In this episode of Da Fixx the conversation explores the evolution of hip hop, the integration of faith and positivity in music, and the personal experiences of CHH artist Canton Jones. Jones discusses his project “They Stole My Computer,” reflecting on the emotional journey and collaborations involved. The episode also addresses the representation of African American culture in church, the benefits of veganism, and the importance of personal responsibility for health and diet. Let’s get into it!
The Evolution of Hip Hop and the Call for Positivity

Hip hop culture is ever evolving, and as we navigate through its changes, we encounter both challenges and opportunities. Canton Jones, a veteran in the Christian hip hop community, joined us to discuss the current state of the genre and the pressing need for more positivity and love within it. He stressed the importance of music that addresses real-life experiences, such as love and relationships, and how these themes resonate with listeners on a deeper level.
Canton’s personal experiences, including the emotional turmoil he faced when his computer was stolen, have significantly influenced his music. He shared how these struggles have shaped his artistic expression, allowing him to connect with his audience through storytelling and personal expression.
“They Stole My Computer”: A Journey Through Music

Canton Jones’ latest music project, “They Stole My Computer,” is a testament to his personal and emotional journey. He opened up about the process of creating this project, which was born out of moments of feeling forgotten and questioning his faith. The collaborations with artists like Dottie Peoples and Darlene McCoy added layers of emotional and spiritual depth to the music, making it a powerful narrative of his life experiences.
The artwork for the project and the creative challenges he faced further highlighted the personal connection Canton has with his work. He recounted a moving story of how his music played a role in saving a life, showcasing the profound impact his artistry has on listeners.
Future Endeavors and the Impact of Gospel Music

Looking ahead, Canton Jones revealed his plans for future projects and the creative direction he intends to take. His commitment to producing music that resonates with his personal growth and connects with his audience remains unwavering.
Canton’s work and the significant impact it has had on the gospel music genre is proof that Urban Gospel and CHH is has a rich legacy of evangelism. His project not only contributes to the history of gospel music but also marks a milestone in its evolution.
Embracing Diversity and the Role of the Black Church

The conversation took a reflective turn as they discussed the representation of African American culture in church and the importance of embracing diversity in worship. Canton shared his views on the black church and the opportunities for growth within the community, emphasizing the need for inclusivity and cultural representation.
The Connection Between Diet, Health, and Responsibility

The episode also touched on the significance of diet in overall well-being. Our hosts highlighted the contributions of vegan trailblazers like Pinky Cole and the history of vegan restaurants in Atlanta. They also discussed the importance of taking responsibility for one’s health and making conscious choices about diet and lifestyle.
Urban Gardening and the Future of Food Production

The rising costs of produce and the importance of investing in personal food production led Focus and Dice to explore the challenges faced by farmers and the implications of global food trade. They emphasized the need for urban gardening and taking control of our food sources, a topic that resonates with many of our listeners.
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Da Fixx Radio Show (00:00:02) Introduction to the episode and the hosts discussing the purpose of the show.
Spiritual Self-Check (00:01:16) The hosts discuss the importance of self-reflection and spiritual self-check as Easter Sunday approaches.
A Day in the Life of a Coach (00:06:43) Interview with Arizona Wildcats women’s volleyball coach Sarita Stubbs about her daily routine and how she incorporates faith into her schedule.
Faith in Sports Report (00:09:34) Discussion on the importance of time management and prioritizing what is important, linking it to a verse in Ephesians and leadership advice from John Maxwell.
State of Hip Hop Culture (00:11:33) Guest Canton Jones talks about the evolution of hip hop culture, the need for positivity, and the challenges of discussing certain topics in Christian hip hop.
Personal Experience and Music (00:17:47) Canton Jones shares personal experiences, including the impact of his computer being stolen and how it affected his ability to create music.
The project “They Stole My Computer” (00:19:56) Canton Jones discusses the project, its themes, and his personal connection to the music.
Reflecting on personal pain and faith (00:21:26) Canton Jones shares the inspiration behind the song “Remember Me” and the real-time pain reflected in his music.
Releasing the project and personal milestones (00:22:21) Canton Jones discusses the significance of his projects and shares a personal milestone when he felt he had “made it.”
Canton Jones’s unique songwriting process (00:26:22) Canton Jones explains his songwriting process and how the project was initially intended for himself.
Collaborations and the making of the project (00:31:50) Discussion on the diverse collaborations on the project and the significance of incorporating various elements of the church and hip hop.
Emotional experiences during recording (00:39:39) Canton Jones shares emotional and miraculous experiences during the recording process, highlighting the impact of the music on his collaborators.
Future projects and goals (00:41:22) Canton Jones discusses his plans for future projects and his musical direction, including a potential collaboration with Jay Tobin.
The importance of representing African American culture in church (00:45:46) Discussion on the need for churches to represent and embrace African American culture, particularly in relation to hip hop and worship.
Embracing veganism and its benefits (00:55:04) Conversation about the benefits of a vegan diet and the impact of food on health, with a focus on the experiences of the speakers.
The significance of skin health and its connection to diet (01:01:26) Exploration of the impact of diet on skin health and the interconnectedness of the body’s largest organ with overall health.
Blaming God for Health Issues (01:03:55) Discussion on not blaming God for health issues and taking responsibility for lifestyle choices.
Benefits of a Vegan Diet (01:04:46) Advantages of a vegan diet, including health improvements and lifestyle changes.
Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants (01:05:39) Highlighting black-owned vegan restaurants in different cities across the United States.
Impact of Social Media on Business (01:08:21) The influence of social media in promoting businesses and its impact on consumer decisions.
The Future of Urban Gardens (01:11:16) The importance of urban gardens and the need to grow food locally due to potential food supply issues.
Challenges Faced by Farmers (01:13:53) The challenges faced by farmers, including the rising cost of produce and the need for more people to invest in farming.
Wisdom and Guidance (01:17:02) A prayer for wisdom and guidance, emphasizing the importance of making sound decisions.
Closing Remarks and Show Promotion (01:19:51) Closing remarks, show promotion, and encouraging audience engagement and support.

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