Hey family! We are excited to share with you this latest episode of The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP over A&R, Ace Harris and co-host Meah Evans. It’s that time of year and our hosts are deep diving into the true meaning of Easter, authentic faith and its impact of the resurrection on our lives.
The Cultural Significance of Easter in the Church

Growing up, Easter was a time of joy and celebration, marked by family gatherings, Easter egg hunts, and the anticipation of the Easter bunny’s treats. However, as Ace and Meah discuss, there’s a profound cultural significance to Easter, especially within the church. In many communities, particularly in the South where our hosts are from, Easter isn’t just a holiday; it’s an event that draws people into the church, sometimes those who don’t regularly attend. This surge in attendance is often driven by tradition, a sense of protocol, and a desire to honor the day’s importance.
From Commercialization to Intentionality

One of the main concerns our hosts shared was the commercialization of Easter and how it has the potential to overshadow the holiday’s religious significance. It’s easy to get caught up in the festive activities and forget the true meaning behind them. Ace and Meah emphasized the importance of teaching and understanding the real essence of Easter, advocating for intentionality and purpose in our celebrations.
Unpacking Easter Traditions

Our hosts also took a deep dive into the origins of popular Easter traditions, such as the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. It’s fascinating, yet somewhat disconcerting, to see how these customs have been shaped by commercial and secular interests. Ace and Meah feel strongly about reclaiming the authenticity of Easter celebrations and reminding ourselves and others of the holiday’s true significance.
The Power of Tradition and Routine

In their conversation, our hosts touch on the importance of finding meaning and purpose in our routines and traditions, especially within religious practices. It’s crucial to have ongoing reminders of the reasons behind these traditions to prevent them from becoming empty rituals. This is something that both Ace and Meah have experienced and continue to reflect upon in their own spiritual journeys.
The Cornerstone of Faith: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

At the heart of this discussion was the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of the Christian faith and the true reason for celebrating Easter. Our hosts reflected on the joyous nature of Easter as a reminder of the victory and hope brought about by the resurrection. It’s a time to celebrate life, transformation, and the promise of new beginnings.
A Personal Story of Resurrection

Ace shares a personal story that resonates with the theme of resurrection. Ace faced significant challenges when trying to buy his first house. He and his wife felt “dead in the water,” with their dream of homeownership nearly out of reach. But then, in a miraculous turn of events, the couple secured their home just 30 days later. For Ace, this experience paralleled the resurrection story a shift from despair to triumph that filled us with gratitude and reinforced the power of hope.
Embracing the Message of Resurrection

As our hosts concluded this episode, Ace and Meah encourage listeners to embrace the message of resurrection and celebrate Easter with a deeper understanding of its profound meaning. We believe that the resurrection should serve as the foundation for all aspects of life, guiding our perspectives and actions.
A Call to Celebrate with Renewed Understanding

We invite you to join us in celebrating the resurrection, not just as a cultural event, but as a transformative experience that can bring hope and new life. Let’s share this message with others and ensure that the spiritual significance of the season remains at the forefront of our celebrations.
Thank you for taking the time to read this reflection. May your resurrection Sunday be filled with joy, reflection, and a renewed sense of purpose.
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Resurrected creativity (00:02:20) Ace discusses his recent surge of creativity and the impact of fresh inspiration.
Childhood Memories (00:03:26) Meah and Ace reminisce about their childhood experiences and perceptions of Easter celebrations.
Transition to Resurrection Sunday (00:04:54) Meah describes the transition in her household from Easter celebrations to focusing on the true significance of Resurrection Sunday.
Church culture and Easter (00:06:07) Ace and Meah discuss the influence of church culture and the pervasive impact of celebrations on young minds.
Church greeters’ behavior (00:07:12) Ace and Meah share amusing anecdotes about the behavior of church greeters, highlighting the nuances of church culture.
Cultural significance of the holiday (00:13:14) Ace and Meah explore the cultural draw of Easter celebrations, particularly in the South, and the reasons why people attend church on Easter.
Heart behind attending church on a holiday (00:14:40) Ace and Meah delve into the motivations and intentions of individuals who attend church on Easter, discussing the internal and external factors driving their actions.
Emphasizing the programming of the holiday (00:16:33) Ace expresses concerns about the potential overemphasis on the pageantry and programming of this holiday, urging a focus on the true essence of the holiday.
Commercialization (00:17:55) Discussion about the commercialization of this holiday in American culture and its impact on the true essence of the holiday.
Cultural significance of the symbols (00:18:41) Exploration of the cultural significance of symbols like the bunny, eggs, and their origins.
Impact of commercialization on holidays (00:27:32) Insights into how commercialization and marketing have influenced the cultural and religious significance of holidays.
The true meaning of Easter (00:35:07) Reflection on the real essence of the holiday, highlighting the importance of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the significance of the holiday.
The Crucifixion and House Purchase (00:37:47) Ace shares a personal story of overcoming obstacles to purchase a house, drawing parallels to the crucifixion.
The Beauty of Resurrection (00:39:36) Ace reflects on the beauty of the resurrection story and how it provides encouragement in difficult situations.
The Significance of Resurrection (00:41:25) Meah emphasizes the importance of highlighting the resurrection story as a source of hope and encouragement in challenging times.
Resurrected Heart and Life (00:42:13) Ace and Meah discuss how the resurrection should be the foundation of life and how everything should flow from it.

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