On this episode of The Christ Revolution Music Show, host B.E.R.I.D.O.X. has an inspiring conversation with D.P.B., formally of D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ). The Christian Hip Hop pioneer shares profound insights and experiences which not only chart his musical journey but also dives into the essence of his ministry and the evolution of the genre.
The Genesis of a Christian Rapper

D.P.B.’s story begins with his roots in a gospel-singing family, where the seeds of music were sown early in his life. His upbringing was steeped in spiritual melodies, but it was the vibrant hip hop culture of New York that introduced him to a genre that would ultimately become his vessel for ministry. Transitioning to Christian hip hop wasn’t just a change in lyrical content; it was a recognition of his calling—a calling that came with its own set of challenges and confirmations.
The Call to Ministry Through Music

Understanding one’s calling is a journey in itself. For D.P.B., it involved discerning God’s voice amidst the noise and embracing the challenges and blessings that accompanied his divine purpose. He shared candidly about the trials he faced and the perseverance required to continue in God’s specific purpose, even when others around him ceased to pursue their own callings.
Ministering Through Melody

D.P.B.’s ministry extends beyond the pulpit and into the streets, where he has touched lives in diverse communities, including the South Side of Chicago. His innovative outreach efforts, like drive-by concerts, have made an indelible impact, reaching people from all walks of life with a message of hope and salvation.
Reflecting on Christian Hip Hop’s Roots

The mid-90s marked the emergence of Christian hip hop, and D.P.B reminisced about the artists and groups that shaped the genre. He highlighted the diversity within Christian rap and addressed the challenges of acceptance and inclusivity. Unity and support for artists of different backgrounds and styles are crucial for the community’s growth, he emphasized.
Evolution and Influence

As we discussed the evolution of Christian rap, D.P.B. shared his insights on the genre’s interaction with mainstream hip hop. Staying true to one’s calling and gifting is paramount, he advised, rather than conforming to industry trends or seeking external validation.
The Heart of the Artist

D.P.B.’s reflections on ministering to diverse audiences shed light on the importance of checking one’s heart and motives. Humility and discernment are vital, especially when navigating the music industry’s challenges and opportunities. He stressed the significance of ministering to all types of people to fulfill God’s purpose in his life.
Collaboration and Growth

The importance of collaboration was another theme D.P.B. touched upon. He encouraged grassroots ministries to allow God to grow them and discussed the value of working with others. This collaboration can lead to growth and opportunities, as well as the creation of music that resonates with a broader audience.
The Craft of Christian Hip Hop

D.P.B.’s experiences as a writer and artist in the D.O.C. camp revealed the growth and development of his craft. He shared an example of his contribution to the song “Deeper,” which added lyrical depth, and acknowledged the talent of his peers in creating compelling music. Education and mastery in music production are essential, he noted, as is learning from industry pioneers.
Facing the Industry as a Representative of God

Representing God in the music industry comes with complexities, as D.P.B. explains. Interacting with artists who may profess belief in Christ but present conflicting messages in their music poses a challenge. Maintaining a spiritual focus in a secular industry requires consistency and faithfulness.
Embracing the Digital Age

The changing landscape of the music industry presents both challenges and opportunities for Christian artists. D.P.B. spoke about adapting to new platforms like social media and the importance of learning to navigate digital marketing. His upcoming projects, including a 22-minute movie and a picture book, reflect his commitment to spreading hope and faith through innovative mediums.
Staying Refreshed and Connected

D.P.B. emphasized the need to stay refreshed and connected to God to continue his ministry effectively. He discussed the power of staying in the Word and exercising his musical gift unto the Lord. Age, he believes, should not limit ministry, as wisdom and experience are invaluable assets.
Conclusion: A Message of Unwavering Faith

The conversation concluded with D.P.B. sharing his social media handles and inviting listeners to connect with his music. His parting message was a testament to God’s unwavering love and the unexpected blessings that come from obedience to His call.
“Jesus all day every day,” D.P.B. declares, summing up his commitment to his faith and the message he conveys through his music. “Peace, peace,” he added, echoing the tranquility and harmony he seeks to promote.
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Falling in Love with Music (00:01:18) D.P.B shares about his early exposure to music in a gospel singing family and his introduction to hip hop in New York.
Transition to Christian Rap (00:02:25) D.P.B discusses his transition to Christian rap and his experiences in the early hip hop scene in New York.
Confirmation of Calling to Ministry (00:06:17) D.P.B shares the challenges and confirmations he received in recognizing his calling to ministry through music.
The Power of God’s Ministry (00:12:16) D.P.B discusses the call to ministry and the challenges and blessings that come with it, emphasizing the importance of enduring and trusting in God’s provision.
God’s Specific Purpose (00:15:49) Discussion on recognizing God’s purpose and blessings in ministry.
Challenges and Confirmations (00:16:18) Facing trials, not giving up, and witnessing the impact of ministry.
Ministering to People (00:17:10) Reflecting on the impact of reaching out and loving people in different communities.
Early Days of Christian Rap (00:19:53) Exploring the origins and diversity of Christian rap in the early years.
Unity and Acceptance in Christian Hip Hop (00:21:50) Emphasizing the need for inclusivity and avoiding cliquishness in the Christian hip hop community.
Different Types of Emcees (00:24:57) Discussing the variety of skills and styles among Christian rappers.
Balancing Confirmations and Growth (00:27:27) Navigating confirmations and growth while staying true to one’s calling.
Learning from Life Experiences (00:29:19) Reflecting on life experiences and humility in the music industry.
The squad and growth in Christian rap (00:30:21) Discussing the growth of Christian rap through collaboration and openness to working with others.
Songwriting and group dynamics (00:31:16) D.P.B shares about his experience in a group, songwriting, and the dynamics within the group.
Understanding hit records and pioneers of Christian hip hop (00:32:13) Exploring the elements of hit records, singing hooks, and the pioneers of Christian hip hop.
Challenges and education in making records (00:33:11) The challenges in making records, including the importance of education and mastering the formula.
Separating the spirit and the flesh in performance (00:36:09) Discussing the importance of maintaining a spiritual focus and intentionality in performances to avoid distractions.
Interactions with secular artists and messaging (00:38:16) Conversations with secular artists about their faith and the disparity between their public image and their personal actions.
Faithfulness and obedience in music (00:43:12) The importance of faithfulness and obedience in music and the recognition of God’s role in opening doors.
Reaching Back and Refreshing Others (00:45:56) The importance of reaching back to refresh and uplift others in ministry and music.
Staying Focused and Connected (00:46:56) Advice on staying focused and connected to God through daily refreshment and journaling.
Challenges of Aging in Ministry (00:48:01) D.P.B’s struggle with aging in the music industry and embracing wisdom over age limitations.
The Power of Anointing and Wisdom (00:54:23) The significance of anointing and wisdom in ministry, and the impact of God’s backing.
Sowing into Others and Building Relationships (00:58:47) The importance of sowing into others and building relationships with the right heart and intentions.
Opportunities and Challenges in 2024 (01:01:18) The changing landscape of the music industry and the opportunities for ministry and creativity in 2024.
Learning Social Media (01:01:36) D.P.B discusses the need to learn and adapt to social media for promotion and exposure.
Recognizing God’s Work (01:02:57) D.P.B attributes his success and viral potential to God’s influence and emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself.
Strategizing with Holy Ghost (01:05:02) The conversation shifts to using the Holy Ghost’s guidance for social media strategies and interacting with followers.
Creating Liberating Music (01:06:03) The host praises D.P.B for creating music and videos that uplift and liberate people, in contrast to mainstream music’s profit-driven approach.
Future Projects and Vision (01:07:02) D.P.B reveals upcoming projects, including a 22-minute movie, a unique picture book, and a worship summation movie.
Staying Faithful to God’s Call (01:13:04) D.P.B shares his experiences of obeying God’s call, even in small settings, and emphasizes the importance of faithfulness.
God’s Blessings for Obedience (01:14:41) D.P.B shares a personal story of obedience leading to unexpected blessings, highlighting God’s faithfulness and provision.
Spreading the Message of Jesus (01:16:04) D.P.B expresses his passion for sharing the message of Jesus and encourages listeners to follow him on various social media platforms.
D.P.B.’s Early Exposure to Music (01:16:31) D.P.B. discusses his upbringing in a gospel singing family and early exposure to music.
Introduction to Hip Hop in New York (01:16:33) D.P.B. shares about his introduction to hip hop and his transition to Christian rap in New York.
Recognizing His Calling to Ministry (01:16:35) D.P.B. discusses the challenges and confirmations he received in recognizing his calling to ministry through music.

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