Growth (01:05:18) Reflections on spiritual growth, character development, and the potential for personal transformation.
Personal Testimonies and Regrets (01:13:09) Sharing personal struggles with sin, regrets, and the journey towards spiritual growth and transformation.
Impact of Sinful Choices (01:17:20) Reflections on the impact of sinful choices, including experiences of abortion and the path to forgiveness and redemption.
Prayer for a Child (01:18:12) A personal story about praying for a child and the importance of faith.
Geneen White’s Performance (01:19:00) Praise for GeneenWhite’s performance and her dedication to her music despite challenges.
Staying True to God’s Will (01:19:48) Emphasizes the importance of staying true to God’s will in creating and sharing music.
Closing Remarks (01:20:26) Wrapping up the segment with encouraging words and a reminder to stay focused on positivity and faith.

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