Hey family, welcome to another edifying episode of Da Fixx! Recently DJ Focus had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented 1K Pson from the 1K Fam. The conversation was not only about music but also about the deeper aspects of authenticity, mental health, ministry, and the impact of the message.
The Significance of “All Black” and the Fight for Righteousness

1K Pson graced Da Fixx with his presence and shared his latest work, including the powerful single “All Black.” This track is more than just a song; it’s a battle cry for those who fight spiritual warfare. 1K Pson explained that it’s about adopting a mentality of resilience and reclaiming what the devil has stolen. The collaboration with DKG KIE on this track exemplifies the strength found in unity and the shared mission to represent Christ boldly.
The Art of Collaboration in Music and Ministry

During their talk, 1K Pson emphasized the importance of collaboration in the music industry. He confessed that he once believed going solo was the way but has since learned the value of networking. Collaborating with artists like DKG KIE has not only expanded his platform but also fostered meaningful relationships. These partnerships are crucial for growth and for reaching wider audiences with the message of faith.
Crafting an Album That Resonates with Real Life

1K Pson is in the process of putting together a full album, and his approach is deeply rooted in authenticity. He aims to connect with listeners through real-life testimonies and situations, offering encouragement and hope. His music serves as a bridge, helping others overcome their struggles by sharing his own experiences.
Addressing Mental Health and Vulnerability in the Black Community

A significant part of their discussion revolved around the challenges black men face regarding mental health. 1K Pson and DJ Focus talked about the stigma of vulnerability and the misconception that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Breaking this silence is vital, and 1K Pson’s openness on this topic is a beacon for those struggling to find their voice.
The Church, Politics, and the Future of Christian Hip Hop

1K Pson shared his perspective on the church’s role in today’s political climate, advocating for a focus on our relationship with God rather than getting entangled in debates. He also spoke about the growth of Christian hip hop, the blessings it brings, and the need for unity within the genre to lead more people to Christ.
Bridging the Generational Gap in the Christian Hip Hop Community

The disconnect between the younger and older generations within the Christian hip hop community was another topic they touched upon. 1K Pson stressed the importance of understanding our roles in nurturing the next generation of artists, ensuring the continuity and evolution of the genre.
Leaving a Lasting Impact Through Music

As an artist, 1K Pson’s aspirations go beyond fame and success. He seeks to leave a meaningful impact through his music, staying true to his mission of representing Christ. His dedication to authenticity is a testament to his character and his commitment to his faith.
Upcoming Projects and Engagements

Before wrapping up, 1K Phew gave us a sneak peek into his upcoming projects, including new singles and potential collaborations. He also shared his excitement for his upcoming tour and the release of his album, promising to deliver authentic and quality work to his fans.
Join Us on Our Journey

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Remember, the goal is to turn negatives into positives, with Jesus Christ as the answer and advancing the kingdom as our ultimate goal. Stay tuned for more episodes, and until next time, stay focused and be blessed.
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The street ministry (00:00:02) Discussion of reaching out to the streets, hustlers, and drug dealers with faith and music.
Challenges of the week (00:01:22) Hosts express gratitude and discuss overcoming challenges with faith.
Lukewarm Christians (00:05:18) Exploration of the topic of lukewarm Christians and their faith, referencing biblical teachings.
Morning encouragement (00:04:28) Encouragement to start the day with a grateful spirit and positive mindset.
Music and faith collaboration (00:11:36) Discussion on the importance of collaboration in music and faith, and the impact of real-life testimonies in music.
Street ministry and real conversations (00:17:19) The importance of street ministry and authentic, transparent conversations about struggles and faith.
Struggle of Black Men with Mental Health (00:18:31) Discussion on the struggle of black men addressing mental health issues and the cultural barriers.
Church, Politics, and Division (00:20:39) Exploration of the division in the church regarding political affiliations and the role of the church in politics.
State of Christian Hip Hop (00:22:20) Assessment of the current state of Christian hip hop and the opportunities for growth and unity in the genre.
Unity and Collaboration in Christian Hip Hop (00:23:10) Reflection on the concept of unity in Christian hip hop and the importance of supporting each other’s missions.
Generational Disconnect in Christian Hip Hop (00:25:14) Discussion on the potential disconnect between veteran and up-and-coming artists in the Christian hip hop community.
Impact of Artistry and Authenticity (00:26:02) Exploration of the desired impact and legacy of an artist, emphasizing authenticity and relatability in their music.
Upcoming Music Projects and Collaborations (00:27:32) Announcement of upcoming music projects, potential collaborations, and release timeline.
Identifying Lukewarm Christianity (00:29:45) Discussion on the concept of lukewarm Christianity and its prevalence in the church, supported by biblical references.
Urgency of Being On Fire for God (00:33:50) Emphasis on the need to be fervent in faith and avoid being lukewarm, with biblical references and personal reflections.
The meaning of being sold out for Christ (00:37:15) Discussion about total devotion, bold witnessing, and living unafraid to share faith.
The analogy of being sold out for Christ (00:38:53) Comparing being sold out for Christ to choosing food in a food court, emphasizing the need to be passionate and convincing about one’s faith.
The struggle of being a lukewarm Christian (00:41:47) The importance of sacrifice, serving others, and aligning actions with biblical principles to avoid being lukewarm.
The need for passion and dedication for change (00:49:48) Emphasizing the role of passion and dedication in reading, studying, and aligning actions with biblical principles.
The importance of being on fire for the Lord (00:53:25) Encouragement to revisit the excitement of salvation and to testify about the goodness of God.
The upcoming episode and the impact of the conversation (00:54:52) Announcement of the upcoming episode and the impact of the previous controversial conversation about tithing.
Tuning in for Tomorrow (00:56:46) Hosts promote social media, YouTube content, and spiritual detoxes.
Stay Focused (00:57:16) Hosts encourage listeners to stay positive, emphasizes Jesus Christ as the answer, and mentions kingdom advancement.

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