Hey family! On this episode of The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP over A&R, Ave Harris and Meah Evans have an honest discussion on the nuanced relationship between personal calling and purpose. This is more than just a conversation; it’s a deep dive into the heart of what drives us and how we can align our lives with something greater than ourselves.
Talents vs. Ultimate Purpose

Our hosts opened up about the struggles they’ve faced in aligning our talents with our true purpose. They’ve both been there; caught in the tension between our desires and the realization that there’s a higher calling at play. It’s a common misconception that our talents are the be-all and end-all of our purpose, but we’ve learned that’s not the case.
Serving Beyond Ourselves

For Meah, the realization hit when she understood that her work in media and entertainment wasn’t just about showcasing her own talents. It was about serving as a leader for young girls, using her platform to make a positive impact. Ace echoed this sentiment, sharing how his passion for music was just a starting point for a much larger mission.
Stewardship and Surrender

Our host agree that stewardship is key. It’s not about the glory of our talents but how we use them to serve a greater good. This means surrendering our desires and outcomes to God, seeking His guidance to understand where we truly fit into His grand design.
Transparency and Trust

In their conversation, Ace and Meah touched on the importance of being transparent with God about our ambitions. It’s about filtering out selfish motives and trusting in His timing. They emphasized the need to focus on seeking God’s righteousness and bringing Him glory, instead of chasing after our own success.
Success vs. Purpose

The pressure to achieve success can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to mistake material accomplishments for purpose. We urge you not to fall into this trap. Instead, find purpose in knowing God and making Him known. Be rooted in His validation, not in the fleeting approval of society.
Fulfillment Where You Are Planted

Our hosts also tackled the pressure from society to measure success by entrepreneurship and personal achievements. But true fulfillment comes from serving where God has planted you, regardless of society’s expectations.
Aligning Desires with God’s Glory

Ace shared a powerful scripture from Proverbs 16:9, reminding us to align our personal desires with God’s glory. It’s essential to consider how our aspirations can benefit His kingdom and whether they truly align with His calling.
Conclusion: Seeking God’s Guidance

To wrap up, this conversation is really just a heartfelt reminder to seek God’s guidance, be rooted in His validation, and align our desires with His glory. We encourage you to prioritize serving God and finding fulfillment in His purpose, rather than seeking validation from external achievements.
Remember, our calling is not just about what we do, but about who we are in God’s eyes. Let’s journey together in discovering our true purpose.
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Introducing the episode (00:00:00) Meah Evans and Ace Harris introduce the episode and express gratitude to the listeners.
Importance of intentional rest (00:00:40) Meah and Ace discuss the importance of intentional rest and making efforts to take care of oneself.
Struggle of pushing past feelings (00:01:56) Our host talk about the struggle of pushing past feelings and going off of facts and knowledge.
Discovering purpose through music (00:03:36) Ace Harris shares his journey of discovering his purpose through music and the tension between desires and purpose.
Realizing calling through relationship with God (00:05:20) Ace discusses the importance of being in a relationship with God to understand one’s calling and receive confirmation.
Surrendering dreams to God (00:07:59) Ace emphasizes the importance of surrendering dreams and ambitions to God for realizing success and purpose.
Purifying motives and surrendering to God’s will (00:08:46) Meah and Ace discuss the importance of purifying motives and surrendering to God’s will, highlighting the struggle of giving up personal desires.
Consulting with God for vision and purpose (00:11:35) Meah talks about the significance of consulting with God for vision and purpose, sharing her experience of seeking God’s word for her year.
Stewardship versus investment (00:12:53) Meah and Ace discuss the distinction between stewardship and investment, reflecting on managing resources and sowing for increase.
Purpose beyond talents (00:15:43) Ace emphasizes the distinction between calling and purpose, highlighting the importance of talents glorifying God while purpose extends beyond talents.
Serving others and recognizing a greater purpose (00:17:23) Meah and Ace discuss the importance of serving others and recognizing a greater purpose beyond talents, emphasizing the significance of being a servant and leader.
Finding Purpose (00:19:44) Discussion on being called to serve others and the importance of recognizing one’s purpose beyond professional pursuits.
Desires and Ambitions (00:20:24) Navigating the tension between serving and desiring success in creative endeavors.
Transparency with God (00:21:09) The importance of being open and transparent with God about desires and ambitions.
Trusting God’s Plans (00:22:07) Exploring the concept of trusting God’s plans and being patient with His timing.
Seeking God’s Voice (00:32:56) Emphasizing the significance of seeking God’s presence and reading scripture to understand His purpose.
Purpose and Achievements (00:35:46) Highlighting the potential pitfalls of attaching one’s purpose to material or professional achievements.
The Quest for Purpose (00:29:01) Delving into the weighty question of how to find one’s purpose and the significance of bringing glory to God.
God’s Glory and Proximity (00:31:09) Discussing the idea of finding purpose through proximity to God and bringing glory to Him in all endeavors.
Pursuing Purpose (00:40:24) Discussion on how pursuing material desires should align with serving God’s purpose.
Surrendering to God (00:41:15) The importance of surrendering to God and how success follows from being close to Him.
Boasting in God (00:42:07) Acknowledging and boasting in God’s role in achieving success and being in purpose.
Encouragement to Reach Purpose (00:43:31) Encouragement to pursue purpose and give glory to God in all endeavors.

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