In this episode of “Church on the Block,” Pastor Phil and CHH Artist Canon explore the evolution of Christian hip hop and its influence on the church. They discuss the culture’s progress and the challenges artists face, including acceptance within the church and the need for authenticity. They also touch upon the Grammys, recognizing the importance of persistence in the industry.
Hip Hop, The Church, and The Streets: A Triad of Influence

Christian hip hop has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It was once a genre that struggled to find its place, with limited availability and scarce airplay on the radio. But we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation. The accessibility and visibility of Christian hip hop music have soared, making it a powerful tool for healing and encouragement within the church.
Canon shared his personal journey, one marked by both disappointment and burnout from certain church experiences. Yet, through his music, he seeks to redefine his relationship with the church, addressing real issues and challenges head-on. The conversation also celebrated the upcoming relaunch of “The House,” an event that has historically united different generations and sparked meaningful discussions within our community.
The Cultural Shift: Authenticity and Mentorship in Christian Hip Hop

During their discussion, Canon expressed pride in the Christian hip hop culture and the artists who have shaped its evolution. He acknowledged the boldness required to express faith through music but didn’t shy away from critiquing the self-righteousness and division that can plague the community. His desire for authenticity and real-time experiences in music resonated deeply with Pastor Phil, as did his call for more mentorship from established artists.
They also highlighted the significant contributions of female artists in the genre, a positive evolution that speaks to the diversity and richness of our culture. Artists must be bold and relevant, pushing the envelope without waiting for external approval.
Overcoming Industry Challenges: The Power of Perseverance

The conversation took a turn towards the practicalities of the music industry when Canon shared his song “Home Run.” The track embodies the message of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. It’s a testament to the importance of staying true to one’s identity and faith, even when the industry presents its challenges.
Canon’s creative process is a blend of past and present, as he mixes older beats with new material to create fresh sounds. His favorite song at the moment, “Home Run,” is available on all platforms, and it’s a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration to push through obstacles.
The Grammys and Beyond: Recognition and Representation

The discussion touched on the Grammys, a platform that has historically overlooked Christian artists. However, the tide is changing, and we’re beginning to see a new wave of artists break through. Canon’s connection to Jay-Z’s speech about showing up resonated with his own experiences of burnout and the temptation to quit. Yet, the message is clear: perseverance is key, and recognition will come to those who continue to put in the work.
Christian artists are not creating music solely for award shows; they’re driven by a message and inspiration that demands to be shared. The goal is to make excellent music that resonates with our audience and stays true to their unique voice.
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The House Relaunch (00:00:49) Pastor Phil and Canon discuss the relaunch of “The House” event on June 1st, reminiscing about its impact and the artists who were part of it.
Maintaining Passion as an Artist (00:04:24) Canon discusses how he maintains passion as an artist and shares his experiences with the evolution of his music and life.
Challenges and Encouragement for the Church (00:13:33) Canon shares his thoughts on challenging and encouraging the church through his music, addressing disappointments and the need for healing.
Christian Hip Hop Culture Evolution (00:18:43) Pastor Phil and Canon discuss the evolution of Christian hip hop culture and its accessibility over the years, reflecting on its growth and impact.
The evolution of Christian hip hop culture (00:19:20) Discussion about the evolution of Christian hip hop culture, the artists, and the impact on the church.
Challenges in Christian hip hop culture (00:20:19) Addressing the challenges in Christian hip hop culture, including the separation from the world and self-righteousness.
Encouragement and evolution in Christian hip hop (00:22:08) Emphasizing the need for love, service, and real-time discussions in Christian hip hop, and the evolution of the culture.
Female artists in Christian hip hop (00:23:49) Recognition of the increasing presence and impact of female artists in Christian hip hop.
Struggles and pushback in Christian hip hop (00:26:28) Discussion about the struggles and pushback faced by Christian hip hop artists and the need to be bold and relevant.
The changing landscape of Christian hip hop (00:32:29) Acknowledging the diversity and individuality of artists in the current Christian hip hop landscape.
The message behind the song “Home Run” (00:34:37) Explanation of the message behind the song “Home Run” and the encouragement to keep pushing through challenges.
Discussion about the song “Home Run” (00:38:42) Acknowledgment of the song “Home Run” and recognition of the producer, Poetics.
The evolution of music (00:38:49) Canon discusses the evolution of his music and the process of creating new songs.
Reflection on the Grammys (00:40:20) Canon shares his thoughts on the Grammy awards and the challenges he has faced in his career.
Upcoming projects (00:45:42) Canon talks about new projects he is working on and his desire to highlight community leaders.
Engagement through Discord (00:47:58) Discussion on the engagement with fans through the Discord platform and the purpose of creating a safe space for meaningful interactions.
Message of faith and encouragement (00:51:30) Pastor Phil delivers a message of faith and encouragement, drawing parallels between life challenges and faith in God.

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