Hey family! Pray all is well. In this episode of Church on the Block, Pastor Phil has a heart-to-heart conversation with CHH rapper VerbPro124 AKA Verb, who opens up about the trauma she endured and how her faith helped her heal.
The Genesis of Verb: A Name with Divine Purpose

Verb joined us to share her remarkable journey. Her stage name, inspired by Proverbs 12:4, encapsulates her essence and her mission. “A virtuous woman is the crown of her husband, but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.” This scripture not only defines her but also her call to ministry.
Verb Opens Up About her Trauma

Verb was very transparent about the sexual trauma she endured as a child. She believes that in order to heal from it, you must acknowledge it and even confront it. Most importantly, one must forgive. Healing is a painful process, but necessary. And freedom awaits those who are brave enough to face the shame and guilt head on.
A Life Transformed by Faith

Verb’s story is one of transformation. She started rapping at the tender age of eight and quickly caught the attention of the music industry. By her teenage years, she was showcasing her talent to major record labels. However, at 20, her life took a pivotal turn. Verb found salvation and chose to lay down her old life, including her music, to submit to the Lord’s will. This decision marked the beginning of a new chapter, one where her relationship with God took center stage.
The Message Behind “I Am Not That Light”

The conversation dove right into the heart of Verb’s music, particularly her song “I Am Not That Light.” This track is a testament to her faith and the transformative power of the gospel. Verb’s desire is for people to be engulfed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to live out its principles. She emphasizes the need for individuals to confront their trauma and allow God to bring healing, underscoring the importance of surrendering to God’s will.
Addressing the Challenges in Christian Hip-Hop Culture

Pastor Phil and Verb also tackled the challenges within the Christian hip-hop community, like clout chasing and the struggle to resonate with the church rather than the world. Verb calls for a return to the basics of faith and discipleship, advocating for genuine surrender and allowing God to work through us.
Engaging the Younger Generation

The discussion also touched on the younger generation’s perception of the church. Verb highlights the importance of patience and maturity in one’s faith journey and the need to offer genuine surrender to God, drawing parallels to the story of Cain and Abel.
“Salt and Light”: Being a Beacon in the World

Verb shared her insights on another one of her songs, “Salt and Light,” drawing from the biblical reference of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world. She spoke about the significance of letting one’s light shine and glorifying God through actions.
The Upcoming EP: “Love Letters to God”

Looking ahead, Verb gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming EP titled “Love Letters to God.” Each song is a heartfelt ode to her divine inspiration, and the EP promises to be a collection of powerful tracks, including “I Am Not That Light.” Fans can anticipate its release in the summer, with another single likely to drop before the EP.
Final Thoughts

Pastor Phil’s conversation with Verb is a reminder of the power of faith and the impact it can have on our lives and on culture. As they wrapped up the episode, Pastor Phil and Verb reflect on the importance of being the light and salt of the world, and how our faith must translate into action. It’s about showing the world the love of Christ through our lives.
I hope this episode gives you a glimpse into the transformative journey of faith. Remember, you can connect with us on Instagram at @church_on_the_block, and don’t forget to spread the word about the show. Until next time, keep the faith and let your light shine!
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The contest announcement (00:01:01) Announcement about a contest for a song to open the show, encouraging artists to participate.
Introduction of Verb (00:01:53) Pastor Phil introduces Verb, a young female rapper, and they discuss her name and her journey to faith.
Verb’s journey into the music industry (00:03:01) Verb shares her experience of getting into the music industry at a young age and her decision to put music aside after finding faith.
Verb’s transformation and forgiveness (00:04:44) Verb shares her experience of trauma, abuse, and her decision to leave the music industry after finding faith.
The impact of trauma and abuse (00:06:04) Verb discusses the impact of abuse and trauma on her life and her decision to leave the music industry after finding faith.
Verb’s journey to forgiveness (00:11:44) Verb discusses her journey to forgiveness, including confronting the people who had abused her and finding freedom through forgiveness.
Family’s reaction to Verb’s transformation (00:18:42) Verb shares the initial pushback from her family and their eventual acceptance of her transformation.
The song “I Am Not That Light” (00:20:41) Verb introduces her song “I Am Not That Light” and explains its biblical inspiration.
The light of the world (00:24:30) The song “I Am Not That Light” is discussed, emphasizing that there is only one Christ.
Transition in music style (00:23:10) The evolution of the artist’s music style and content from secular to Christian.
The process of music creation (00:26:51) Discussion about the music production process and the artist’s reliance on a team and known producers.
Spreading the gospel through music (00:28:47) The artist’s intention to convey the gospel and help listeners understand and apply it through her music.
Challenges in the Christian hip-hop culture (00:30:53) Observations of clout chasing and a focus on resonating with the world rather than the church in the Christian hip-hop culture.
Returning to the basics of faith (00:34:04) Encouragement to return to the foundational principles of faith and allowing God to heal and guide individuals.
Facing challenges and fears (00:38:18) The upcoming song “No Fear” is introduced, highlighting the theme of not being afraid of the devil’s tactics.
Being the salt and light (00:40:15) Discussion of the biblical concept of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, as mentioned in the song “Salt and Light.”
Salt and Light (00:41:39) Discussion on the significance of being salt and light in the world, emphasizing the impact of believers.
Resonance with the Streets (00:45:56) Verb discusses how her music resonates with the streets and the positive reception she receives.
Upcoming EP “Love Letters to God” (00:47:30) Verb announces her upcoming EP and its title, “Love Letters to God,” and mentions having more music in store.
Connecting with Verb (00:48:38) Ways to connect with Verb on social media and stay updated on her music and activities.
Future Plans and Travel (00:49:06) Verb talks about her future plans, including potential travel dates and collaborations with other artists.
Closing Thoughts (00:50:43) Pastor Phil shares a humorous story and concludes with a message of trust and authenticity in God.

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