Bryant. Educates. Radically. Informing. Disciples Of the Unknown, better known as B.E.R.I.D.O.X., has been in the Christian hip-hop scene for a minute.
An emcee from Philly who saw himself as an island found himself in the crosshairs of God’s strategic mastery- every move in his life a stepping stone for the next.
Every situation equipping him, and building his repertoire of gifts for just the precise moment.
If anyone was made for a time like this, it’s B.E.R.I.D.O.X. with all of God‘s favor and forethought.
A household name since Holy Culture joined SiriusXM, he has used his talents to invigorate both the Kingdom and the artists who serve it. This is the origin story of The Christ Revolution Music Radio Show.
Bryant’s BC Story

Bryant is constant and responsive; his presence is steady across cyberspace and distance. Despite not knowing much about him, the fact that others defer to him speaks volumes, and I couldn’t wait to hear the story.
Much like B Plus, Bryant grew up in the church, but it was his uncle who presented him with the gospel at the age of ten. He recalls:
My come-to Jesus was more or less my uncle presenting the gospel to me, and giving me an understanding of living with God, is living in the light and not being in darkness.
But it wasn’t until he was in his late teens that he faced a pivotal moment in his young life. He had to decide whether or not to develop a relationship with Jesus. And find out what he was put on this earth for, the reason for his very existence, all the while standing at the genesis of his secular music career.
That stage was right after high school. Like rapping, you don’t know what you are rapping about. You rappin’ just to rap. After high school we went into a studio, me and my friends, we were trying to make an album, trying to get quote unquote signed, not understanding what that means. So that was the journey.
But when I got to that pivotal moment of making the decision of ‘I’m gonna live for God,’ it was like: that don’t line up with that. Because our representation back then, Christian Rap, was not in front of us. I didn’t even know it existed until much later. So I couldn’t put the framework of my brain into ‘I can rap for God.’
Like many other artists, Bryant left rap behind, choosing instead to join the choir, and attend church with his girlfriend, now his wife of 27 years.
Rap Meets God

Religion seemed to have settled him a bit, until two years later.
Probably two years in, I started having the itch to write a rhyme again. And I’m like well…the most important thing for me at this time is to learn the Bible. Learn the book of Psalms, so I would start writing it in rap formats- I took the book of psalms, some chapters to try to memorize it. Because that was the biggest thing, meditate on the Word by day and by night so you can renew your mind with the Word.
So I was just being creative in that space.
But then after a while I started freestylin’ about God and then it just started lining up. And it was like: wow, this is incredible. It would be cool to record it. So I started recording myself- I didn’t have any equipment so I was beatboxing, because beatboxing was still in, still cool to do then.
So I started to produce myself, so I would get my radio, because that’s all you had back then- I didn’t have studio equipment. I would record myself beatboxing and then- again God was giving me the ideas- to layer on top of the sounds I already recorded. So I have a microphone going in my radio input and then I would layer beat boxing instruments and sounds so on and so forth. And then after that was the gift and knowledge to freestyle and record it- so I made myself a home studio off my dual cassette player.
I still have those tapes to this day, just making sounds and freestylin creating songs to encourage myself in the end.
But its freestylin and writing songs about God. So for me I thought I was the first Christian rapper. This was probably in 94,95. Again I didn’t know Christian Rap existed, but I thought I was the first.
So I pursued the gift further, I got a keyboard- kept recording and after a while I started creating songs and demos. Then I got on the internet and there was a website called Hip Hop Zone- which was this website that brought all Christians together who loved Hip Hop, and then I found out Christian rap exists.
Enter James “Trig” Rosseau

A whole world opened up to Bryant then. No longer was he alone in his calling, but there was a community of like-minded people- creatives just like him.
So that’s when I met a guy named Omega Trig, who used to be under the rap name Omega. I met him online on the Hip Hop Zone website. I was like “Wow, he’s in Philly.” While on Hip Hop Zone, I also found out about The Cross Movement. So it started showing me that I can pursue it [rap] and then I started understanding, oh, that’s why God gave me the gift. Because there were others like us who loved hip hop and loved God and wanted to do it all in the same sphere.

I met him in 98’ and by 99’ we started hanging with each other, recording and ministering live.
Initially, the pair would travel in the tri-state area of PA, NJ, Delaware, and New York, mostly to small—to midsize events, ministering to people and exposing them to Christian Hip-Hop, most of them for the first time.
This early exposure to spreading the good news would be foundational for both men, an experience needed for the future that was to come.
Christ Revolution Music Is Born

Approximately fifteen years later Bryant’s talents would branch out in a new direction when in 2015, he founded his own LLC, Christ Revolution Music, which was created to aid recording artists produce, mix, master their music and videos through various means.
I will tell you the funny part about it. I heard it the other day, when a song of Trig’s (Omega) was playing on the radio, it reminded me where I got Christ Revolution from. His song is called “Label me a Christian,” and in it he says “start a Christ Revolution.” And when I heard that back then, I said, if I start a company I will name it Christ Revolution Music.

That same year he would take his genius to TV, where The Christ Revolution Music TV Show, aired on and The Believers Lifestyle Network Roku Channel.
In less than a decade and a half, Bryant went from artist, to minister, to entrepreneur and the host of a TV show. Yet, God still was not done with his training.
In 2016, I was helping another radio show, it was the Remnant Hip Hop Radio Show with DJ Monie B and DJ Whirlwind. And I was assisting the DJ there and being part of the team. So I developed the idea of how to format the show for us remotely when we couldn’t physically go to the studio, and how to keep it going. Pre-recording it, feeding it into the radio station, so I was doing it for that time period.
But I’m truly an artist, truly a producer. So in my brain I thought I shouldn’t be doing both, but if you are gifted in multiple areas, you have to pursue growth. So interviews started happening. One of the guys online was like: why don’t you do an artist to artist interview, get online and talk- that was my buddy Chuuch Crumb.
Artists 2 Artist launched in 2020, where Bryant sits and talks to other artists about music, testimonies, experiences and all things CHH and all things pertaining to the artist’s life. His segment “The Artists Corner with B.E.R.I.D.O.X”. followed soon after, where gives advice to up and coming artists about how to balance ministry and music. Both shows continue to this day.
Christ Revolution At Holy Culture

As Holy Culture grew from a radio show to a website, talks with Sirius XM began and the old friends reunited.
So my participation in Holy Culture came right before Sirius XM got started, because he (James “Trig” Rosseau) was conversing with me about finding a DJ in Philly, who could do a radio show.
So first I started thinking well…I know such-and-such and such-and-such, and then it hit me. Wait a minute, I can do it. I was already doing it online- DJing other CHH Artists music from time to time due to my experience with The Remnant Hip Hop Radio Show.
So when he came to me, I was like: well I can just do the Christ Revolution Music Radio Show.
I can interview, I can DJ and I can teach all in the same show.
Everything came together then. The TV show experience from 2015, the producing and mixing the Remnant Hip Hop Radio Show and his hours talking to friends and artists about Christian Hip Hop and the gospel. It was as if all things were working toward this moment.
So by the time, April 2022, came around, I was prepped and ready to do a full show, it all led me to The Christ Revolution Music Radio Show.

The show allows artists to hear their music DJ’ed which most of them have never heard. Infused with all the energy of a house party with the layering of sounds which is one of B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s specialties.
But that’s not all.
Bryant has been called to pour into generations and continues to do so within his shows, through The Artist Corner, where he shares his experience of the past two decades with the generations rising into the scene; or the “A Talk with B.E.R.I.D.O.X,” segment where he breaks down a passage of Scripture to give understanding and inspire the listener to seek the Word for themselves.
The Christ Revolution Music Radio Show culminates God’s work in Bryant’s life wrapped in a neat package, primed and ready for receptive ears.
The Revolution Continues

Many times in our lives, we don’t understand the hows and whys of God’s doing. His ways are indeed not ours, and we are left looking skyward, seeking answers that will only be revealed with the passage of time.
B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s journey echoes those of countless others who have walked paths of self-sacrifice, only to witness God’s transformative power in redeeming their talents and gifts for His divine purpose.
Through the fusion of music, ministry, and education, B.E.R.I.D.O.X. has created a legacy of obedience- a standard for others to follow in their mission to spread the gospel to the beat of their drum.
The revolution that was ignited in Philadelphia two decades ago still burns brightly today, and a new generation stands poised to carry the torch forward, eager to lend their voices and talents to the reaping of souls.
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