Welcome to Church on the Block family! In this episode, Pastor Phil and Pastah J, to delve into the evolution of Christian Hip Hop and its profound impact on both the church and the streets. And we are going to share the insights from that discussion and the powerful lessons we can all take from it.
The Evolution of Christian Hip Hop

Christian hip hop has come a long way since its inception. Pastor Phil reminisced about the early days when resources were scarce, yet the passion and message were powerful enough to leave an indelible mark on the culture. He stressed the importance of modern artists leveraging the platforms available to them today, from social media to streaming services, to amplify their message and creatively address pressing social issues.
Pastah J echoed these sentiments, acknowledging the surge of creativity among today’s Christian hip hop artists. However, he pointed out a concerning trend: the imitation of mainstream hip hop. He expressed a yearning for more originality and for music that tackles topics like mental health, family dynamics, and social justice—themes that resonate deeply with listeners and reflect the core of Christian values.
The Power of Platform

The conversation naturally turned to the significance of using one’s platform responsibly. Pastah J highlighted artists like Chance the Rapper, who have seamlessly blended visual art with music to engage audiences in new and profound ways. They also discussed the role of accountability in hip hop, praising artists like Dee-1 for their commitment to holding the industry accountable for its influence on society.
Pastor Phil shared stories of artists who have bravely used their platforms to shed light on issues such as the exploitation of women in hip hop and the necessity for genuine social engagement. The consensus was clear: artists must be bold and speak their truth, even if it means challenging the status quo and facing potential backlash.
Beyond the Music: The Cost of Ministry

One of the most impactful parts of their dialogue revolved around the concept of ministry beyond music. Christian emcees must understand the weight of their calling and the importance of intentional outreach. Pastor Phil and Pastah J urged artists to extend their influence beyond the stage, reaching into local communities, schools, juvenile institutions, and prisons to make a tangible difference.
Staying grounded in the local church was another key theme. Being accessible and relatable is crucial; artists should strive to be approachable servants of Christ’s love rather than distant celebrities. Pastor Phil and Pastah J shared their own stories that emphasized the importance of this connection and the lasting impact it can have on both the artist and the community.
A Call to Serve Through Hip Hop

The overarching message of the episode is clear: Christian hip hop artists have a responsibility to use their talents to serve and uplift others. Authenticity, humility, and a heart for service should be the hallmarks of their ministry. By integrating outreach into their performances and tours, artists can not only entertain but also inspire and enact positive change.
In closing, Pastor Phil and Pastah J’s insights remind us that Christian hip hop is more than a genre—it’s a movement with the power to transform lives as evidenced by Pastor Phil’s work at the Firehouse Community Arts Center on the west side of Chicago.
As artists and as listeners, we are called to support music that stands for truth, encourages accountability, and actively seeks to better our communities. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the beats and the streets, where faith and hip hop converge to creating a melody of purpose and hope. Until next time, keep the faith and stay blessed.


The evolution of CHH (00:00:12) Pastor Phil and Pastah J discuss the evolution of CHH and its impact on the culture in 2023.
Challenges and successes in 2023 (00:01:03) They reflect on the challenges and successes of CHH in 2023 and its influence on the broader hip hop community.
The struggle to find CHH (00:03:32) They discuss the difficulty of finding CHH music in the past and the grassroots efforts to access and promote it.
The underground nature of CHH in the 90s (00:05:13) They talk about the underground nature of CHH in the 90s and the challenges of accessing and promoting it.
The demand and scarcity of CHH (00:06:17) They discuss the high demand and scarcity of CHH music, and the efforts made to access and distribute it.
The struggle for acceptance in the church (00:13:39) They reflect on the trajectory of CHH and the struggle for acceptance in the church in the past.
CHH leading the way in accountability (00:18:30) They highlight how CHH is leading the way in holding hip hop as a whole accountable for its content and actions.
The evolution of CHH (00:19:54) Discussion about the early challenges and successes of CHH and its impact on culture.
Artistic and theological expression in hip hop (00:20:52) Exploration of whether modern artists are maximizing their platform for creative and theological expression.
Challenges and potential in CHH (00:22:15) Exploring the potential for increased creativity and social commentary in Christian hip hop.
Embracing creativity and social commentary (00:23:35) Encouraging artists to embrace creativity and social commentary in their music.
Rise of new artists and social engagement (00:26:18) Recognition of new artists and the need for social engagement and accountability in their music.
Accountability and social commentary in hip hop (00:27:16) Discussion on the need for artists to address social issues and hold themselves accountable in their music.
Dee-1’s impact and accountability in hip hop (00:30:08) Recognition of Dee-1’s impact on the culture and his call for accountability in hip hop.
Artists using platform for social change (00:31:54) Highlighting artists using their platform for social change and accountability in hip hop.
Boldness and truth in hip hop (00:33:58) Encouraging artists to speak truth and love boldly in their music.
Challenges and potential for social awareness in hip hop (00:36:42) Encouraging artists to bring awareness to social issues and evolve in their music.
Conclusion and reflection on hip hop and social engagement (00:38:34) Reflection on the evolution of Christian hip hop and the potential for artists to make a difference in social issues.
Tours and Venues (00:39:25) The importance of understanding the cost of ministry and reaching out to communities through concerts and events.
Ministry Beyond the Microphone (00:40:20) Emphasizing the need to impact communities directly by visiting schools, juvenile institutions, and other local spaces.
Creative Partnerships (00:42:13) Discussing creative ways to partner with churches and festivals to reach communities with limited resources.
Staying Grounded in the Local Church (00:44:36) Emphasizing the importance of remaining connected to the local church and maintaining humility and authenticity.
Maximizing Opportunities (00:48:01) Encouraging artists to use their platforms to reach marginalized communities and creatively engage with different audiences.
Being Examples in the Community (00:54:18) Highlighting the significance of leading by example and being a positive influence in the community.

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