Hey family, welcome to another episode of Da Fixx, where our hosts DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, dive deep into the heart of gospel and Christian hip hop music with the incredibly talented Jelani Aswad. From his creative genius to his personal journey through grief, and even his passion for sustainable fashion with his brand, Messianic Supply Co. Jelani shares his journey to be a light for others.
Breaking Boundaries in Music

In their talk, Jelani and DJ Focus explored the dynamic world of gospel and Christian hip hop music. They delved into the importance of breaking away from traditional confines and the power of cross-genre collaborations. Jelani emphasized the need for unity and mentorship within the music community, and the impact of creating music that resonates with a broad audience, including both churchgoers and those outside the church walls.
The Creative Process and Personal Journeys

Jelani shared his approach to songwriting, drawing from his rich experiences and cultural heritage to craft music that connects with people from all walks of life. He stressed the value of collaboration and how his personal narrative shapes his artistry.
Grief: The Inspiration Behind “All Along”

The conversation took a heartfelt turn as Jelani opened up about his new track, “All Along,” and the deep influence of his mother’s passing on his work. Focus shared his own experiences with grief, and together, they discussed the complexities of the grieving process and the importance of seeking counseling and therapy to navigate such profound loss.
Sustainable Fashion with a Message

Jelani also introduces us to his sustainable fashion brand, Messianic Supply Co. He outlined his vision for the brand, which merges art, design, and faith to foster meaningful expression and community involvement.
A Snippet of Soulful Lyrics

As they wrapped up their conversation, Jelani treated the audience to a snippet of “All Along,” breaking down the lyrics and sharing the personal significance behind the song. It was a moment that truly captures the transformative power of art and faith.
Embracing Identity and Kingdom-Oriented Music

Jelani spoke passionately about the importance of being true to oneself and the necessity of connecting with like-minded individuals. He expressed his excitement about releasing music that challenges listeners in a kingdom-oriented way.
Connecting with Jelani

For those eager to follow Jelani’s journey, he invites us to connect with him on Instagram at @jelaniaswad and to visit his website, jelaniaswad.com. He also encouraged everyone to check out his clothing brand and listen to his new single.
Feeding Your Faith: A Candid Conversation

Following Jelani’s segment, the conversation shifted to the importance of nurturing one’s faith. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed various practices, such as reading scripture, serving others, and aligning actions with beliefs. The significance of fasting and prayer was also highlighted as a means to deepen spiritual connections.
The Practicality of Spiritual Growth

Focus and Dice share personal anecdotes and insights, emphasizing the need for community and the impact of sharing testimonies. They offer practical tips like setting reminders for spiritual practices and seeking guidance to grow in our faith.
The Power of a Faith-Filled Mindset

Dice shares her “ridiculous” faith and the mindset of abundance she maintains, regardless of her current financial status. She spoke of preparing for blessings by adopting a mindset that aligns with future aspirations, rather than waiting to develop it later.
Overcoming Doubt and Stepping into Your Destiny

She recounted personal stories of overcoming self-doubt and placing herself in environments that aligned with her destiny, even when she felt out of place. This powerful testimony underscored the importance of feeding our faith to see ourselves as God sees us.
Jesus as the Ultimate Example

Our hosts wrap up the episode by reminding us that Jesus is the ultimate example, and striving to embody Christ-like character is essential for building faith. The red-letter words of Jesus in the Bible serve as a constant guide for living a life of faith.
The Takeaway: Feed Your Faith

The episode is a reminder of the importance of feeding our faith and to believe in the possibilities that await us. Remember, nurturing our spiritual life is a continuous journey, and with each step, we grow closer to realizing our full potential.
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Monster Tarver and Jelani AswadTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The Show begins (00:00:02) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus introduce the show and discuss reaching the audience with their music.
Thursdays and faith (00:01:22) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus discuss the significance of Thursdays, faith, and blessing others.
Elevating evangelism (00:02:41) The hosts encourage listeners to show love and discuss the importance of evangelism in everyday life.
Taking prayer to a new level (00:04:09) The hosts emphasize the need to elevate prayer life in the new year and discuss facing new challenges.
Pastor Jelani Aswad (00:08:10) The hosts introduce Pastor Jelani Aswad, a multi-talented artist and discuss his upcoming interview.
Feeding faith (00:07:25) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus discuss the importance of feeding and growing one’s faith.
Marriage and relationships (00:10:37) The hosts discuss the importance of nurturing relationships, especially in marriages, and encourage couples to rekindle their love.
National Irish Cream Coffee Day (00:13:46) The hosts talk about the significance of National Irish Cream Coffee Day and share their love for coffee.
Sports report (00:17:21) Justin Adams provides a sports report on the San Francisco 49ers’ upcoming game and the importance of faith in sports.
The spiritual detox (00:19:20) The segment discusses faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry and introduces a pastor who is an artist and musician.
The state of gospel and Christian hip hop music (00:20:26) The discussion covers the current state of gospel and Christian hip hop music and the need for collaboration and diversity within the genre.
Creative process and new track (00:25:40) The artist discusses his creative process, collaborations, and the inspiration behind his new track, “All Along.”
Grieving process and therapy (00:32:06) The conversation delves into the artist’s grieving process after losing his mother and the therapeutic journey he embarked on, including counseling and seeking additional help.
Starting a sustainable fashion brand (00:36:10) The artist shares the inspiration behind starting a sustainable fashion brand, Messianic Supply Co., and the ethical considerations in fashion production.
Art and Streetwear Events (00:38:15) Speaker discusses the art renaissance in Cleveland and organizing streetwear events.
Song Meaning and Release (00:39:48) Speaker breaks down the meaning of his song and discusses its release.
Jelani Aswad’s Social Media and Single (00:41:27) Jelani Aswad shares his social media handles and introduces his latest single, “All Along.”
Encouraging Words and Scripture (00:42:06) Speaker shares encouraging words and reads a scripture about finding rest in faith.
Discussion on Mental Health and Suicide (00:44:42) Speakers discuss mental health, suicide, and the intervention of God in difficult times.
Spiritual Warfare and Guarding Gates (00:47:11) Discussion on spiritual warfare, guarding against negative influences, and recognizing God’s voice.
Feeding Your Faith (00:49:51) Speakers delve into the concept of feeding one’s faith and going beyond basic religious practices.
Biblical Reference and Importance of Reading Scripture (00:52:13) The importance of reading and meditating on scripture is emphasized using a biblical reference.
Serving Others and Planting Seeds (00:55:30) Discussion on serving others, planting seeds, and doing what one is called to do to feed faith.
Feeding Your Faith (00:57:29) Discussion on feeding faith through learning, action, and serving others.
The Struggle of Fasting (01:02:26) Personal experiences and challenges with fasting and its impact on faith.
Visualizing Faith (00:59:54) Importance of visualizing and believing in faith before seeing results.
Building a Billionaire Mindset (01:08:00) Discussion on developing a mindset of abundance and faith in achieving goals.
Feeding Your Faith Daily (01:05:44) Practical tips for consistently nurturing and growing faith.
Overcoming Doubt and Isolation (01:04:55) Encouragement to seek support and overcome doubt while nurturing faith.
Feeding Faith Through Example (01:10:08) Emphasizing the importance of embodying Christ-like character to build faith.
Believing Before Seeing (01:11:50) Encouragement to believe in faith’s potential to move mountains and achieve the impossible.
Stepping Into Faith (01:12:36) Personal story of stepping into situations with faith and overcoming doubts.
Celebrating January Birthdays (01:15:00) Acknowledgment of notable individuals with January birthdays and their achievements.
Feeding your faith (01:16:16) The speakers discuss the importance of feeding one’s faith and the temptation of indulging in food and drinks.
Spreading the word about the radio show (01:17:38) The speakers encourage listeners to share and promote the radio show, emphasizing its content and the variety of shows available.
Indulging in sweets and the Girl Scout Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29 (01:21:01) The conversation shifts to indulging in sweets, particularly Girl Scout Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29, and the temptation to consume them irresponsibly.
Supporting a guest artist (01:25:41) The speakers promote and encourage support for a guest artist, emphasizing his talent and the need to stream his music and purchase his merchandise.
Upcoming new music and the Unsaid Truth show (01:26:34) The speakers tease the upcoming show featuring new music and the Unsaid Truth, highlighting its relevance and impact, especially for pastors.

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