Happy women’s history month family! Welcome to another episode of The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP over A&R Ace Harris, who is sitting down with five femcees who are pushing the culture forward. Wande, Reese Lache, Jackie Hill Perry, Toyalove and Childlike CiCi have a candid conversation with our host about women in hip hop, representation, authenticity, and the power of breaking stereotypes.
A Remix Born from Organic Connections

The episode kicks off with the backstory of their special Stay Low collaboration—a remix that came to life through the organic interactions these ladies shared on social media. This story is a testament to the power of community and the serendipitous connections that can lead to something truly special.
Pioneering Presence: Women in Christian Hip Hop

Each women shared their individual journey in the Christian music industry. They opened up about the challenges they’ve faced and the triumphs they’ve celebrated as women in a space that has been predominantly male. The importance of representation was a recurring theme—how crucial it is for young girls to see themselves reflected in the artists they look up to.
The Impact on the Next Generation

One of the most touching moments of the discussion came when Reece Lache recounted a young girl requesting their song at a show. It was an urgent reminder of the impact their music has on listeners, especially young girls who are looking for role models in the hip hop community.
Challenging Stereotypes with Authenticity

The conversation also tackled the topic of authenticity in music. The ladies spoke passionately about the importance of being true to themselves and their faith in their art. They emphasized that breaking stereotypes isn’t just about changing perceptions; it’s about creating a space where diverse stories and experiences can be shared without compromise.
The Significance of Their Voices

Throughout our conversation, it became clear that the presence of these women in the hip hop space is more than just a novelty—it’s a necessary shift towards inclusivity and diversity. Their music is not only a source of inspiration but also a catalyst for change, challenging the industry to embrace a broader spectrum of voices.
Final Thoughts

As the episode wrapped, I was left with a profound sense of admiration for these artists. They are not just musicians; they are pioneers who are using their platforms to empower others and redefine what it means to be a woman in Christian hip hop.
Join me in celebrating the voices of women in Christian hip hop and let’s continue to support the movement they are leading. Their music is more than just beats and rhymes—it’s a beacon of hope for the next generation of women in CHH.
Thank you for tuning in. If this has blessed you or inspired you and you’d like to support Holy Culture’s work, please make a donation or shop our online store. Let’s work together to continue being a light. And again, thank you and be encouraged.
Childlike CiCi, Toyalove and Reece LacheTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The introduction (00:00:00) Introducing the guests and special announcement about a remix.
Organic collaboration (00:00:59) Discussing the organic collaboration process for a remix and social media interaction.
Initial communication and response (00:01:23) Describing the initial communication and response process for the remix collaboration.
Meeting at church and respect (00:02:55) Recalling the first meeting at church and the importance of respect in the Christian space.
Introducing themselves (00:05:11) Each guest introduces themselves and shares their background in Christian hip hop.
Rap origins (00:07:51) Guests share how they got into rap and their journey in the music industry.
Importance of representation (00:12:56) Discussing the normalization of women in Christian hip hop and the significance of representation.
Reflection on impact (00:15:21) Sharing the impact of their music on young girls and the importance of positive representation.
Cutting through stereotypes (00:17:26) Discussing the importance of women in hip hop cutting through stereotypes and negative associations.
Caribbean Praise and Walking in Faith (00:18:01) Discussion about the unique praise in the Caribbean and being unapologetic about faith.
Reclaiming Sound and Motherhood (00:19:07) Jackie’s journey as a rapper, wife, and mother, and reclaiming her sound.
Importance of Christian Hip Hop (00:21:52) The challenges and importance of creating Christian hip hop with meaningful lyrics.
Impact of Music and Representation (00:23:19) The impact of music on inspiring and changing lives, and the importance of representation.
Authenticity and Sonics in Christian Music (00:31:31) Discussion about the authenticity and acceptance of authentic selves in Christian spaces, and reclaiming sonics in Christian music.
The grace to make explicitly Christian music (00:36:50) Discussion on the journey in accepting grace to make explicitly Christian music and not discrediting themselves.
Palatability of music in shows (00:38:08) The challenges of making music palatable for certain festivals and the impact on the artist.
Using Christian hip hop to start conversations (00:39:07) A story of using Christian hip hop to initiate conversations about God in schools.
The impact of verses on the remix (00:41:33) Hoping God will use the verses on the remix to bring people to truth through the scriptures.
Reflection on the significance of the record (00:44:12) Reflection on the significance of the record, the impact of the conversation, and the hope that it brings people closer to God.

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