Hey family, we’ve got a special episode of the Be Positive Music Show that’s kind of a time capsule. DJ B Plus is reflecting on the music that has shaped recent years. He’s diving into the songs from 2024, 2019, and 2014, and sharing some personal stories and insights that connect with these songs. So, let’s get started on this musical trip down memory lane!
The Evolution of Sound:

A Look at 2024, 2019, and 2014 As B Plus explores the songs from these distinct years, it’s fascinating to see how the music has evolved. Each year brought its own flavor, its own set of trends, and its own groundbreaking artists. From the futuristic beats of 2024 to the soulful rhythms of 2019, and the raw energy of 2014, the diversity is astounding. It’s like watching a time-lapse of musical innovation and creativity.
Personal Anecdotes and Song Insights:

One of the things B Plus says he enjoys the most about hosting the Be Positive Music Show is the opportunity to connect with the music on a personal level. Each song has a story, and he’s got plenty to share. For instance, DJ Mykael V’s “Tribe on the Move” is turning out to be a summertime anthem for 2024, a time of personal growth and community. Then there’s the powerhouse collaboration of Whatuprg, Lecrae, and Nobigdyl with “God Made a Way (Remix)” – a track that speaks to the resilience and hope we all need to tap into from time to time.
Indie TribeWhatuprg and LecraeThe Artists Behind the Music:

In this episode, B Plus features a stellar lineup of artists who have left their mark on the industry. From the lyrical prowess of Jackie Hill Perry in “I Just Want to Get There” to the soul-stirring collaboration in Kanye West, Clipse, and Kenny G’s “Use This Gospel,” each artist brings something unique to the table. It’s a privilege to celebrate their work and share it with you all.
Jackie Hill PerryNostalgia and Appreciation:

There’s something special about looking back at the songs that have accompanied us through different phases of our lives. It’s not just about the beats and the melodies; it’s about the memories they evoke and the feelings they stir within us. As we revisit these songs, we are reminded of the power of music to transport us, to comfort us, and to inspire us.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this musical journey as much as we have. The Be Positive Music Show is all about celebrating the artistry and the messages within the music. Until next time, stay positive and stay blessed.
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The year of 2024 (00:00:05) Host introduces the show and discusses the focus on music from 2024, 2019, and 2014.
First quarter set (00:02:51) Host introduces and plays the song “Tribe on the Move” by DJ Mykael V, the lead single from the upcoming album “Bodega Two.”
Second quarter set (00:03:35) Host highlights songs from the year 2014, including “Manolo” by Trip Lee featuring Lecrae, “I Just Want to Get There” by Jackie Hill Perry, and “Cops” by Social Club Misfits.
Halftime pep talk (00:05:29) Host provides a recap of the second quarter set and shares a story about his daughter’s reaction to the music video for “I Don’t Need You” by Andy Mineo.
Third quarter set (00:08:49) Host plays songs from the year 2019, including “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West, “Nothing Above You” by Bizzle, and “Blessed Up” by 1K Phew.
Fourth quarter set (00:12:32) Host plays “Beautiful” by Mr. Mali Music and prepares for the conclusion of the show.
Trip Down Memory Lane (00:12:49) The host reflects on the show and thanks the listeners for joining.
Fourth Quarter Set (00:13:11) Discussion of two songs: “Beautiful” by Mali Music and “Friended Me” by The Wall’s Group, both from 2019.
Closing Remarks (00:14:12) Encouragement to follow the host on social media and visit their YouTube channel. Wishing the listeners a great weekend.

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