Hey family, welcome to another episode of Reach Records The 116 Life with SVP over A&R Ace Harris and co-host Meah Evans. This inspiring discussion examines the intricate dance between humility, pride, faithfulness, and trust in the Lord. Let’s get into it!
The Balancing Act: Humility and Pride in the Music Industry

As a music producer, Ace has had to walk the tightrope between confidence and arrogance. Early on, he admits he projected an image of self-importance, but has since learned the true value of humility. It’s a fine line believers tread. Meah and Ace peel back the layers of what it means to balance self-assurance with genuine humility, especially in the competitive world of hip hop.
Confidence vs. Pride: A Cultural Conundrum

Meah brilliantly pointed out that true confidence is something you receive from others, not a badge you pin on yourself. The duo explored how hip hop culture, with its inherent competitiveness, often blurs the lines between self-expression and pride. It really is a complex journey to maintain humility while striving to make your mark artistically.
The Performance of Humility in Christian Culture

Our host also explored the idea of “performance of humility” within Christian circles. We’ve all seen it—the “humble brag” or the reflex to attribute every success to God. Is this genuine humility? Ace and Meah agree that true humility is lived out through our actions and attitudes, not just our words.
Faithfulness: The Unsung Virtue

In a world that celebrates outcomes and talent, Ace and Meah challenged the notion that faithfulness is dull or unremarkable. They discussed its crucial role in relationships, careers, and personal growth. Faithfulness is a testament to discipline and perseverance, a counter-narrative to society’s obsession with the next big thing.
The Momentum of Faithfulness

Drawing from biblical examples like Jesus’ journey to the cross and Abraham’s patience, our hosts reflect on the power of steadfastness. The idea of working while waiting resonated deeply, underscoring the value of commitment to long-term goals.
The Challenge of Waiting and Trusting in God’s Plan

Meah shared her personal struggle with waiting joyfully during her season of singleness, while Ace posed a tough question: Should we expect God to reward our faithfulness with our desired outcomes? They both recognized the difficulty in accepting that God’s plans might be different from our own but emphasized the importance of trusting in His will.
Trusting God’s Heart Over His Hand

Our hosts ultimately concluded that while it’s tough to accept, our focus should be on God’s eternal rewards rather than earthly outcomes. This perspective is essential for maintaining a healthy view of God’s sovereignty.
Final Thoughts

Ace and Meah’s conversation is a heartfelt exchange of personal struggles and encouragement for those wrestling with similar issues. We underscored the importance of trusting in God’s plan, finding joy in the waiting, and embracing a deep sense of faith and humility.
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Humility and Pride (00:00:00) Ace and Meah discuss humility, pride, and the relationship between the two. They share personal experiences and insights on these topics.
Faithfulness (00:16:08) The conversation shifts to the concept of faithfulness, emphasizing its importance in today’s culture and the need to focus on who we are becoming rather than just the outcomes we achieve.
Faithfulness (00:20:00)Eph. 4:29Discussion about its importance, struggles, and endurance.
Culture’s Rejection of Faithfulness (00:24:18) Exploring the societal aversion to faithfulness and the impact of a “microwave culture.”
Consulting God in Plans (00:28:28) Emphasizing the importance of seeking God’s guidance in plans to ensure faithfulness in the right path.
Stewardship and Faithfulness (00:29:15)Eph. 4:29Connecting in small things to stewardship and its impact on handling greater responsibilities.
Waiting and Trusting (00:30:51) Challenges and insights on waiting, trusting God’s timing, and finding joy during the waiting season.
Trusting God’s Heart (00:38:16) The importance of trusting God’s heart more than expecting specific rewards, acknowledging the sovereignty of God’s plans.
Trusting God’s Heart (00:40:10) Discussion on trusting God’s heart over his hand, emphasizing the importance of faith and patience.
Trusting the Lord (00:40:56) Exploration of Proverbs 3:5-6 and the concept of delighting in the Lord, leading to a change in desires.
Faithfulness and Humility (00:42:07) Reflecting on the significance of surrender, faithfulness, and humility in trusting God’s plan over personal desires.
Counterculture View (00:43:35) Highlighting the countercultural perspective of pursuing faithfulness and humility over worldly achievements.
Becoming and Waiting (00:44:29) Emphasizing the importance of who one becomes through humility, faithfulness, and waiting on God.
Conclusion and Reflection (00:44:54) Reflecting on the interconnectedness of humility, faithfulness, and waiting, and the shaping of outcomes by God.
Final Remarks (00:45:21) Closing thoughts on the impact of the conversation and the role of faith and trust in shaping life’s outcomes.

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