adamariz gets vulnerable on her latest single “SAVIOR”. Much like her previous single, “SAVIOR” was also produced by okaywarren and is the 2nd single from her upcoming album. From sharing her current struggles to past ones, adamariz doesn’t shy away from who is helping her. From feeling like a failure, to knowing God as not only a SAVIOR but a good FATHER. This song isn’t a cry for help to people, but a prayer to God. In the very beginning we see as adamariz calls out to the sky in reference to praying to God for a sign. We see as adamariz delves into her mind and why she accepts no favors. Adamariz reflects on how Jesus saved her life “in a major way”. It appears as if her peers in her earlier life did not influence adamariz in the best way. Sbe later specifies the time frame as her “teen years” being a “losing streak”, suggesting that her lack of following God, was not in her favor. There are a lot of interesting moments where she says her “dreams had no layers” or her not “show[ing] love to [her] neighbors”. Those 2 lines specifically go with her forgetting the vision she got from God. Adamariz then makes a crucial confession, her faith “did waver”. Much like “LIFT ME UP (I’M CHOSEN), adamariz is not holding back from saying what she has gone through in her walk of life. Those lines really help the listener understand why she is calling out for a savior and peace so much throughout the song. As the song begins to take a shift, she dives into being a traitor, like Judas or Peter, implying her denying Jesus or choosing money over His ways. We then enter a gray area where adamariz alludes to asking God to remove her from life itself, although she later says “I forgot, I’m the speaker”. She remembers that she’s here to bring hope, not discourage others who are going through the same feelings or trials. Adamariz asks God a few important questions, “why am I still doubting thee?” and by insisting for “PEACE!” from Him. At the end adamariz admits, she just needs a savior, as the beat fades out into a worship moment. “SAVIOR” is about adamariz realizing that despite her own feelings of worthlessness, when she calls out to God for help, everything calms down as she worships Him instead of her feelings.
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