Hey family. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month and June Men’s Mental Health Month, we wanted to highlight Baruch, a Christian hip-hop artist whose life narrative and mental health journey is as compelling as his music. And what unfolded was a conversation that was both deeply personal and universally relevant.
From Rock Island to the He Rose Festival Stage

Baruch, a native of Rock Island, joined Holy Culture CEO Trig, to talk about his performance at the He Rose Festival in Philadelphia. His enthusiasm was contagious as he described the festival’s vision of using Christian rap to reach out and minister to the community. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the message and the impact it can have on people’s lives.
During their talk, Baruch opened up about his own transformation and how the church played a pivotal role in providing a supportive environment that encouraged his personal growth.
Lightning Insights and Personal Growth

In a lightning round of questions, Baruch shared intimate details about his life. He spoke about his recent breakthrough in overcoming shyness, his experiences being an introvert, and how the church influenced his journey towards self-improvement. These personal anecdotes paint a picture of a man who has faced his fears head-on and emerged stronger.
A Testimony of Faith Amidst Struggle

Baruch’s testimony is a powerful one. He recounted his path to faith and his decision to pursue Christian hip-hop as a career. But it wasn’t an easy road. Baruch faced internal struggles, battling addiction, anxiety, and depression. The loss of his grandmother, however, was a turning point, prompting him to reevaluate his life and explore spirituality as a means of coping.
Mental Health & The Harsh Reality of Mental Illness

The conversation took a deeper dive as Baruch shared his personal experience with manic depression and bipolar disorder. He described the daunting challenges he faced while institutionalized, surrounded by individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. The confusion, the tormenting thoughts, and the voices urging him to end his life were all part of his reality. He expressed frustration with the trial-and-error approach to medication and the overall lack of understanding in treating mental illness.
Finding Solace and Authority in Faith

Baruch’s turning point came when he found comfort in reading the Bible. A voice urged him to reject medication, and in that moment, he chose faith. This decision marked the beginning of his mental restoration. He spoke of the power of seeking Jesus and how it led to a profound transformation in his life.
The Healing Power of Music

As they discussed the impact of his music, Baruch expressed his hope that his songs would bring deliverance, hope, and healing to his listeners. He shared the story behind his new single “By Myself,” which carries the message that we are never truly alone, as God’s presence is always with us. This shift from feeling self-reliant to acknowledging God’s role in his life has been monumental.
Family Life and Future Aspirations

Baruch’s dedication extends beyond his music to his family life. He emphasized the importance of being present for his family and supporting them in their individual passions. Looking ahead, Baruch is committed to producing quality music, performing live shows, and maintaining a strong connection with his audience.
Final Thoughts

Baruch’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith, the healing potential of music, and the importance of perseverance through life’s challenges. His journey is a reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, there is always a path forward, and often, it’s one that leads to unexpected and beautiful destinations.
Thank you for joining us on this exploration of Baruch’s life and artistry. His story is one that resonates with many, and I hope it has inspired you as much as it has inspired us.
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Holy Culture CEO, Trig with Baruch and wifeBaruch on stageBaruch with Scootie WopTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The journey to faith (00:00:00) Baruch’s journey to faith, his upcoming show at the He Rose Festival, and the purpose of the festival.
Overcoming shyness (00:01:01) Baruch’s battle with shyness and how he has overcome it, his experiences with performing on stage.
Lightning round (00:03:43) A rapid-fire question and answer session covering various personal and fun topics.
Starting Christian hip-hop (00:07:34) Baruch’s backstory and the inspiration behind starting Christian hip-hop, his struggles with accepting the calling.
Struggles with mental illness (00:11:16) Baruch’s internal struggles, battles with addiction, anxiety, depression, and the impact of his grandmother’s death.
Seeking help and support (00:15:20) The role of a mentor in Baruch’s life, seeking advice and support to overcome challenges, and the impact of having a positive role model.
Diagnosis and struggle with mental illness (00:17:33) Baruch discusses his diagnosis with maniac depression and bipolar disorder and his struggles with mental illness while in an institution.
Challenges and treatments in the institution (00:18:43) Baruch talks about the challenges of being in the institution, the lack of understanding about mental illness, and the treatments offered.
Finding faith in the institution (00:19:36) Baruch shares how he found faith in the institution, the voice he heard, and the internal struggle he faced.
Refusing medication and seeking faith (00:20:38) Baruch describes refusing medication, hearing voices, and seeking faith in Jesus as an alternative to medication.
Transformation and seeking Jesus (00:21:23) Baruch discusses how he sought Jesus, prayed, and sang gospel worship songs, leading to the restoration of his mind.
Purpose of his music and new song (00:23:57) Baruch explains the purpose of his music, emphasizing delivering hope, transformation, and healing, and introduces his new song “By Myself.”
Message behind “By Myself” (00:24:59) Baruch shares the origin of his new song “By Myself” and the message of never being alone with God.
Future plans and expectations (00:25:46) Baruch talks about his plans for more quality music, consistency, and live shows in the future.
Where to follow Baruch (00:26:43) Baruch provides his social media handles and where to find his music on major streaming platforms.

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