Welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx. In our spiritual detox segment, we had a refreshing discussion with two influential emcees in the Christian hip hop, YP AKA Young Paul and Da Commissioner. The conversation was not just about music; it was a reflection on the soul of hip hop and its transformative power in the industry.
The State of Hip Hop: Lyricism and Boom Bap’s Resurgence

Hip hop has always been a mirror reflecting the complexities of society, and in this episode, our hosts, along with their guests examine its current state. They discussed the resurgence of the boom bap sound—a nod to the classic era of hip hop that prioritizes tight, rhythmic beats and a focus on lyrical prowess. This sound has made a comeback, and artists like Young Paul and Da Commissioner are at the forefront, using their music to inject positivity into a landscape that’s often clouded by toxicity.
Filling the Void with Positive Content

YP and Commissioner shared their belief that their music serves a higher purpose, filling a void for those seeking peace and edification through their art. In a world where mainstream rap often glorifies negative themes, YP and Da Commissioner stand out by offering a positive alternative that uplifts and inspires.
Celebrating Success: The Grammy Awards and Gospel Hip Hop

The recent Grammy awards were a topic of celebration, as DJ Focus and Dice Gamble acknowledged the recognition of gospel and Christian hip hop artists. This milestone is a testament to the impact and reach of music that carries a meaningful message. It’s a sign that the industry is beginning to value content that can not only entertain but also enlighten.
Unity in the Industry: Overcoming Cliques and Competition

During the spiritual detox conversation, our hosts and guests touched on the spirit of unity within the hip hop community. Da Commissioner spoke eloquently about the importance of camaraderie and support among artists. Despite the absence of big machines backing them, their faith and collective efforts have led to a strong, organic connection that transcends competition.
The Challenge of Unity Amongst the New Generation

YP candidly discussed the challenges faced by the younger, up-and-coming artists in the industry. Even within the Christian hip hop space, cliques and a competitive spirit can create divisions. However, YP’s recent signing with RMG Amplify is a move towards bridging gaps and fostering unity under a shared mission.
Being a Light in the Darkness: Collaborating with Secular Artists

Both YP and Da Commissioner shared their experiences working with secular artists, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their message and values. They approach collaborations with caution, ensuring that their music remains clean and edifying, serving as a pulpit to spread their beliefs without causing others to stumble.
Upcoming Projects: Guillotines 3 and Beyond

Looking ahead, Da Commissioner gave us a sneak peek into his upcoming music project, “Guillotines 3,” which promises to make a significant impact with its message. YP also hinted at his future endeavors, aiming to continue building healthy relationships and being a beacon of truth in the industry.
Beyond Music: Personal Development and a Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, our hosts didn’t just talk about music; the real talk discussion ventured into personal development and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Drawing parallels between spiritual and physical growth, Focus and Dice shared insights on setting goals, building confidence, and the continuous journey of self-improvement.
Lecrae’s Grammy Wins: A Milestone for Christian Hip Hop

The segment wrapped up with a nod to Lecrae’s two Grammy awards, a moment of pride for the Christian hip hop community. It’s a call to action for other artists to strive for excellence and recognition, proving that music with a message has a rightful place in the spotlight.
Thank you for joining the discussion and remember kingdom advancement is the goal. See you next episode. God bless.

YP AKA Young Paul in the studioTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Da Fixx is in (00:00:00) Introduction to the radio show Da Fixx and the segment “Spiritual Detox” with guests YP (Young Paul) and The Commissioner.
Hip Hop and Pruning Season (00:03:08) Discussion about the state of hip hop, the importance of personal growth, and the benefits of pruning season for growth.
Grammy Awards Recap (00:05:00) Recap of the recent Grammy awards, winners in the gospel and Christian hip hop categories, and comments on the outfits and performances at the event.
Spiritual Detox Introduction (00:13:11) Introduction to the segment “Spiritual Detox” with guests YP (Young Paul) and The Commissioner, discussing the state of hip hop and the importance of their music in the industry.
State of Hip Hop and Filling a Void (00:14:06) Discussion about the current state of hip hop, the resurgence of lyricism and boom bap sound, and the importance of their music in filling a void for positive and edifying content in the industry.
The impact of their music (00:17:40) Discussion on the positive influence of their music and the appreciation for the value of their hip hop.
Struggle for support (00:18:02) Challenges in presenting their music and seeking better support from the community and platforms.
Unity and support system (00:18:54) The importance of unity, camaraderie, and support within the hip hop community, especially in the absence of big machines.
Lack of unity in the industry (00:21:16) The existence of cliques and lack of unity among the younger crew and the need for more bonding.
Approaching issues in hip hop (00:26:22) The discussion on addressing issues in hip hop, the impact of online criticism, and the importance of pointing individuals to the cross for change.
Building relationships with mainstream artists (00:32:46) Efforts to build relationships and have real conversations with mainstream hip hop artists to convey the importance of their words and share the message of love and grace.
Secular Rappers and Building Relationships (00:35:19) YP discusses his experiences and approach to building relationships with secular rappers and sharing his faith.
Working with Non-Christian Artists (00:38:12) YP and The Commissioner discuss the potential risks and cautions when working with artists who are not in the Christian music space.
Maintaining Truth in Collaborations (00:39:27) YP explains his approach to maintaining his truth and not compromising his beliefs when collaborating with non-Christian artists.
Approach to Music and Collaboration (00:41:10) The Commissioner shares his perspective on collaborating with non-Christian artists and the importance of using wisdom and maintaining an edifying approach.
Guillotines Three Release (00:45:03) YP and The Commissioner announce the upcoming release of Guillotines Three and discuss their excitement for the project.
Faith and Sports Report (00:49:12) Justin Adams provides updates on sports events and scores, including the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl 58, and NBA and college hoops games.
Lecrae’s Grammy Awards (00:53:36) The hosts mention Lecrae’s Grammy wins for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song.
Shout out to Lecrae (00:53:53) Discussion of Lecrae winning two Grammy awards and the impact of Christian hip hop.
Winners of Grammy Awards (00:54:43) Recognition of artists who won Grammy awards and the process of voting.
Discussion of PJ Morton (00:55:47) Recognition of PJ Morton’s music and his involvement in different music genres.
Personal Development (00:57:04) Encouragement to focus on personal development and setting goals.
News in 90 (00:57:29) Announcements about community programs and health tips.
Start of Real Talk Conversation (00:59:20) Introduction to the topic of personal development and self-reflection.
Discussion of Personal Development (01:00:06) Importance of personal development and creating a plan for self-improvement.
Discussion of Healthy Lifestyle (01:07:29) Prioritizing a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical health.
Biblical Perspective on Personal Development (01:09:05) Discussion of personal development from a biblical perspective and the expectation of growth.
Cooking as a Spiritual Connection (01:12:12) Speaker 4 discusses how cooking is a way of connecting with God and improving oneself.
Financial Stewardship (01:13:26) Emphasizing the importance of wise financial stewardship and leaving a legacy for future generations.
Reconciliation and Forgiveness (01:15:51) Seeking reconciliation, ask for forgiveness, and mend toxic relationships.
Acknowledgment of Guest’s Contribution (01:17:56) Gratitude for the contribution of The Commissioner and YP to the show.
Reflection on Personal Development (01:20:01) Reflecting on the conversation about personal development and encourages listeners to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses.

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