Welcome to another fun episode of Church on the Block. And our hosts are talking the lighter side of church life, sharing a collection of humorous and sometimes downright hilarious stories from our experiences with congregations. We are excited to share these moments to you, hoping to spread the joy and laughter that can be found in the most unexpected places.
The Sound of Music… and Mishaps

The discussion kicked off with a chuckle-worthy tale about a pastor’s daughter who, bless her heart, was not gifted with the most melodious of voices. The sound team, in a covert operation of sorts, would frantically adjust the volume during services to save the congregation’s ears, all while leaving behind a trail of notes like secret agents. The pastor, however, was not too pleased when his daughter’s voice seemed to vanish into the ether.
Our hosts also reminisced about the time a young church member penned some rap lyrics that were, let’s say, more suited for the streets than the sanctuary. It was a testament to the creativity of our youth, despite being a bit misplaced in the context of Sunday worship.
Laughter Through the Unexpected

Our hosts had us in stitches with their account of a wedding turned microphone duel, where the bride and groom seemed to forget they were at the altar and not on a debate stage. And then there was the choir performance that took a turn for the worse when a speaker’s pants decided to part ways with their seams!
Who hasn’t had their fair share of technical difficulties? But nothing compares to a pastor unwittingly applying a filter during a Zoom Bible study. It’s safe to say that the good word was delivered with an extra dose of flair that day.
The Human Side of the Pulpit

The conversation wasn’t just about the congregants; the pastors have their moments too. Our hosts shared a personal blunder from a sermon that went awry and a comical episode from a music festival that reminded us all to stay humble—and perhaps invest in sturdier pants.
But it wasn’t all about the mishaps. Pastor Phil, Pastah J and Dj Ruckus also touched on the more tender moments, like the church member with special needs who brought unexpected humor and warmth to a service with his candid commentary.
Beyond the Church Walls

The episode took a turn toward the surreal when one of our hosts recounted an event with his brother that featured a man in a golf cart who later reappeared in a bunny outfit. It was a scene that left us questioning the line between the sacred and the absurd.
They also tackled the uncomfortable, discussing the racial dynamics encountered while preaching in predominantly white churches. It’s in these moments that humor can become a bridge, fostering understanding and connection.
Embracing the Joy of the Journey

As our hosts wrapped up our conversation, Pastor Phil shared a heartfelt message about the importance of finding joy and humor in life, church included. It’s these moments of levity that can bring us together, lighten our burdens, and remind us of the shared humanity within our congregations.
In Conclusion: Laughter as a Blessing

We hope these stories have bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your heart. In the church, as in life, it’s essential to embrace the laughter and the joy that come with it. We invite you to join Church on the Block again next week for more insights and stories that celebrate the humor and happiness found in our faith communities. It’s in these moments that we truly live out the joy of the gospel.
Thank you for tuning in. If Holy Culture has been a blessing to your or has inspired you in any way, please consider making a donation or shopping our online store. Until next time, keep laughing and keep the faith!

Chicago comedian Barry BrewerTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The young man in the garden (00:02:23) Discussion about a funny passage in scripture involving a young man running away naked.
Stan Archie’s theatrical preaching (00:04:01) Anecdote about a preacher’s comedic sermon performance in a traditional Baptist organization.
Mishaps during services (00:05:39) Anecdotes about humorous incidents during church services, including a preacher’s peanut butter and jelly illustration.
Zoom meeting mishap (00:10:38) A humorous incident during a clergy meeting on Zoom involving a conversation about pantyhose.
Singing mishaps and musician antics (00:16:27) Humorous anecdotes about singers, musicians, and performances, including encouraging bad singers and musicians playing inappropriate music.
Youth group rap mishap (00:20:18) Anecdote about a youth group writing rap lyrics, leading to an embarrassing situation with a rap about inappropriate topics.
Sneaking into Church (00:21:19) A humorous story about sneaking into a festival and the antics they got up to.
Barry Brewer’s Church Humor (00:23:24) Comedian Barry Brewer’s humorous take on the differences between black and white churches.
Different Styles of Preaching (00:25:22) Discussion on the differences in preaching styles between black and white churches, with a focus on the reactions of the congregations.
Funny Church Moments (00:27:07) Amusing anecdotes about individuals with special needs and a wedding mishap in the church.
Hilarious Choir Mishap (00:29:54) Recounting a comical incident at a wedding where a groom and bride got into a singing “battle” during their vows.
Embarrassing Preaching Moment (00:31:34) A story about a mishap during his solo singing performance at his church in Kansas City.
Zoom Bible Study Mishap (00:34:18) A funny incident is shared about a pastor accidentally using a filter during an online Bible study, resulting in a bunny rabbit appearance.
Embarrassing Preaching Attire (00:37:00) Recounting a humorous story about a wardrobe malfunction during a preaching session, leading to a robe being worn to cover up the mishap.
Falling off the Stage (00:38:07) A funny incident about slipping off a stage during a speaking engagement in a traditional church setting.
Unexpected Church Festival Experience (00:41:02) A humorous story about sneaking into a festival and the unexpected experiences they encountered.
The golf cart incident (00:41:56) Encounter with a man in a bunny outfit and a surprising comment from a child.
Preaching at an all-white church (00:43:33) Pastor Phil shares a humorous experience of preaching at an all-white church and the audience’s reaction.
Sleeping churchgoers (00:45:41) Anecdotes about churchgoers falling asleep during sermons and the humorous incidents that ensued.
Pranking Pastor Phil (00:47:32) A playful prank involving Pastor Phil and a humorous interaction with a police officer.
Teachable moment with Psalm 23 (00:50:00) A story about a child’s unique interpretation of Psalm 23, highlighting the importance of humor and lightheartedness in the church.
Closing remarks (00:51:43) Closing statements and an invitation to tune in for the next episode of “Church on the Block.”

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