In an election year where our country will be most divided, Christian Rap artist, songwriter, and founder of his streetwear brand, HizBizNiz, Jay Bizzze, has only one agenda heís pushing on his second single of 2024, HBN ANTHEM, and itís the kingdom agenda (Matthew 6:33 & Luke 2:49).
While it is beneficial to be educated and involved in the political affairs of government, which God instituted (Romans 13:1-7), it is far more necessary to be aware of how our allegiance is ultimately reserved for God (Matthew 22:15-22), for although Caesarís image may be imprinted on the coin, Godís image is imprinted on the person (Genesis 1:27).
With trunk-rattling bass, a football chant-inspired hook, and candid lyrics that emanate of Godís glory, its crystal clear that HBN ANTHEM is a new national anthem for the people of God.
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