We first covered nobigdyl’s submission to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest last month.
Last week it was announced that nobidgyl won the first Tiny Desk Concert Fan Favorite vote, and gained some new fans.
According to Relevant Magazine Tiny Desk judge Durand Bernarr said that nobigdyl’s “Go With The Ghost” was his favorite submission for the entire year-he loved the song’s “groove and catchiness” and the producer Bobby Carter was impressed by the depth of his lyrics.
We want to offer our deep congratulations to our brother and ask that our fans to pray for nobigdyl as his song continues on to the next phase of the contest.
If his song gets picked , he stands to win a full tiny desk concert set an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered, a spot on NPR’s summer tour and a partnership with an established mentor in the industry.
May the Lord be with you our brother, and bless you in all your ways.

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