Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx family. We’ve got a special one for you. CHH veteran, Selah The Corner joins our host DJ Focus and Dice Gamble for an inspiring conversation on faith, hip hop, mental health and reaching back for the next generation.
Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop Culture

In this episode, our hosts celebrated a monumental milestone 50 years of hip hop culture. They reflected on the genre’s evolution and the impact of artists who dare to challenge industry norms like Dee-1 who’s known for his outspoken views on the industry. They also discussed the current state of hip hop and the influence of trailblazers like him.
The Younger Generation: A Source of Inspiration

A central theme of their discussion was the inspiration behind the track “Green Light” by our guest, Selah The Corner. He shared how his connections with younger creatives and producers sparked the creation of this track. It wasn’t about calling out individuals but addressing broader mentalities and attitudes. Say Loud emphasized the importance of embracing the younger generation’s passion, energy, and creativity, which are vital to the music industry’s future.
Unity and Collaboration: Overcoming Challenges in the Music Industry

Selah opened up about the challenges of unity and collaboration within the music scene. He pointed out that fear and pride can be significant barriers among established artists, preventing them from supporting and mentoring up-and-coming talent. Despite these challenges, Selah remains committed to fostering collaboration and nurturing the next generation of artists.
Upcoming Projects and Mental Health

Selah also gave us a sneak peek into his upcoming projects, including a collaborative album and a book titled “Ski Mask.” He discussed his approach to making his book accessible and engaging, aiming to connect with readers on a deeper level. Moreover, Selah touched on the crucial topic of mental health, advocating for the importance of letting go of control and finding peace through faith.
Holiday Traditions and the Joy of Music

In their real talk segment, Focus and Dice reminisce about classic Christmas movies like “A Christmas Story,” “Home Alone,” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” DJ Focus stressed the importance of balance during the holidays and in life. They also discussed the unifying power of Christmas music and its ability to bring families together, creating a sense of unity and joy.
Final Thoughts

This episode is a celebration of culture, a reflection on the power of mentorship, and an acknowledgment of the importance of mental health and balance in our lives. As the episode wrapped up, we are reminded of the impact that each generation has on the next and the enduring legacy of hip hop culture. Thank you for tuning in and be encouraged, stay blessed and we’ll see you next episode.

Selah with AI the Anomaly, Bumps Inf and Datin Saleh with AttamTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Holiday Traditions (00:07:22) Discussion about the significance of holiday traditions, including favorite movies, music, and family events during the holiday season.
Serving the Community (00:08:35) Encouragement to serve the community, including visiting shelters, serving foster children, and partnering with organizations to give back.
The Inspiration Behind “Green Light” (00:15:00) Saleh The Corner discusses the inspiration behind his music track “Green Light,” emphasizing his connection with younger creatives and the straightforward approach to the song’s message.
Serving with the Right Intent (00:12:01) The importance of giving with a pure heart and genuine intent, rather than for appearances or recognition on social media.
The younger generation’s influence (00:16:36) Selah discusses the energy and potential of the younger generation in the music industry and his approach to collaborating with and mentoring them.
Embracing the young and up-and-coming (00:17:54) Discussion on the lack of support and fear from older individuals in the industry towards the younger generation and the importance of unity.
The influence of pride in hip hop and Christianity (00:22:49) Selah talks about the influence of pride in hip hop and the church, and how unity has been broken in these spaces.
Upcoming music projects and a book (00:25:39) Selah discusses his recent and upcoming music projects and his book “Ski Mask,” explaining its format and purpose.
Mental health and faith (00:31:18) Selah shares his thoughts on mental health, anxiety, and the importance of relinquishing control to God.
The state of hip hop culture (00:34:04) Selah shares his thoughts on the current state of hip hop culture and his views on recent industry controversies.
The influence of hip hop (00:34:24) Selah discusses the impact of hip hop, its educational aspect, and its deviation from its original purpose.
Christianity in a dark world (00:35:53) Selah talks about the dangers of speaking for Christ in a hostile world and the different approaches to faith.
Maintaining divine balance (00:38:50) Selah emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance in life, using a biblical reference from the book of Daniel.
Christmas traditions and movies (00:40:36) The hosts discuss holiday traditions, including favorite Christmas music, and share their experiences with Christmas decorations and movies.
Holiday Movie Traditions (00:53:09) Discussion on favorite holiday movies, including “The Preacher’s Wife” and “Almost Christmas,” and the tradition of watching movies with family.
New Year’s Eve Tradition (00:55:06) The tradition of cleaning the house, preparing a special meal, and starting the year with money in your pocket for good luck.
Influence of TV Series (00:56:25) Discussion on the influence of the TV series “Kingdom Business” and its impact on the audience and society.
Personal Relationship with Jesus (01:02:36) Encouragement to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and the significance of starting the new year with faith.

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