Hey family. Recently DJ B Plus had encouraging conversation with Scribe Music, a Christian hip hop artist from British Columbia, Canada, was particularly enlightening. Scribe Music is not only known for his compelling music but also for his role as a worship leader at his local church. And it was an affirming discussion that delved into the heart of artistry, authenticity, faith and spiritual growth.
The Journey of an Artist

Scribe Music opened up about his background, detailing his evolution as a recording artist and his dedication as a worship leader. His song “The Art of Knowing” encapsulates his pursuit of a deeper relationship with God, a theme that resonates throughout his work. This pursuit, as he explained, is not without its challenges, especially when trying to balance a music career with a personal spiritual journey.
Authenticity and Vulnerability in Music

One of the most striking aspects of their talk was the emphasis on authenticity and vulnerability. Scribe stressed the importance of maintaining a genuine connection with God, rather than presenting a facade of faith. He believes that artists should not shy away from expressing both the struggles and triumphs of their faith through their music. This vulnerability is what allows listeners to connect on a deeper level and see the reality of a spiritual journey.
The Canadian Christian Hip Hop Scene

The gentlemen also touched on the vibrant Canadian Christian hip hop scene, which is brimming with talented artists. Scribe’s experiences within this community have shaped his approach to music and ministry, highlighting the significance of supporting and contributing to the growth of these artistic communities.
Faith: Sowing Seeds Through Art

A particularly profound moment in the conversation came when B Plus and Scribe discussed the concept of viewing one’s gifts as seeds to sow, rather than merely fruit for others to consume. The shift in perspective can fundamentally change how an artist approaches their ministry and their art. Scribe shared personal anecdotes about learning to be selective with collaborations, ensuring that his work is stewarded properly and aligns with his values.
The Crown and the Throne: Pursuing God Above All

Scribe offered a powerful metaphor about the crown and the throne, discussing the human desire for recognition versus the pursuit of God’s kingdom. He pointed out that true favor comes when one pursues God for His own sake, not for the benefits that might follow. This idea was beautifully illustrated with the image of a king who, once recognized and crowned, no longer needs to display his crown to prove his authority.
Looking Ahead: Scribe Music’s Upcoming Endeavors

As they wrapped up the conversation, Scribe gave us a glimpse into his plans for the year. He expressed excitement about contributing to his church’s music department, working on new songs and albums, and engaging in various ministry projects, including a trip to Malawi for a video series. His commitment to honoring God’s timing in his music and ministry endeavors was evident, promising that any future releases will come from a place of deep-rooted faith and encouragement.
Final Thoughts

The dialogue with Scribe Music was not only enjoyable but also deeply impactful. His insights on artistry, faith, and community will leave a lasting impression on you as it did us. And as we continue to explore the intersection of creativity and spirituality, let’s remember the importance of authenticity, the power of vulnerability, and the transformative perspective of seeing our gifts as seeds to sow into the lives of others.
To all the artists and creators out there, may you be inspired to pursue your craft with integrity and to align your journey with the divine pace set by God. And to our Holy Culture Radio family, if you haven’t yet experienced the music of Scribe Music, I highly recommend his EP “Scribe and the Wildlings” – it’s a testament to his talent and heart for God.
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The Canadian Christian Hip Hop Scene (00:00:00) Discussion about the thriving Canadian Christian hip hop scene and the need for more exposure.
Introducing Scribe Music (00:00:52) Scribe Music introduces himself, his music, and his family, and talks about his journey as an artist.
The Art of Knowing (00:04:29) Scribe Music explains the inspiration behind his song “The Art of Knowing” and the importance of pursuing a relationship with God.
The Vulnerability in Music (00:08:59) DJ B Plus praises Scribe Music’s vocals and discusses the importance of vulnerability in music, particularly within the Christian hip hop genre.
Scribe’s Musical Journey (00:10:12) Scribe Music shares his musical background, from being a singer to becoming a rapper and the influence of his upbringing.
Authenticity and Vulnerability in Music (00:17:45) The importance of authenticity in music, the balance between vulnerability and rejoicing in the goodness of God, and the example of King David’s Psalms.
Walking or Running with God (00:20:00) Scribe Music discusses the importance of seeking God’s guidance and setting the pace according to His leading.
Sowing Seeds (00:21:53) The importance of considering one’s gifts as seeds for ministry and the impact on one’s approach.
Crown and Throne (00:23:56) Discussion on the desire for glory and the significance of pursuing God for favor.
Church Music Department (00:27:01) Involvement in building the music department at the church and upcoming projects in the local community.
God’s Timing and Ministry (00:28:37) Emphasis on honoring God’s timing in music release and involvement in ministry projects, including video series and international travel.
Living God’s Pace (00:29:33) Acknowledgment of the guest’s embodiment of the concept of walking in God’s pace, not just in lyrics but in life.

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