Hey family. Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx where DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have an enlightening conversation with the multi-talented Sereyah. They delved into various topics, including the hustle of holiday shopping, the concept of spiritual detox, and the latest buzz in entertainment news. But the highlight was undoubtedly our interview with Sereyah, who shared her incredible journey and insights from her role in the series “Kingdom Business.” And in the real talk segment, our hosts talk the power of vulnerability and it’s impact in and on our lives.
Sereyah’s Transformation: From Life’s Lows to Artistic Highs

Sereyah’s story is one of remarkable transformation. She candidly discussed her early days in the entertainment industry and her transition to portraying a gospel singer in “Kingdom Business.” Her character, Rebel, is a testament to the power of truth, raw honesty, and spirituality. Sereyah’s personal growth and challenges have been instrumental in bringing depth and authenticity to her performance, something that resonated deeply with our hosts and with their audience.
The Essence of Success: It’s About the Feeling, Not the Things

During their conversation, Sereyah shared a profound lesson she’s learned on her journey to success: “It’s about the feeling, not the thing.” This insight came from her experiences and from mentors like Devon Franklin, as well as from reading Will Smith’s book. She emphasized that chasing the feeling you want in life is more important than pursuing material goals. Success and money don’t necessarily solve problems or bring happiness; it’s the pursuit of the right feelings that truly matters.
Working with Icons: The Impact of Collaborating with Kirk Franklin

Sereyah also spoke about the incredible opportunity to work with gospel legends like Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin. She described her first meeting with Kirk, who is not only a gifted artist but also a humorous and supportive presence. His ability to bring out the best in her and to write life-changing music was a divine experience for Sereyah. She shared how Kirk helped her break out of her shell and tap into a deep spiritual place for her songs.
The Business of Being an Artist: Sereyah’s Advice to Aspiring Businesswomen

As a businesswoman, actress, and writer, Sereyah had some sage advice for young women looking to make their mark in the industry. She stressed the importance of being involved in the business side of things, from signing your own checks to making smart choices with money and relationships. Sustainability, she noted, is key to long-term success.
The Intricacies of On-Screen Relationships: The Love Triangle in “Kingdom Business”

Focus and Dice couldn’t help but delve into the juicy details of the love triangle between Sereyah’s character, Rebel, and Taj in “Kingdom Business.” Sereyah walked us through the complex dynamics and the genuine connection that exists between the characters, despite their efforts to maintain respect and boundaries. She highlighted the realness of the situation and how it reflects the challenges of fitting into a world that may not fully accept you.
Embracing Vulnerability: A Path to Personal Growth and Deeper Faith

In their real talk discussion, our hosts touched on the theme of vulnerability. They explored its importance in relationships, mental health, and spirituality. Embracing vulnerability is crucial for both men and women, as it allows for the expression of emotions and leads to a deeper relationship with Christ. It’s also a catalyst for personal growth and self-awareness.
Stay Tuned for More: “Winning Prescription” and New Music Releases

Before wrapping up, Focus and Dice mentioned the upcoming “Winning Prescription” segment which airs every Friday on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM Channel 140 and encouraged our listeners to tap in for new music releases.
Conclusion: The Journey Continues

This episode is a reminder of the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on our lives. Sereyah’s journey from her past to her role in “Kingdom Business” is a powerful narrative of redemption, growth, and the pursuit of authenticity.
Thank you for joining Da Fixx, we hope Sereyah’s insights have inspired you as much as they have inspired our hosts. Until next time, stay blessed and stay encouraged.


Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction and opening banter between the hosts.
Holiday Shopping (00:01:20) Discussion on holiday shopping, including the challenges and tips for shopping, especially related to Amazon Prime.
Showing Compassion (00:03:45) Encouragement to keep the heart in the right place during Christmas and to show love and compassion to others.
Real Talk Segment Tease (00:06:42) Discussion on vulnerability and the need to open up and be willing to receive something different, especially in urban communities.
Spiritual Detox Segment Tease(00:07:35) Announcement of a conversation on spiritual detox and the upcoming guest from “Kingdom Business.”
News in 90 (00:08:29) News in 90 segment covering updates on holiday travel, health concerns related to processed foods, and promotion of the show “Kingdom Business.”
Faith and Sports Report (00:10:03) Sports report covering college football, NBA games, and college basketball upsets.
Guest Introduction (00:14:31) Introduction of the guest, Sereyah, from “Kingdom Business,” and discussion about her early acting career and experiences in the industry.
Sereyah’s Role in Kingdom Business (00:17:22) Sereyah’s approach to portraying the character Rebel in “Kingdom Business” and the struggles she faced in transitioning from being a stripper to a gospel singer.
Sereyah’s Spiritual Journey (00:18:26) Sereyah discusses her spiritual growth and the importance of chasing feelings rather than material things.
Impactful Experiences at Kingdom Business (00:18:57) Sereyah reflects on her rapid rise to success and the lessons she has learned from her mentors.
Collaborating with Kirk Franklin (00:21:30) Sereyah shares her experience of working with Kirk Franklin, highlighting his impact and support in her music career.
Advice for Businesswomen (00:24:54) Sereyah advises young businesswomen to be actively involved in the business aspect and make smart decisions.
Love Triangle in “Kingdom Business” (00:26:35) Sereyah discusses the love triangle dynamic in the series and the complexities of relationships.
Feeling Excluded from Gospel Music (00:29:53) Sereyah opens up about her character’s feelings of exclusion from the gospel music industry and the message it conveys.
Sereyah’s Future Projects (00:33:48) Sereyah expresses her aspirations to direct, write, and build her own empire in the entertainment industry.
Gospel Music Project (00:34:53) Sereyah reveals her plans for a gospel music album and her collaboration with Kirk Franklin.
Lessons in Faith Journey (00:36:19) Sereyah shares her faith journey and how she has learned to trust that God is in control.
Connect with Soraya and “Kingdom Business” (00:37:21) Sereyah provides information on how to connect with her on social media and watch “Kingdom Business” on BET Plus.
Vulnerability and Its Impact (00:38:28) Discussion on the importance of vulnerability in business, relationships, and church, and its impact on personal growth.
The Power of Vulnerability (00:40:41) Exploration of the significance of vulnerability in mental health, relationships, and spiritual growth, with references to biblical scriptures.
The Benefits of Vulnerability (00:44:28) Encouragement to embrace vulnerability for personal and spiritual growth, with a focus on the role of vulnerability in relationships and emotional expression.
The Impact of Vulnerability on Relationships (00:46:30) Insight into the role of vulnerability in relationships, particularly for men, and its influence on emotional connections and authenticity.
Interview with Sereyah (00:49:08) Discussion about Sereyah’s role in the series “Kingdom Business” and her potential future projects, highlighting her impact in the entertainment industry.
Upcoming Music and Show Highlights (00:50:33) Announcement of new music releases and upcoming show segments, encouraging audience engagement and participation.
The Unsaid Truth Segment (00:51:21) Promotion of the “Unsaid Truth” segment, addressing topics relevant to millennials and Gen Z, and encouraging audience participation and feedback.

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