This song was first released December 15, 2023. It is geared to tell the youth and everyone God is truly coming back for his people and to be ready and aware that he is coming. Many Olay with their time and life but when God comes back there is no excuse. God loves everyone and wants everyone to be saved. Today, March 29 is when we finally released the music video for God coming back and ever since then it is been amazing to see the testimonies given .
Open the heavens yea
I wanna see him
I wanna meet with my JESUS
Bro asked me why
Said I got many reasons
My life ain't the same
Without JESUS
Life won't be taken
This not Liam Nelson
See my name written
So I will see the kingdom
Riches in GOD flip to
Book of Ephesians
Breakthrough I feel it
Don't catch me in the deepend
Smacked up
Sin getting smacked up
Time running out if you late
Better catch up
Extended mercy he
Wants all to be raptured
Don't follow the things
That will keep you captive
New way to life
I'll explain like a caption
Follow the leader
Yea follow the captain
Workin on me
I cannot be caught lacking
Make it to heaven
You become a champion
GOD when I'm weak
You show me what to do
You coming back
I don't have an excuse
Can't give up life
Cuz my life is for you
Rappers talk death
And the life they refuse
Knowing that time is ticking
Gotta listen
JESUS at the door
Your forgiven
We are responsible
For all the offenses
GOD gave you life
Even after he's risen
All the dead all the dry
Come alive
One GOD you cannot
live a lie
He's the prize
when you have paid the price
In the dark see a spark in the night
Now his blood is what covers us
Devil mad because time runnin up
Devil mad because time runnin up
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back I believe it yea
God coming back brodie can't you see
Freedom we need it for infinity
Belief consistent high efficiency
Anointed since birth called to be infantry
If I'm put in the navy put sin in the sea
Can't lack with scripture that's Micah 7:19
Funny thing is my name mica
Revelation here I can't wait to see yah
Yah' that's short for Yahweh
Rebuking these demons they movin oppy
Nah can not do it ya way
World full of flesh everything always sloppy
Jesus coming soon you ready?
Fearless Bible on me heavy
Remember asking for the chevy
Blunts had me deady but my soul was empty
These days I'm detoxing my spirit
Oh cause I'm christian I'm labeled a bigot?
Judging by the cover take a visit
Don't wanna listen see you when it's finished
John 19:30 when He said it
The life the truth the way to heaven
Listen to God not a false reverend
Jesus be mocked they getting sentenced
No it ain't gon be a thousand years
Burning in torment all around the rear
This new life new wine don't pass me a beer
Don't be faking smiling with the veneers
Signs and wonders brodie the end is near
Jesus covered in enemy blood when appears
Come back beating odds 2016 cavaliers
Yeah that comeback essential God wrath what I fear
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back and I see it
GOD coming back I believe it yea

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