Hey family! Welcome to another episode of Artist to Artist. On this episode host B.E.R.I.D.O.X. of The Christ Revolution Music Show, and his guest super producer and artist, D/R Period take us on a journey through the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the vibrant heart of the music industry. Make no mistake, this story isn’t just about beats and bars; it’s a testament to the power of passion and the influence of a strong upbringing.
The Early Years: A Mother’s Melodic Gift

Music was the NY producer’s sanctuary, D/R’s constant companion growing up in a tough neighborhood. His mother, the unsung hero of this tale, instilled in him and his siblings a profound love for music. She believed in the power of an instrument to shape a life, and she was right. D/R Period dabbled in DJing, breakdancing, and eventually found his true calling in music production. Each phase was a steppingstone, leading him closer to his destiny.
Vinyl vs. Cassette: A Nostalgic Debate

In a delightful exchange B.E.R.I.D.O.X. and D/R Period discussed the age-old debate of vinyl versus cassette. Both hold a special place our artists heart as tangible pieces of musical history. They reminisced about the challenges of tangled cassette tapes and the enduring nature of vinyl records. These formats were more than just mediums; they were the vessels of creativity and innovation during the early days of hip hop.
Brooklyn: The Cradle of Hip Hop Giants

Brooklyn wasn’t just D/R’s home; it was the birthplace of legends. The borough buzzed with the energy of emerging emcees and artists, each carving out their own legacy. As a musician, D/R absorbed it all, learning to play multiple instruments and exploring various genres. This eclectic musical education laid the groundwork for his future as a producer.
Stick Sevens: The Maestro Behind the Musician

D/R Period says he owes a debt of gratitude to his music teacher, Stick Sevens. He was the architect of his musicianship, pushing him to excel beyond my limits. The battles at Kilgore Auditorium were more than competitions; they were intense training sessions where D/R honed his skills and forged his artistic identity.
The Formative Tracks: Pots, Pans, and Breakbeats

When asked about the track that defined his early years, “Pots and Pans” immediately sprang to D/R’s mind. A funky, pop-infused R&B number that he played on repeat, it was the soundtrack of my youth. And then there were the breakbeats from “Apache” to “UFO” to “Sing Sing” each one a thread in the fabric of D/R’s musical love affair.
The Producers Who Lit the Flame

D/R’s list of favorite producers is diverse, from Teddy Riley’s R&B genius to Babyface, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and the incomparable Quincy Jones. These visionaries didn’t just create music; they created worlds. Their craft inspired D/R to embark on his own production journey, leading the NY producer to intern at Zee Studios in Brooklyn. Although he started as a coffee maker and cleaner, the seeds of greatness were sown.
The Evolution of a Producer: From Doctor Rhythm to MPC Mastery

D/R’s production arsenal evolved from the humble Doctor Rhythm to the iconic TR-909, the AD1 chord, and finally, the game-changing MPC 60 Mark Two by Akai. With these machines, the D/R’s production truly began to take shape. He crafted sounds through replays, drawing on my musicianship to reinterpret records rather than relying solely on sampling.
The Thrill of Creation: Beats That Resonate Beyond the Studio

One of the most exhilarating moments in D/R’s career was hearing a beat he programmed on the radio. It was a beat he left at a studio, not knowing it would find its way onto the airwaves. This happy accident marked the beginning of his understanding of co-production and the importance of intellectual property.
A New Chapter: Inspirational Rockaway and the Divine Artist Within

D/R’s journey took an unexpected turn when he found himself deeply involved in his church’s sound room. It was there that he felt a divine calling to create music that glorified God. Inspirational Rockaway was born, and with it, a new mission: to be the artist he was destined to be. With five albums already completed and a plan for continuous releases, D/R is crafting records that he believes are the greatest he’s ever made, all in honor of the Most High.
Conclusion: The Greatest Feeling in Music

As D/R reflected on his path, he says he’s grateful for every twist and turn. The challenges, the learning, the growth it’s all been part of a grand design. The music he creates is not just for himself; it’s a message, a ministry, and a celebration of the purpose he’s been called to fulfill.
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The Christ Revolution Music Radio Show (00:00:19) A brief introduction to the show and its theme.
Artist to artist interview with D/R Period (00:00:42) The start of the interview with D/R Period.
D/R Period’s upbringing in Brooklyn (00:02:06) D/R Period discusses his challenging upbringing in Brooklyn and the influence of music in his life.
Discovering Passion for Music (00:04:21) Paradox talks about his early passion for music and the influence of his mother.
Vinyl vs. Cassette (00:07:40) Discussion about the preference for vinyl and cassette in the music industry.
Early hip hop in Brooklyn (00:09:33) D/R Period reflects on the birth of hip hop in Brooklyn and the local artists who contributed to its growth.
Learning Multiple Instruments (00:15:09) D/R Period discusses his musical education and the various instruments he learned to play.
Early Formative Years (00:16:05) Discussion about the D/R Period’s favorite songs and breakbeats from his early music experiences.
Learning and Internship (00:19:19) D/R Period’s motivation to learn about music production, his internship experiences, and his interest in studio equipment.
Becoming a Producer (00:28:54) The D/R Period’s transition to producing music after the passing of his partner, and the influence of his emotional state on his music style.
Equipment and Early Stages (00:30:56) The D/R Period’s initial equipment, including the subsonic drum, and the unconventional setup he used for his first music production.
The early days of music production (00:31:42) D/R Period discusses acquiring music equipment and the evolution of his music production process.
Discovering the impact of his beats (00:33:08) D/R Period recounts the moment he realized the impact of his beats when he heard one of his compositions on the radio.
Learning about the music business (00:35:22) D/R Period discusses his journey of learning about copyrights and the music business.
The breakthrough records (00:37:28) D/R Period reflects on the records that marked a turning point in his career, leading to opportunities and recognition.
Transition to a spiritual transformation (00:43:33) D/R Period describes his transition to a spiritual path, including attending church and experiencing personal changes.
Contributing to church sound systems (00:47:08) D/R Period discusses his involvement in improving the sound system at a church, demonstrating his commitment to his faith.
The journey of faith (00:47:22) D/R Period shares his transformation from sound technician to artist, guided by faith.
Embracing the calling (00:48:29) D/R Period discusses his realization of being called to be an artist and his commitment to creating music that glorifies God.
Challenges and growth (00:53:29) D/R Period talks about the initial fears and challenges he faced, and his growing excitement and creativity in his new journey.
Community and purpose (00:58:05) B.E.R.I.D.O.X. and D/R Period discuss the sense of community and purpose in their music, and the excitement of connecting with others on the same path.
Future plans and aspirations (01:01:23) D/R Period shares his upcoming music releases, collaborations, short films, and plans for a tour, expressing his enthusiasm for sharing his music and message.
Developing new artists (01:02:13) D/R Period discusses upcoming projects and developing new artists in the music industry.
Social media presence (01:03:05) B.E.R.I.D.O.X. asks about D/R Period’s social media presence and where people can follow him online.
Closing prayer (01:03:25) D/R Period offers a prayer, expressing gratitude and asking for blessings, to close the conversation.
Promoting music and social media (01:03:48) B.E.R.I.D.O.X. encourages listeners to follow D/R Period on social media and add his music to their playlists.
Show promotion (01:04:05) B.E.R.I.D.O.X. promotes the radio show and encourages listeners to engage with the content.
Social media handles (01:04:12) B.E.R.I.D.O.X. provides social media handles for the radio show.

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