Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx family. Up and coming Christian R&B singer and songwriter, CeJae joins DJ Focus for an inspiring spiritual detox conversation on why lyrics matter and finding your voice. And to celebrate Black History month, our hosts get real about the challenges black athletes face in professional sports. Let’s jump right in!
The Intersection of Faith and Loss:

CeJae opens up about the struggles she faced with her father’s passing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Losing a parent early in life, can have devasting effects on the child. But CeJae found strength in her faith which illustrates the importance of faith in the healing process. Focus agreed and shared his own personal experience with losing his parents and emphasized the importance of community support.
Discovering a Voice Through Poetry and Song:

CeJae discovered her songwriting talent following her father’s death. The budding artist also shares her musical inspirations, including Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and newer artists like Summer Walker who inspired her to find her unique voice.
Embracing Christian R&B with Faith Filled Lyrics:

Navigating the music business requires deep faith. Not only that, making the decision to focus on faith-based music requires discipline. Despite being in her early twenties, CeJae’s reliance on the Holy Spirit for creative guidance is reflected throughout her music.
The Creative Process and Positive Reception:

CeJae gives us an exclusive look into the making of her hit song, Fill Me Up. From music to personal experiences, learn how this song came to life and the overwhelming positive response it received.
Celebrating Resilience: Coco Gauff’s Story:

There’s something special about witnessing young talent like Coco Gauff overcome adversity with grace and determination. At just 19, her accomplishments in professional tennis go beyond mere statistics; they’re a testament to resilience. As an artist and a human, Coco’s story will inspire you to persevere through your own challenges.
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The Fix (00:00:02) Introduction to the radio show, discussing music, faith, and community.
Fitness and Wellness (00:03:30) Encouragement for listeners to start their day positively, fitness journey experiences, and the importance of personal growth.
Black History Month and Coco Gauff (00:09:37) Highlighting a young tennis champion, Coco Gauff, her achievements, and her faith.
Upcoming Interview with Sanjay (00:13:32) Announcement of an upcoming interview with an emerging Christian R&B artist, CeJai
News in 90 (00:14:53) Updates on the Indy Autonomous Challenge, cleaning gels trend, and the health benefits of eliminating processed foods from the diet.
Closing Remarks (00:16:29) Encouragement for personal growth and reconciliation in relationships, emphasizing the importance of kindness and forgiveness.
National Sticky Buns Day (00:17:56) Discussion about the origin and characteristics of sticky buns, including their association with Pennsylvania and German settlers.
Fitness and Health (00:19:12) Encouragement to exercise and maintain a healthy diet, emphasizing personal growth and physical transformation.
Faith and Sports Philosophy (00:23:10) Exploration of coaching philosophies and the importance of being still and active in faith, with a focus on a volleyball coach’s perspective and personal experiences.
Interview with CeJae (00:25:26) Introduction of a talented Christian R&B artist, discussing her faith journey and how she coped with grief, as well as her musical inspirations and transition to Christian R&B.
Songwriting and Creative Process (00:35:15) Insight into the creative process behind the song “Fill Me Up,” including the inspiration behind the lyrics and the surprising feedback received after its release.
Developing Sound and Collaborations (00:38:12) Discussion about developing a unique sound and potential collaborations in the Christian R&B space.
Balancing Music, Relationships, and Personal Growth (00:39:26) The challenges of balancing music and relationships, including dating while maintaining a God-centered focus and finishing college.
Encouragement for Upcoming Christian Artists (00:42:24) Advice for young, upcoming Christian artists to focus on improving their craft, keeping their hearts in the right place, and spreading the gospel.
Encouragement for Those Seeking Faith (00:43:38) Words of encouragement for individuals struggling with faith, emphasizing the opportunity for a fresh start and the importance of hope and faith.
Connecting with the Artist and Upcoming Single (00:44:46) Information about how to connect with the artist on social media and the introduction of the latest single.
Highlighting Tennis Phenom Coco Gauff (00:45:54) Discussion about the cultural impact and resilience of tennis sensation Coco Gauff, including her representation for young African American women in tennis.
Financial and Support Challenges in Tennis (00:55:52) The financial challenges and support needed for athletes in tennis, including the costs of training, equipment, travel, and health maintenance.
Reflections on Supporting Children in Sports (00:58:46) Reflecting on the financial burden of supporting children in sports and the realization of the costs involved.
The cost of youth sports (00:58:53) Discussion about the expenses involved in youth sports, including uniforms, equipment, and snacks for teams.
Supporting youth in sports (00:59:33) The financial and logistical challenges of supporting children in various sports activities, including the cost and effort involved.
Community involvement and financial support (01:00:29) The discussion about seeking support and resources from the community and city hall to alleviate the financial burden of youth activities and school supplies.
Celebrating birthdays and family memories (01:05:45) Acknowledging and celebrating the birthdays of notable public figures and personal family members, reflecting on family memories and legacies.
Inspiration from Coco Gauff (01:06:24) Reflecting on the accomplishments and potential legacy of tennis player Coco Gauff, emphasizing the importance of hard work and faith in achieving goals.
Upcoming music projects and artist support (01:07:59) Discussion about upcoming music releases and projects by artists, highlighting the importance of diverse musical genres and support for Christian R&B and jazz.
Personal challenges and community support (01:10:33) Personal anecdotes about growing up in challenging environments and the lack of community support, highlighting the difficulties of striving for success in such circumstances.
Encouragement and positive outlook (01:12:12) Closing remarks emphasizing the importance of positivity, faith, and community support in overcoming challenges and striving for improvement.

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