Hey family, we’re excited to share with you a profound conversation that unfolded on a recent episode of Da Fixx. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble welcomed two remarkable individuals, Atlanta-based entrepreneur, and artist, Swoope and Pastor, John O, the author of “We Go On” and co-creator of the project that’s been resonating with and sparking conversations in our community.
The Genesis of “We Go On”

The episode kicked off with a warm welcome to guests, Swoope and Pastor John O, as they dove into the backstory of their collaborative project “We Go On.” Pastor John opened up about how the concept of a soundtrack emerged to accompany his book, aiming to resonate with the themes of grief and hope. Swoope chimed in, sharing his insights on the evolution of the project and the synergy of working with other artists.
The First Notes of Collaboration

The discussion took a turn towards the creative process, as they reminisced about the first song crafted for the project. The significance of this collaboration was not lost on our hosts, as it set the tone for what was to become a deeply impactful body of work.
A Personal Touch on Grief

The conversation naturally flowed into the realm of grief, a subject close to DJ Focus’ heart, having experienced the loss of both of his parents within a short time. Pastor John shared his own heart-wrenching experience of losing his brother, shedding light on the diverse forms grief can take. It was a moment of vulnerability that underscores the need for open dialogues about loss and healing.
Behind the Music: “Life of Your Dreams”

They then explored specific tracks from the project, like “Life of Your Dreams” featuring Scootie Wop. Swoope detailed the creative hurdles and triumphs in finalizing the album, emphasizing the pivotal role of timing and collective effort.
The Immersive Tour Experience

Pastor John captivated us with tales from the immersive tour designed to present “We Go On” and foster open conversations about grief and hope. He recounted the challenges and victories of the tour, along with aspirations for future initiatives to keep these crucial conversations alive.
“Chasing Ghosts”: A Deeper Dive

Swoope dissected the message behind “Chasing Ghosts” featuring Lecrae, delving into the emotional resonance and thematic depth of the song. It was a testament to the project’s ability to touch on the raw emotions that many of us grapple with.
The Creative and Spiritual Synergy

As the episode progressed, Swoope shared his experiences of working with Christ and the deliberate approach to the album’s content. The importance of authenticity in the music industry was a focal point, as was the mutual respect and gratitude between Swoope and John for their partnership.
The Gravity of Faith and Purpose

In their real talk conversation, Focus and Dice discuss the gravity of not playing with God and the quest for wisdom in our actions. They touched on the responsibilities of ministry, the calling it requires, and the perils of false prophets.
A Reflection on Faithfulness

As our hosts wrapped up, the conversation circled back to the seriousness of our faith and purpose. Focus and Dice shared their thoughts on the impact of genuine prayer and actions in one’s spiritual journey, leaving us with a powerful message about faithfulness.
We hope this episode will resonate with you as much as it did with us. I encourage you to listen to the full conversation and immerse yourself in the “We Go On” project. Until next time, keep seeking healing, hope, and truth in your journey.
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Thirsting for the Lord Thursday (00:00:00) The hosts encourage listeners to start the day with prayer and discuss the significance of the day.
Stop Playing with God (00:01:33) The hosts discuss the topic of not playing games with one’s faith and the benefits of being true to God’s word.
National Kite Flying Day (00:05:24) The hosts talk about the significance of National Kite Flying Day and share personal experiences related to flying kites.
We Go On Project (00:03:20) The hosts discuss the project “We Go On,” a collaboration addressing themes of grief, mental health, and healing, featuring guests Pastor John O and Swoope.
Faith and Sports Report (00:09:37) Justin Adams presents a faith and sports report, emphasizing the importance of leadership and the study of God’s word.
Interview with Swoop and Pastor John Oh (00:11:29) DJ Focus interviews Swoope and John O about their project “We Go On,” discussing the inspiration behind the project and the song “Work Real Hard.”
Grief and Healing (00:19:57) John O shares his personal experience with grief and the formation of a church community.
The Power of Words (00:21:49) The significance of expressing grief and finding the right words to articulate emotions.
Processing Grief (00:23:12) DJ Focus shares his personal experience with grief and the impact of seeking help through a grief recovery program.
Song Creation Process (00:24:26) Swoope discusses the creative process behind the song “Life of Your Dreams” and the evolution of the album.
Creating Immersive Experience (00:29:23) John O discusses the concept of an immersive experience in grief and hope, aiming to change how people process grief.
Tour Experience (00:31:47) The initial challenges and subsequent success of the “We Go On” tour in different cities.
Chasing Ghosts (00:33:37) Swoope and Lecrae’s collaboration on the song “Chasing Ghosts” and the evolution of the song’s creation.
Project Collaboration (00:36:53) Where to connect with the artists and where to find “We Go On” on various platforms.
Prison Ministry and Community Work (00:38:45) Discussion about artists engaging in prison ministry and community work, including Project Pat’s involvement and K-Drama’s impact on youth in detention centers.
Building Relationships with Mainstream Artists (00:40:59) DJ Focus discusses the importance of building relationships with mainstream artists who follow Jesus Christ and the need to bridge the gap in conversations about faith.
Prison Reform and Incarceration Rates (00:43:41) Dice Gamble talks about the high rates of incarceration in the United States, particularly in Louisiana and Oklahoma, and the need for reform in the criminal justice system.
Real Talk: Stop Playing with God (00:45:29) The hosts delve into the topic of not playing games with one’s faith and the importance of taking spirituality seriously, using examples from popular culture and personal experiences.
Wisdom in Ministry and Leadership (00:54:14) The conversation shifts to the significance of using wisdom in serving in ministry and church leadership, emphasizing the need to be called to such positions and the sacrifices involved.
Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh (00:58:20) Dice Gamble references the biblical example of Paul’s thorn in the flesh to illustrate the importance of focusing on the things of Christ and not playing with God’s purpose for one’s life.
Playing with God (00:59:16) Discussion on the significance of not playing with God, seeking forgiveness, and taking faith seriously.
Understanding God’s Ways (01:01:16) Reflection on the scripture in 2 Peter 3:8 and the importance of understanding God’s perspective.
Collaborations in Music (01:04:22) Emphasis on the significance of collaborations between mainstream and faith-based artists in the music industry.
Birthdays and Purity (01:05:43) Mentions of birthdays and a call for maintaining purity and sexual behavior in relationships.
Stop Playing with God (01:08:27) Urging for better control of sexual behavior and resisting temptations in relationships.
Choosing Partners Wisely (01:11:44) Encouragement to prioritize qualities beyond physical attraction when choosing a life partner.
Commitment to God’s Call (01:12:10) Personal commitment to taking God’s call seriously and not procrastinating, emphasizing the need to be in purpose.
Trusting God’s Promises (01:13:21) Encouragement to trust in God’s promises and deliverance, and the importance of stopping to play with God.
Acknowledging Mental Health (01:15:18) Recommendation of the “We Go On” project as a resource for addressing grief, mental health, and healing.
Conclusion and Encouragement (01:16:16) Encouragement to listen to the “We Go On” project and address mental health issues for personal growth and healing.
Counseling and Healing (01:17:10) Encouraging seeking counseling for healing and growth, addressing past trauma and taking responsibility.
“We Go On” Book (01:17:44) Discussion about the book “We Go On” by John O, emphasizing the message of hope and new beginnings after tragedy.
Empowering Artists (01:18:32) Encouraging artists to create projects addressing important topics like marriage, mental health, and personal growth.
Upcoming Music (01:19:26) Announcement of upcoming music and the addition of a new host for the next episode.

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