Hello, family! Welcome to another episode of How Do We Reach Our Youth Podcast, we our host Stephon “Skateboard Steeze” White engages in deeply inspiring conversations with individuals who are not just talented in their fields but also carry a torch of passion for making a difference. In this episode, he sat down with Chozen Won, an extraordinary musician who has dedicated his life to youth outreach through the powerful combination of Christian hip hop and the gospel.
From Outcast to Outreach

Chozen opened up about his personal journey, one that many might find both relatable and uplifting. Growing up as an outcast and without a father figure, life presented its fair share of trials. However, it was his grandmother’s introduction to Jesus that became a beacon of hope. This early encounter with faith laid the groundwork for a life dedicated to sharing that same hope with others, especially the youth.
The Strength of the Streets

Chozen’s experiences in the streets, which could have led them down a very different path, instead fueled his resolve to use his faith as a source of strength. Chozen shared poignant stories of his encounters with young people facing their own challenges, emphasizing the importance of presenting the message of Jesus in a way that resonates with them.
Stephon’s Perspective: A Foundation in Faith

Reflecting on his own upbringing, Stephon shared how a strong foundation in faith has been instrumental in his life. Chozen and Stephon highlighted the significance of aligning with Christ’s purpose and the transformative impact of reaching out with a message of hope and love.
The Power of Unity and Gospel

Throughout their conversation, the recurring theme was unity. Chozen and Stephon discussed the critical role of gospel in connecting with youth, bringing hope, and fostering transformation. They agreed on the importance of staying connected to Jesus and spreading faith, love, and hope to young people across various communities.
Christian Hip Hop: A Cultural Revolution

The episode took an exciting turn as they touched on the subject of Christian hip hop. Chozen shared his evolution from performing in traditional churches to embracing this genre as a means to reach the youth. Together, they tackled the challenges and misconceptions surrounding Christian hip hop, the influence of secular hip hop, and the potential for Christian artists to make a significant impact.
Embracing the Beat of Change

As the gentlemen wrapped up the episode, it was clear that the Chozen’s dedication to his craft and purpose is unwavering. Despite the obstacles, his commitment to using music and the gospel to uplift the youth stood strong.
This conversation is a testament to the power of faith and the universal language of music. As we continue to navigate the complexities of reaching out to the youth, let’s remember the impact that a single song, a single message, can have on a life.
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Unity and Gospel (00:00:02) The speakers discuss the unity flag and shirt, and the impact of unity and gospel in their lives.
Reaching Out to Youth (00:01:10) Chozen Won shares his personal experiences and challenges, explaining his passion for helping youth based on his own upbringing and encounters.
Faith and Hope in Jesus (00:04:45) The conversation centers on the importance of faith and hope in Jesus, and the impact of sharing the message of Jesus with others.
Challenges of Reaching Youth (00:12:18) Chozen Won details the challenges of reaching out to youth, emphasizing the need for unity and gospel to infiltrate and impact the youth positively.
Reaching out to the youth (00:13:14) Discussing the power of Jesus and the need to reach out to the youth through Christian hip hop.
Reaching the youth through personal experiences (00:14:09) Reflecting on an interview and the approach to reaching the youth through personal experiences and interactions.
Understanding the reasons behind youth behavior (00:15:12) Exploring the importance of understanding the underlying reasons for youth behavior and showing love and support.
The power of forgiveness and faith (00:16:27) Reflecting on the significance of forgiveness and faith, drawing parallels to personal struggles and challenges.
Embracing Christian hip hop as a means to reach the youth (00:18:53) Sharing personal experiences of embracing Christian hip hop and the challenges faced within the community.
Unity and support within the Christian hip hop community (00:22:16) Highlighting the importance of unity and support within the Christian hip hop community and the impact on reaching the youth.
Consistency and dedication in Christian hip hop (00:24:25) Emphasizing the significance of consistency and dedication in Christian hip hop to impact the youth positively.
Engaging with Christian hip hop music (00:25:25) Discussing the engagement with Christian hip hop music and the impact of specific songs and videos.
Christian Hip Hop Artists and Unity (00:26:11) Discussion about the impact of a production company on Christian hip hop artists and the need for unity in the Christian hip hop community.
Gospel Gangsters and Personal Encounters (00:26:42) Recollection of listening to Gospel Gangsters, meeting Chile Baby, and reminiscing about their music.
Challenges Faced by Christian Hip Hop Artists (00:27:32) Challenges faced by Christian hip hop artists in getting recognition and record deals compared to secular artists.
Visual Quality of Christian Hip Hop Videos (00:31:40) The lack of high-quality visuals in Christian hip hop videos compared to secular music videos.
Unity and Upcoming Events (00:33:24) Discussion about plans for a community event and the importance of unity among Christian hip hop artists.
Promotion and Contact Information (00:34:37) Promotion of the artist’s social media and contact information, and plans for future collaborations and events.

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