Hey family, we’ve got something special for you! DJ B Plus, from the B Positive Music Show sat down with Rapzilla’s Justin Sarachick, to discuss his new book “Survival of the Artist.” It’s a must read not just for indie artists, but for all creatives.
The Genesis of Justin’s Indie Artists Guide

Justin Sarachik’s journey from musician to author is a narrative that resonates with many in the creative field. His book, “Survival of the Artist,” is a testament to his experience and dedication to helping fellow artists thrive in a competitive landscape. During the conversation, Justin revealed the motivation behind his book a desire to provide a practical guide for musicians and creatives to navigate the often-tumultuous waters of the music industry.
A Marketing Symphony

One of the key topics discussed was the importance of a solid marketing plan. Justin’s strategy is a masterclass in leveraging existing platforms to boost new endeavors. By re-releasing older episodes of his podcast, he creates a bridge between his past work and his new book, generating interest and maintaining engagement with his audience. This approach not only showcases his adaptability but also underscores the significance of having a cohesive plan to promote one’s creative projects.
The Audience and Brand Harmony

Understanding and connecting with your audience is the cornerstone of any successful brand, and Justin’s insights on this were enlightening. He emphasized the need for artists to tailor their content to the preferences of their target demographic. This alignment not only strengthens the bond with fans but also propels the brand towards greater heights of success.
Streamlining Your Online Presence

In our digital age, having a streamlined online presence is non-negotiable. Justin highlighted the utility of tools like smart links or link trees, which serve as centralized hubs for all your important links. This simplifies the process for fans and industry professionals alike to engage with your content, making it a crucial step in building an efficient and accessible digital footprint.
What’s Next for Justin Sarachick?

As the conversation drew to a close, Justin shared his excitement for future creative projects, including screenplays and documentaries. For those eager to dive into the strategies and tips he’s compiled, “Survival of the Artist” is available on Amazon.com. Priced at $8.99, with a Kindle version and a potential audio version on the horizon, it’s an accessible resource for any artist looking to fortify their career.
Connect with Justin Sarachick

For those looking to follow Justin’s journey or get their hands on his book, he’s made it easy. You can find “Survival of the Artist” on Amazon, and his podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Justin is also active on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Just search for his unique name, and you’re sure to find him.
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The start of the interview (00:00:00) Introduction and excitement about having Justin Sarachik as a guest on the show.
Justin’s background in music and journalism (00:02:25) Justin’s journey from being a musician to becoming a journalist and author.
Passion for music (00:06:01) Justin’s lifelong love for music and his background in Christian and non-Christian music.
Meeting childhood music idols (00:08:01) Justin’s experiences meeting and interacting with musicians he admired as a child.
Selection of music by Justin (00:10:35) Justin’s choice of music for the show, featuring artists who have been guests on his podcast.
Discussion of the structure of Justin’s book (00:12:17) Explanation of the chapters in “Survival of the Artist” and the reasoning behind the book’s structure.
The marketing plan (00:18:00) Justin discusses his marketing plan, rerolling old podcast episodes, and making new episodes to promote his book.
The practical approach (00:19:08) Justin emphasizes making the book practical for any artist or creative person, regardless of their field.
The importance of branding (00:21:41) B Plus and Justin discuss the book’s relevance to artists, painters, and sculptors, emphasizing the importance of branding.
Smart links and audience consideration (00:23:07) Justin explains the importance of smart links and considering the audience’s preferences in artist branding and marketing.
Expanding creative projects (00:31:32) Justin shares his plans for creative projects, including screenplays, documentaries, and new ventures in film and journalism.
Concluding the show (00:33:52) Justin introduces the last set of music and provides information on where to find his book “Survival of the Artist” on Amazon.
Survival of the Artist Book Release (00:35:04) Justin discusses the release of his book “Survival of the Artist” in different formats and where to find it.
Holiday Season Stocking Stuffer (00:35:57) The host mentions the book as a great holiday gift for artist friends and encourages listeners to order it from Amazon.

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