Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx where we dive deep into the stories that shape the Christian music industry and discuss the issues that impact our faith journeys. In this episode, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble welcome Reach Records artist, 1K Phew to discuss his latest project, “Pray for Atlanta,” and his remarkable journey in the music industry.
The Genesis of “Pray for Atlanta”

The conversation kicks off with the exciting release of “Pray for Atlanta,” a project that encapsulates the heart and hustle of the city while highlighting the power of prayer in our daily lives. The collaboration between 1K Phew and super producer Zaytoven is not just about music; it’s a testament to shared experiences and the profound impact of their faith on their personal and professional paths.
The Influence of Faith and Discipline

Throughout the discussion, the theme of faith was a constant. 1K Phew shared how his belief has been a guiding force, helping him navigate the often-turbulent waters of the music industry. He emphasized the importance of staying focused and disciplined, virtues that have allowed him to remain true to his purpose despite the challenges he’s faced.
Phew’s admiration for super producer Zaytoven, who has managed to balance his commitment to faith and family with a successful career, was evident. It’s clear that Zaytoven’s example has been a source of inspiration for him, reinforcing the idea that it’s possible to achieve greatness without compromising one’s values.
Celebrating Success and Overcoming Challenges

The conversation then flowed into the successes and setbacks that come with a career in music. Phew opened up about his personal experiences, sharing stories that highlighted the resilience required to succeed in this competitive industry. He also touched on the significance of his faith, which has been a constant companion and source of strength through his journey.
Embracing Identity and Breaking Barriers

1K Phew delved into his “identity” as a gospel rapper, a role that comes with its own set of challenges, especially within the music industry. He spoke candidly about the inspiration behind his track “Let Go, Let God,” and the powerful message he aims to convey through his music. The conversation also explored the broader struggles faced by the church in accepting new forms of expression like gospel rap, and the importance of building genuine relationships with artists to foster community impact.
Addressing Controversy and Community Impact

Focus and Dice don’t shy away from addressing the controversies that sometimes arise in the music industry, like the recent social media posts by Kanye West. Our hosts weighed in on the implications of such actions on an artist’s family and faith, sparking a thought-provoking discussion on the responsibilities that come with public influence.
Final Thoughts

As we wrapped up the episode, it was clear that the main lessons and insights revolved around perseverance, faith, and authenticity. Whether you’re an artist, a music lover, or just someone seeking inspiration, this episode serves as a powerful reminder of the impact our beliefs can have on our lives and careers.
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The motivational Monday (00:01:31) The hosts discuss the significance of the day and express their beliefs in the power of motivation and faith.
Faith and wilderness (00:02:24) The conversation delves into the experience of being in the wilderness, exploring faith, and seeking guidance during challenging times.
Sports report (00:04:13) A brief sports report covering the NFL championship games, including the AFC and NFC matchups, and other basketball news.
National Blonde Brownie Day (00:08:03) The hosts discuss the significance of National Blonde Brownie Day, sharing personal experiences and humorously acknowledging the temptation of indulging in brownies.
1K Phew’s journey and collaboration with Zaytoven (00:11:49) 1K Phew shares his journey in the music industry, his relationship with Zaytoven, and the impact of faith on his career.
Relationship over Religion (00:18:56) Discussing the importance of a genuine relationship with God over religious traditions.
Introduction to Canton Jones (00:20:23) 1K Phew shares his relationship with gospel artist Canton Jones and the impact on his music career.
Inspiration behind “On Fire” (00:22:16) 1K Phew explains the inspiration and message behind his track “On Fire,” emphasizing the need to address real issues.
“Favorite” and Personal Experience (00:23:15) 1K Phew shares the personal story behind his song “Favorite” and the impact of a real-life situation on its creation.
Let Go, Let God (00:26:38) Discussing the importance of surrendering to God and trusting in His plan, highlighting the struggle of the church in doing so.
Young Dro Feature (00:30:13) The significance of having Young Dro on the project and the impact it can have on listeners, especially those outside the church.
Upcoming Tour (00:32:25) 1K Phew talks about his expectations for the upcoming tour and emphasizes the need to stay prayerful.
Kanye West’s Behavior (00:34:10) Discussion about Kanye West’s recent social media behavior and its alignment with his faith, questioning the modesty and impact of his actions.
Concerns about Kanye’s Actions (00:35:39) Expressing concerns about Kanye’s actions and the impact on his family, especially his daughters, and the lack of consideration for their well-being.
Nasty Behavior (00:37:03) Criticism of Kanye’s public display of intimate moments and the potential health risks associated with such behavior.
The importance of drawing a line in a relationship (00:37:35) Discussing the impact of publicizing intimate moments and the need to set boundaries in a relationship.
The unnecessary need for attention (00:38:25) Critiquing the need for attention and the insecurity behind seeking validation through public displays.
The consequences of unwanted exposure (00:41:51) Highlighting the negative impact of unwanted exposure on mental health and relationships.
The need for personal growth in the wilderness (00:44:16) Emphasizing the importance of personal growth and spiritual development during challenging times.
Leadership in challenging environments (00:48:49) Discussing the need for leadership and growth in challenging environments, and the importance of setting an example.
Building the spirit man (00:52:51) Exploring the importance of building the spirit man and resisting isolation in the face of challenges.
The wilderness experience (00:56:49) Discussion about facing challenges in the wilderness and the importance of spiritual growth and humility.
Expecting from God (01:02:02) Emphasizing the need to expect power and guidance from God during the wilderness experience.
Pray for Atlanta project (01:03:38) Reflecting on the impact of the “Pray for Atlanta” project and the potential for it to become an ongoing event.
Embracing spiritual pruning (01:06:38) Teasing the topic for the next day’s conversation about embracing spiritual pruning and its significance in personal growth.

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