On this episode of Da Fixx, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble had the pleasure of welcoming John Houston, a multifaceted artist whose work spans across singing, songwriting, producing, and even fitness instruction. And in the real talk segment, our hosts are discussing the power of mercy and grace.
The Strategic Symphony of Collaboration in the Music Industry

One of the most encouraging discussions our hosts had revolved around the song “Impossible” and the strategic moves behind music collaborations. John Houston shared the story behind his song “Never Leave” and how Pastor Mike Junior reached out to include it on his album “Impossible.” John’s decision to allow the use of his song is a testament to his understanding of music as a business. He likens music to real estate, highlighting the importance of exposure and audience reach. This move wasn’t just about sharing his art; it was a calculated step towards expanding his recognition in the industry.
Focus and Dice couldn’t help but admire John’s savvy approach. They delved into the business aspects of music, appreciating the benefits that come from artists collaborating to amplify their impact. It’s a reminder to all creatives that while passion fuels our work, strategic decisions are vital for growth and success.
A Glimpse into John Houston’s World

The conversation with John Houston was more than just business talk; it was a journey through his life and passions. He opened up about his faith, his marriage, and the synergy between his music and fitness ventures. Houston’s humility and dedication to his craft were palpable as he discussed his creative process and teased his upcoming projects. His latest single More Than Enough with Jor’Dan Armstrong has already made a lot of noise in the industry, and he warmly invited listeners to connect with him on social media.
The genuine support and enthusiasm from Focus and Dice was met with John’s graciousness. It’s moments of connection like this that makes Da Fixx more than just a radio show—it’s a platform for artists to share their stories and for us to celebrate their achievements.
Mercy, Grace, and Social Responsibility

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble had a profound discussion on mercy and grace in their real talk segment. They explore the importance of extending compassion to those who are often overlooked in our society—the homeless and marginalized. Our hosts reflect on the biblical teachings that call us to show mercy and act with love, drawing from personal experiences and the grace they’ve received in our own lives.
Mental health support and counseling for those facing homelessness became a focal point, as our hosts acknowledged the trauma and challenges that many in this situation endure. It’s not just about providing shelter; it’s about understanding and addressing the root causes of their struggles.
Focus and Dice emphasize the need for a collective effort to tackle such large societal and financial challenges related to homelessness. It’s about shifting mindsets and fostering a sense of community responsibility. Their commitment to helping the less fortunate is clear as they encourage listeners to join them in making a positive impact.
A Warm Conclusion

In sharing these stories and discussions with you, we hope to inspire a sense of strategic thinking in your creative endeavors and a compassionate approach to those around you. Thank you for joining us on this journey. If this episode has blessed or inspired in any way, please consider making a donation or shopping our online store. No amount is too small. Until next time remember to stay focused and stay blessed.


Da Fixx (00:00:00) Introduction to the show, including discussions on faith, hip hop, R&B, and interviews with artists and musicians.
Tiptoe Tuesday (00:01:32) Discussion about honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the significance of his impact on civil rights.
Music and Artists (00:02:43) Conversation about music, including the work of singer Stevie Rizzo and comparisons with other artists like Chris Brown and Usher.
Faith and Sports Report (00:07:57) Mention of Justin Adams’ work on the faith and sports report, recognizing his contributions to the show.
News in 90 (00:08:13) Updates on health emergency commercials on YouTube, fast food chains offering plant-based options, and the launch of lightweight electric aircraft by Pivotal.
National Fig Newton Day (00:10:56) Discussion about the history and variations of the fig newton, including its nutritional value and personal preferences.
Spiritual Detox and Interview with John Houston (00:13:50) Introduction to the spiritual detox segment and an interview with John Houston, a singer, songwriter, producer, and fitness instructor.
Discussion on Music and Business (00:15:56) Conversation about the song “Never Leave” and the decision to allow Pastor Mike Jr. to use the song on his album, highlighting the business aspect of music as real estate.
Elaborating on Music (00:18:08) Discussion about the value of collaboration and the start of Jordan Armstrong song.
Early Music Journey (00:18:37) Houston’s musical background, introduction to praise and worship, and participation in Sunday’s Best.
Music Creation Process (00:20:33) Houston’s spontaneous and organic creative process in the studio.
Faith Journey and PK Misconceptions (00:22:50) Houston’s upbringing in a godly home and debunking misconceptions about being a pastor’s kid.
Relationship and Proposal (00:25:58) Houston’s approach to sharing his relationship publicly and the journey to proposing to his fiancée.
Musical Sound and Collaborations (00:27:25) Description of Houston’s unique musical sound and the quality of his production team.
Upcoming Music Projects (00:29:26) Details about the live EP and the “Marriage Material” EP, all rooted in godliness.
Fitness Business Journey (00:31:26) Houston’s transition from being a police officer to running a successful fitness business, inspired by a prophetic word.
Future Plans and Acting (00:33:23) Houston’s plans for the upcoming years, including live performances, marriage, and potential acting opportunities.
Expanding Health Business (00:35:27) Plans to continue and expand the fitness business, including virtual training and healthy cooking shows.
Connect with the Artist (00:36:53) Information on how to connect with John Houston and details about his latest single “More Than Enough.”
The NFL Playoffs (00:38:22) Discussion about the results of the NFL playoffs, including the Buffalo Bills’ win and upcoming games.
Basketball Recap (00:39:30) Recap of NBA games, including performances by players and game results.
Marriage and Song (00:41:48) Discussion about the song “When It Comes to You” and its impact on marriage, with advice on maintaining a healthy relationship.
Lil Nas X’s Apology (00:43:31) Review and analysis of Lil Nas X’s apology and its implications for his actions and future work.
Grace and Mercy of God (00:53:09) A deep dive into the concept of grace and mercy in the context of faith, with references to relevant biblical scriptures.
God’s Mercy and Grace (00:57:46) Discussion on representing God properly, the importance of God’s grace, and not abusing it.
Reflection on God’s Grace (00:58:37) Personal experiences with God’s grace, gratitude, and the need for transformation.
Example of Faith in Action (01:00:26) Discussion on representing God authentically, using CeCe Winans as an example, and the need for healing and transformation.
The Abundance of God’s Grace (01:02:45) Scripture reference about God’s grace and the need to appreciate and not abuse it.
Caring for the Homeless (01:04:09) Conversation about the homeless population, the responsibility to help, and the need for mental health support.
Impress God Through Mercy (01:12:01) The importance of showing mercy and love, and the impact it has on God.
Gratitude for God’s Grace (01:13:02) Personal gratitude for God’s grace and mercy, and the need to remain thankful.
Celebrating Birthdays (01:15:15) Acknowledgment of birthdays, including Aaliyah’s, and appreciation for mature music.
Reflection on Aaliyah’s Legacy (01:16:43) Reflection on Aaliyah’s impact and the loss of her talent at a young age.
Aaliyah and the Influence of Her Death (01:16:48) Discussion about the impact of Aaliyah’s death on the music industry and the rise of other artists.
Debbie Allen and the Impact of Early Deaths (01:17:43) Exploration of the potential influence of early deaths of influential figures like Aaliyah, Tupac, and Biggie on the music industry.
Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobbs Leonard Collaboration (01:19:11) Conversation about the collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobbs Leonard, discussing the support and relationship between the two artists.
Interview with John Houston (01:21:01) Discussion about John Houston’s career, music, fitness, and the importance of health and fitness in fulfilling one’s calling.
Health and Fitness Discussion (01:22:50) Conversation about the importance of health and fitness, addressing the need for physical wellness in fulfilling one’s purpose.
Indulging in Treats and Exercise (01:26:00) Light-hearted discussion about indulging in treats like fried oreos and the importance of balancing it with exercise.
Importance of Health and Wellness (01:27:14) Emphasis on the importance of maintaining good health and wellness, encouraging listeners to prioritize their physical well-being.
Closing Remarks (01:29:37) Final thoughts and announcements about the upcoming episode, reminding listeners to focus on positivity and spiritual growth.

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