Hey family. Welcome to the How Do We Reach Our Youth podcast. In this episode host, Stephon Jr. (son of Bump Dat Sundays, DJ Severe, had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly talented Rachel J. In this episode, they explored the depths of her musical journey, her motivations, and the profound message she aims to share with the world. But their conversation went beyond just notes and lyrics; it touched on the essence of faith, the importance of youth outreach, and the power of staying connected to a higher purpose.
The Melodic Drive: Rachel J’s Musical Beginnings

Rachel J’s story is one that resonates with anyone who has ever felt the call of their passion from a young age. Her motivation to start music was rooted in a deep desire to express herself and connect with others on a level that only melodies can reach. As she discussed her beginnings, it became clear that her music was more than just a career—it was a calling.
A Message Through Melody: The Heart of Rachel J’s Music

Every artist has a message they wish to convey, and Rachel J is no exception. Her music is her platform to inspire, uplift, and instill confidence in her listeners. She crafts her songs with the intention of creating a positive impact, aiming to empower her audience with every chord and verse. During their talk, she emphasized the importance of building confidence, not just in oneself but also in those who look up to artists.
Upcoming Harmonies: Anticipating New Releases

The excitement in Rachel’s voice was palpable as she shared details about her upcoming music releases. As an artist, the anticipation of sharing new work with the world is a feeling like no other. Rachel’s dedication to her craft promises that these new releases will be nothing short of inspiring, continuing her mission to spread a message of hope and strength.
Youth Outreach: Rachel J’s Work with Children

Perhaps one of the most touching aspects of our conversation was Rachel’s work with children. She spoke passionately about her efforts to reach the youth, creating a safe space for them to be open and vulnerable. Her experiences have shown her the importance of guiding the younger generation, allowing them to express themselves in a supportive environment. It’s clear that Rachel’s influence extends far beyond her music; she’s shaping hearts and minds for a brighter future.
A Shared Faith: The Cornerstone of Resilience

As their discussion drew to a close, the topic of faith took center stage. Rachel shared her conviction about the necessity of staying connected to Christ, especially in trying times. She spoke of the current challenges we face and the biblical prophecies unfolding before our eyes. Her message was clear: in a world filled with uncertainty, our relationship with God is the anchor we need.
The Power of Community: Being Part of the Body of Christ

Rachel and Stephon found common ground in our belief in the power of community and the importance of being part of the body of Christ. She stressed the need for love and support, for allowing God to work on our hearts and minds, and for overcoming any bitterness or unforgiveness. It’s a reminder that our spiritual journey is not just a personal endeavor but one that we share with others.
A Parting Blessing: Gratitude and Hope

As they wrapped up their conversation, the air was filled with mutual appreciation and support. Rachel’s parting words were a testament to her faith and her commitment to her listeners. They exchanged blessings and hopes for success in all our endeavors, both in music and in life.
In this episode, Rachel J reminded us that music is a powerful conduit for messages of faith, hope, and love. Her dedication to her art and her community is a beacon of light in a world that often feels dark. To all of our audience, we extend the same message of hope and encouragement that Rachel J shared with us. Stay connected, stay faithful, and let your life’s melody be one of harmony and grace.
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Motivation for Starting Music (00:00:43) Rachel J’s inspiration for starting music and her early experiences in entertainment.
Message in Music (00:01:26) The transparency and vulnerability Rachel J wants to convey through her music, especially about her relationship with God.
Building Confidence (00:02:53) Rachel J’s advice on building confidence and accepting oneself.
Upcoming Music Releases (00:06:54) Rachel J’s announcement of new music releases and a sneak peek of her songs.
Work with Children (00:09:05) Rachel J’s motivation for working with children and her approach to creating a safe space for them.
Reaching the Youth (00:13:25) Creating a safe and open space for young people and the importance of communication and vulnerability.
Challenges and Consistency (00:15:17) Rachel J’s struggles with consistency in her creative process and her determination to overcome them.
Motivation for Starting Music (00:16:55) Rachel J’s journey and motivation for starting music and her message to the audience.
Staying Connected to Christ (00:17:15) The importance of staying connected to Christ during challenging times and the need to work on the relationship with God.
Seriousness of Current Times (00:18:08) A discussion about the seriousness of current events and the fulfillment of biblical prophecies.
Gratitude and Blessings (00:18:53) Expressing gratitude, blessings, and well wishes for the future endeavors.

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