Brinson made history in February by becoming the first Christian Hip Hop artist to create a non-fungible token or NFT.
NFTs have become popular in the tech and art world for their exclusivity in the last seven years because each one is unique, and they only exist across computers linked in a peer-to-peer network.
Brinsonís NFT Healmonger marks the second collaboration with Save The City Record and is a move that has the potential to push the genre to a whole new level.
With only 50 NFTs up for grabs and almost half already sold, we were eager to learn more!
We contacted the CHH vet for his take on the momentous occasion, and he graciously corresponded with us.
Why did you choose to do an NFT?
My conviction is that web3 and the Metaverse will shape the future of music and I have a responsibility to share the Gospel with that community if I have an opportunity to do so.
You are the first CHH artist to do this, how does that feel?!
It is a remarkable feat to be the first Christian hip hop artist to create an NFT. Yet, I have no idea how it will affect my professional opportunities. My primary purpose is to glorify God and His kingdom with my music and art.
Will you be making more in the future?
My goal is to create more musical NFTs and more musical works in general. I believe this is only the start of my Web3/Metaverse/NFT journey.
What do you hope your fans get out of it?
My ultimate purpose is the same as it was from the beginning: to lead more people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ on the cross. I understand that launching an NFT will expose me to a new audience that may not be familiar with Christian hip hop. I hope they can sense the authenticity and the power of the gospel in my music.
The story as first covered by The FiveTwenty Collective, quoted Derek Hoeim from Save The City Record as saying:
ďWe are thrilled to be part of this historic moment in Christian hip-hop. Brinsonís dedication to pushing creative boundaries aligns perfectly with our mission as Save The City Record to support innovative and impactful artists.Ē

Pushing boundaries is Brisonís specialty, which is what has allowed him to stay relevant- who better to lead other CHH into the future of music?
We canít wait to see where the Lord leads him next.
To get your very own Brinson NFT, click here.

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