We’ve got another inspiring episode of Da Fixx with special guest, Kkah$o and a real talk conversation on navigating the various seasons of our lives and the importance of embracing Gods divine timing. Let’s jump right in.
The Artistic Journey of a Faith-Infused Musician

Kkah$o’s story is one of passion and transformation. His path into the world of music production and songwriting was not just a career choice but a calling. He shares the pivotal moments that led him to infuse his faith into his music, creating a unique sound that resonates with the soul. His transition wasn’t merely artistic; it was a reflection of his personal growth and commitment to his beliefs.
Marriage and Collaborative Creativity

Beyond his music, Kkah$o opened up about his marriage and how it has become a source of strength and inspiration. Together with his wife, he hosts a podcast that explores their shared experiences and the intersection of faith and daily life. This collaborative effort not only strengthens their bond but also allows them to reach out to others on a similar journey.
The Creative Process and Dream Collaborations

Diving into the creative process, Kkah$o revealed the intricacies of crafting a song that carries a message. He spoke of “Lover of My Soul,” a piece that holds a special place in his heart, and his latest project “Talk About It,” released on January 5th. This new song emphasizes the power of prayer and the importance of humility before God, urging listeners to lay down their pride and communicate openly with the divine.
Trusting God in All Seasons: Insights from Ecclesiastes 3

In their discussion, Focus and Dice reflected on the profound wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3, which speaks to the divine seasons in life. They shared personal anecdotes of navigating challenging financial times, emphasizing the virtues of discipline and patience. It’s crucial to not only endure the tough seasons but also to celebrate and document the good ones, cherishing moments of joy and being intentional in our relationships.
The Power of Encouragement and Community

One of the most powerful takeaways from their conversation was the importance of being a source of encouragement. It’s about uplifting others, sharing wisdom, love, and resources to help them through their seasons. We’ve got to get to a place where we celebrate others too. Giving roses to those our hosts interview is their way of saluting them. This act of showing love is not just a nice gesture; it’s a command that we believe is central to our faith.
Why We Endure Seasons: A Divine Perspective

The question of why we go through various seasons in life is one that often perplexes us. However, as Dice insightfully pointed out, it’s about remembering God and allowing Him to capture our attention. Galatians 6:9 offers encouragement from a biblical perspective, reminding us that there is a process to these seasons and that faithfulness is key. “And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”
Final Thoughts

As our hosts wrapped up the episode, it was clear that the message of faith, perseverance, and community support was resonant throughout their discussion. Whether it’s through music, personal stories, or scriptural references, the call to trust in God and support each other is universal and timeless.
Remember, no matter the season you’re in, there’s beauty in the journey, and there’s always a reason to uplift and encourage those around you. Keep trusting in the process and stay strong in your faith.
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The welcome (00:00:00) Introduction to the guest, his background, and the anticipation of the conversation.
Early music journey (00:01:33) The guest’s childhood exposure to music, involvement in church choir and band, and his journey into music production and songwriting.
Transition to faith-infused music (00:03:43) The guest’s inspiration from a Christian rap artist, his decision to transition from secular to faith-infused music, and the influence of his wife and her family on his faith journey.
Dealing with faith discussions (00:11:08) The guest’s experiences and challenges in discussing faith with a friend who was a black Hebrew Israelite, and his journey in building a relationship with Christ.
Podcasting with his wife (00:12:34) The inspiration behind the guest and his wife’s decision to start a podcast, their initial reluctance, and the impact of their podcast on their audience.
Marriage and self-discovery (00:14:01) The guest’s reflections on marriage, humility, and self-awareness in his role as a husband and leader.
Creative process and dream collaborations (00:17:08) The guest’s music production process, his approach to songwriting, and his dream collaborations in the music industry.
Producing “Lover of My Soul” (00:19:36) The guest’s experience in producing the song “Lover of My Soul,” including initial challenges and the collaboration with other artists.
The project “Talk About It” (00:22:00) The guest talks about his upcoming project “Talk About It,” a song about prayer and communication with God.
Advice for up-and-coming artists (00:22:52) The guest advises young artists to continue learning and studying to improve their craft as a producer.
Connecting with the guest (00:24:17) The guest shares his social media handles and introduces himself as KKR, explaining the acronym’s meaning.
Navigating life’s divine seasons (00:25:08) Discussion about the different seasons of life, referencing the biblical perspective from Ecclesiastes chapter three.
Trusting the process (00:33:32) DJ Focus shares personal experiences of trusting the process and discipline during tough financial times.
Celebrating the wins (00:40:42) Dice Gamble emphasizes the importance of celebrating and being intentional during the good seasons of life.
Encouraging Others (00:41:55) The importance of encouraging and supporting others in their journeys and celebrating their successes.
Showing Love (00:42:25) The significance of showing love and support to others, especially within the community of believers.
Purpose of Seasons (00:42:43) The discussion on why people go through different seasons and the biblical perspective on the process of seasons.
Trusting in God (00:43:49) The importance of trusting in God and remaining faithful throughout the different seasons of life.
Conclusion (00:44:04) Closing remarks

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