This song is about how to deal with the issues of life from a Christian perspective. In the video the artist shows an example of encouraging and uplifting a fellow brother in distress. The song and video will captivate the listener with heartfelt lyrics and dynamic punchlines.
In the video Ike Rhythm can be seen praying through his lyrics in a desperate cry for this generation. Zeno Suave also gives thought provoke lyrics and display through the song and video.
Chorus: Life is suffocating and it's hard for you to breathe/ all you see is trouble you just wanna be free/ life is so dark and it's hard for you to see/all you really know is you just wanna be free/ I got some answers/ yeah/ I got the answer/ oh ooo/
Verse one: I been fighting with depression, and it feel like I'm losing/ Lord I need your presence I don't know what I be doing/ the pain running deep/ lord I can't see/ you set the captives free be my strength when I'm weak have mercy on me come and be my peace/ lord I'm praying for the youth they quick to grab a piece/all this shooting and killing gang bangin drug dealing/ lord we need your spirit lord we need your healing yeah yeah.
Bridge: Lord, we need you right now/ you are the answer yeah.
Chorus Repeat
Verse two: In the belly of the beast belly of the beast in either eat I be eating when you in them streets/got some partners in that grave I'll never see and the ones in that pin I say free them lord what's your plan for me/ cause when I think the future I just start to build up so much anxiety I feel like I'm drowning with every beath that I take I feel this pressure on my chest my head is lighting/ "beath" now I'm drifting off all this pressure on my mind the spirit take it off, I'm cut different we not the same I'm strapped with holy round yeah huh holy rounds
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