Welcome to the Christ Revolution Music Radio Show, where we ignite a revolution for Christ, free from the pollution of the world’s empty solutions. In this special artist-to-artist interview, host B.E.R.I.D.O.X. had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the talented Legin. His name, Nigel spelled backward, symbolizes how Christ turned his life around, and that’s precisely what we talked about during our conversation.
The Genesis of Legin’s Faith and Music

Legin’s story is one of profound transformation. Raised in a church-going family, he experienced the turbulence of a broken home when his mother left his father due to substance abuse. Moving in with his grandparents, who had found Christ later in life, Legin was exposed to a variety of Christian denominations. Despite this, he admits he didn’t truly embrace salvation until his early twenties.
A pivotal moment came when Legin’s estranged father sought forgiveness, which he initially refused. However, a prophetic message from a stranger about the poison of bitterness led him to reconcile with his father shortly before his passing. This event brought Legin to his knees, questioning God’s nature and intentions. Ultimately, he chose to believe in a God who values forgiveness and reconciliation, and this belief has been a cornerstone of his music and message.
The Art of Crafting Rhymes with Purpose

Legin’s music is a response to both his personal testimony and the cultural narratives that mislead the youth. His first album, “Lifelines,” includes a track titled “A Letter from Zan,” imagining an apology from his late father. This kind of storytelling exemplifies Legin’s commitment to addressing real issues and countering harmful cultural messages without directly calling out other artists.
When it comes to songwriting, Legin’s strength lies in his intellectual and lyrical approach. Influenced by the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, he crafts verses that invite deeper reflection and interpretation. His gift is in writing lyrics that hold multiple meanings without losing context, a skill that he continues to hone and perfect.
The Role of Producing in Legin’s Music

Although Legin began his musical journey with instruments like the Roland DJ 305 and software like Fruity Loops, he has since shifted to collaborating with other producers. He describes his current role as “quarterbacking,” where he directs high-caliber musicians to bring his auditory visions to life. This collaborative process allows him to maintain a hands-on approach to his music without being the sole producer.
Ministry Beyond Music

The conversation also touched on the evolution of Legin’s ministry. He shared his experiences in youth ministry and his pursuit of a biblical studies degree. In 2013, after a period of focusing solely on church work, God called Legin and his wife to embrace music ministry full-time. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to changing culture through music, message, and merchandise, with a focus on ministry from day one.
Addressing Real Issues for a Diverse Audience

Legin’s content is crafted not just for the church but also for those outside of it. He doesn’t shy away from mature topics, as he believes it’s essential to address the real issues people face, even if it means challenging the comfort zones of some listeners. His goal is to create music that resonates with both the churched and the unchurched, without compromising the message of Jesus.
Wisdom for Aspiring Artists

For young artists balancing their calling with new family life, Legin advises prioritizing their first ministry—their spouse. It’s crucial to align with your partner on where to invest time and effort. He also cautions against rushing ahead of God’s timing, sharing how grateful he is that God didn’t grant him early success before he was ready to handle it responsibly.
Gratitude and Impact

As the interview wrapped up, Legin emphasized the importance of gratitude for the impact his music has on individuals. He encourages artists to serve their audience well and to appreciate every listener, regardless of numbers or fame.
Connect with Legin

For those eager to follow Legin’s journey and music, you can find him on all social platforms under Legin TV, or visit his website at Legend TV. His story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and music, and his message continues to inspire and challenge listeners around the world.
Final Thoughts

Thank you to Legin for coming through the Christ Revolution Music Radio Show. His insights and experiences are a powerful reminder of the impact that music, rooted in faith and authenticity, can have on our lives and culture.
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Legin with his wifeTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The introduction (00:00:19) The podcast introduction and special guest announcement.
Early experiences with Christianity (00:01:56) Legin shares his upbringing in church, his mother’s faith journey, and his own early beliefs.
Transformational moment (00:03:49) Legin’s transformative experience of forgiveness and reconciliation with his father’s passing.
Reflection on God’s care (00:05:01) Legin’s contemplation of God’s care and orchestration in his life.
Passion for music (00:07:19) Legin’s early love for music, his influences, and the development of his passion for hip hop.
Transition to Christian hip hop (00:08:58) Legin’s encounter with Christian hip hop and his decision to pursue music for Christ.
Confirmation and impact (00:12:12) The impact of Legin’s music on others, including a recent message of gratitude for his example and influence.
The testimony and cultural narrative (00:13:44) Legin discusses his first album, “Lifelines,” and how it was a response to his testimony and the cultural narrative, addressing the impact of music on others.
Crafting rhymes and songwriting (00:15:45) The conversation delves into Legin’s initial strengths in crafting rhymes and writing songs, focusing on his intellectual approach and wordplay.
Early stages of producing (00:18:34) Legin shares his journey in producing music, starting with a basic keyboard and his determination to pursue music despite initial skepticism.
Exploring live music and band collaboration (00:21:55) The discussion expands to the exploration of live music, band collaboration, and the impact of live performances on the audience.
Incorporating DJing into performances (00:25:46) The conversation touches on the importance of incorporating DJing into performances and the desire to develop this aspect further.
The ministry journey (00:26:50) Legin’s journey into ministry, from early experiences to full-time commitment, and the impact of his music.
Content maturity and filtering (00:32:08) Discussion on the maturity of content, filtering for different audiences, and the importance of authenticity and transparency.
Embracing wisdom and age (00:38:00) The changing perspective on age in hip hop, the value of wisdom, and the impact of aging artists in the genre.
Opportunities in the changing landscape (00:40:40) The shifting dynamics in the music industry, the role of gatekeepers, and the emerging opportunities for ministry in hip hop.
The representation of rap in church events (00:41:02) The discussion about the perception and acceptance of rap in church events and the slow change in the church music culture.
Challenges of early Christian rap representation (00:42:29) Exploring the challenges and skepticism faced by early Christian rappers, and the impact of representation on the perception of rap music in the church.
Transition from live events to online platforms (00:50:30) The shift from live events to online platforms, the challenges faced during the pandemic, and the balance needed between physical and virtual events.
Safe House Project and combating sex trafficking (00:52:19) The journey of starting the Safe House Project, its impact in combating sex trafficking, and the organization’s goals for the future.
Balancing family life and ministry (00:54:08) The challenges of balancing family life, ministry, and music career, and the commitment to prioritize family over career when necessary.
Raising Children in Faith (00:55:02) Legin discusses raising his children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and the impact of his upbringing on his parenting.
Balancing Ministry and Marriage (00:56:42) Legin emphasizes the importance of prioritizing marriage as the first ministry and aligning personal callings with spousal agreement.
The Journey of Transformation (00:57:58) Legin reflects on the transformation of his desires from seeking attention and notoriety to desiring the capacity to handle what he wants.
Connecting with God (00:59:58) Legin shares his approach to staying connected with God, including prayer, discerning God’s voice, and engaging with the Bible.
New Music Release and Projects (01:02:53) Legin discusses the release of his EP “God is Iconic,” future music projects, a documentary, and efforts to reach wider audiences.
Navigating the Music Industry (01:05:18) Legin shares insights on navigating the music industry, emphasizing the importance of consistency and continuous growth.
Embracing Small Beginnings (01:07:03) The discussion touches on the significance of not despising small beginnings and the challenges and opportunities in the music industry’s transition to streaming platforms.
Gratitude and Impact (01:08:50) Legin discusses the importance of being grateful for the impact of his music on others.
Following Legin Online (01:09:39) Information on where to follow Legin online and his son’s social media presence.
Appreciation for Legin (01:09:58) The host expresses gratitude for having Legend on the show and encourages listeners to engage with Legend’s music.

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