Welcome to The Corelink Solution family. In a recent episode, I sat down with David Myles, a man whose accolades only begin to describe the impact he’s had on the world around him. David is not only an award-winning international speaker, pastor, and college professor, but also a business leader, consultant, radio co-host, and a dedicated board member at TreeHouse—an organization with a heartfelt mission to end youth hopelessness.
A Personal Journey Through Darkness

Our conversation opened with David sharing a deeply personal narrative—a brush with suicide that could have ended his journey prematurely. It was a student ministry event that became a turning point, illuminating the path to a life dedicated to helping others find hope. David’s story is a testament to the power of intervention and the critical need for safe spaces where teens can turn when they feel most alone.
The Alarming Reality of Youth Hopelessness

The statistics are more than just numbers; they represent a crisis. David brought to light the harrowing reality that a significant portion of teens have not only considered suicide but have also made plans or attempted to take their own lives. This stark truth underscores the urgency of addressing the epidemic of hopelessness among teens.
Unpacking the Drivers of Despair

In our dialogue, we explored the complex factors contributing to youth hopelessness. The pervasive comparison culture fueled by social media, along with the paralyzing fear of failure—or even success—create a perfect storm for mental health struggles. David stressed the importance of dismantling the stigma and shame that often silence conversations about mental health, advocating for a grace-based culture that allows teens to express their raw, real emotions without fear of judgment.
TreeHouse’s Lifeline to the Lost

The work being done by TreeHouse is nothing short of transformative. Their approach, which David detailed with passion, involves one-on-one mentoring, support groups, and empowering individuals to extend a hand to teens in need. The organization recognizes the profound impact of personal invitations and the creation of environments where young people feel welcomed and accepted.
Recognizing the Signs and Extending a Hand

As our discussion drew to a close, we turned our attention to the indicators of hopelessness—depression, isolation, feelings of worthlessness. David emphasized the critical role of honest, direct conversations about mental health and well-being. It’s about asking the right questions, engaging genuinely, and showing that we truly care.
The Power of Questions and Community Partnerships

David highlighted the significance of reaching out to young people with open-ended questions that invite them to share their struggles. He also pointed to the vital role that local churches and organizations play in forming partnerships to combat youth hopelessness, advocating for a united front in this battle.
Embracing Learning as a Tool for Growth

In addition to our deep dive into the emotional aspects of hopelessness, I discussed the value of continuous learning. I shared insights on the power of webinars as a tool for interactive learning and professional development. Organizations like Devry University, Career Development Solutions, University of Minnesota CAPS, and UCI Division of Career Pathways offer free webinars that provide resources for both personal and professional enrichment.
A Call to Action

The conversation with David Myles was more than just an exchange of ideas—it was a call to action for all of us. The fight against youth hopelessness is one that requires compassion, engagement, and a willingness to learn and grow together. It’s about building a community that supports its most vulnerable members and provides them with the tools to overcome the challenges they face.
As I wrapped up the episode, I was left with a renewed sense of purpose. The mission of TreeHouse, the dedication of individuals like David Myles, and the collective effort of our communities can make a difference. It’s up to each of us to take part in this crucial work, to extend a hand, and to offer hope to those who need it most.
Thank you for joining me on this journey. See you next episode! – James Rosseaur, Sr. AKA Trig
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Youth Hopelessness and Its Impact (00:00:00) Discussion of the alarming statistics on teen suicide and the impact of youth hopelessness.
Introduction and Background of David Myles (00:01:15) James Rosseau introduces David Myles and his diverse background, leading into a conversation about youth hopelessness.
Personal Anecdote and Training for a Marathon (00:01:46) David shares a personal anecdote about training for a marathon and his unexpected journey into distance running.
David’s Journey to Joining Treehouse (00:03:47) David discusses his personal experiences and reasons for joining TreeHouse as a board member.
State of Youth Hopelessness (00:05:04) David shares statistics and insights into the state of youth hopelessness, including the impact on teens and adults.
Drivers of Youth Hopelessness (00:07:45) Discussion of the drivers of youth hopelessness, including comparison culture and fear of failure or success.
Treehouse’s Approach to Helping Youth (00:10:51) Explanation of TreeHouse’s approach through mentoring, support groups, and creating a grace-based culture.
Personal Invitations and Signs of Hopelessness (00:16:47) David emphasizes the power of personal invitations and shares signs to look out for in young people dealing with hopelessness.
Speaking into someone’s life (00:20:27) David discusses the importance of asking personal and caring questions to understand and support someone’s struggles.
Overcoming isolation (00:21:30) The conversation delves into the feeling of isolation and the significance of asking open-ended questions to deepen understanding.
Reaching out to Treehouse (00:22:18) Information is provided on how to connect with TreeHouse through webinars and programs, emphasizing a partnership approach.
Treehouse’s approach and resources (00:23:13) The focus shifts to TreeHouse’s approach, offering faith-based and faith-neutral programs, and the diverse board’s commitment to ending youth hopelessness.
Importance of learning and webinars (00:25:38) The episode concludes with a discussion on the significance of continuous learning and provides recommendations for free webinars from various organizations.

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