In my latest episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with an extraordinary leader, Nancy Goebel, the CEO of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG). Nancy’s story is a testament to the power of personal growth and a blueprint for leading with purpose. She didn’t just climb the corporate ladder; she reshaped it to fit her unique perspective as a multiracial woman. Her experiences have forged a leadership style that is both empathetic and results-driven, a combination that has propelled her to the forefront of the digital workplace revolution.
Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

During our conversation, Nancy opened up about the hurdles she’s faced and how she’s turned them into steppingstones. She believes that challenges are not roadblocks but opportunities to learn and improve. This mindset has been crucial in her role at DWG, where she leads a team that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital workspaces.
The Power of Storytelling in Business

One of the most profound insights Nancy shared was the importance of storytelling in business. In a world where data is king, Nancy reminds us that the human element—our stories—is what truly connects us. She has harnessed the art of storytelling to build a strong company culture and to help her team and clients envision the future of work.
Purpose Driven Leadership Lessons for Aspiring CEOs

For those aspiring to leadership roles, Nancy’s advice is invaluable. She emphasizes the need for continuous learning, the courage to take calculated risks, and the importance of building a supportive network. Her approach to leadership is not just about managing a team; it’s about inspiring them to achieve greatness together.
Final Thoughts

My conversation with Nancy Goebel was more than just an interview; it was a masterclass in leadership and the art of storytelling. Her insights are a blueprint for anyone looking to lead in the digital age. I hope you’ll join me in listening to this enlightening episode and take away as much from it as I did.
Remember, whether you’re a seasoned executive or just starting out, the journey to leadership is a continuous path of growth and learning. And as Nancy Goebel shows us, with the right mindset, every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be seized.
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Nancy’s Journey to Becoming CEO (00:00:10) Nancy’s career progression and leadership roles, leading to her CEO position at DWG.
Overcoming Shyness and Embracing Challenges (00:01:52) Nancy’s journey from being shy to embracing challenges and personal growth.
Role of Digital Workplace Group (00:05:11) Explanation of DWG’s role in helping organizations unlock the potential of their digital headquarters.
Challenges Faced as a Multiracial Woman in Leadership (00:07:51) Nancy’s experiences as a multiracial woman in leadership and the challenges in corporate America.
Transition to CEO Role and Courage to Initiate Change (00:17:06) Nancy’s decision to leave her previous job and transition to the CEO role at DWG, and the courage it took.
Goals as CEO and Importance of Storytelling (00:19:35) Nancy’s aspirations as the CEO of DWG and the importance of storytelling in business.
Advice to Younger Self and the Art of Storytelling (00:22:47) Nancy’s advice to her younger self and the significance of mastering the art of storytelling in professional growth.

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