Hey family! We’ve got another inspiring episode of Reach Records, The 116 Life with host, SVP of A&R Ace Harris and co-host Meah Evans. In this episode they explore a topic that’s often overlooked yet fundamentally crucial to our well-being: rest. And we want to share with you the insights and revelations from that discussion.
The Roots of Restlessness

Growing up, the concept of rest seemed almost foreign to Meah. In her household, the cultural expectations were clear: work hard, then work some more. Her parents’ tireless work ethic was both inspiring and daunting, shaping the radio personality’s’ own attitudes towards rest. It wasn’t until she had a profound conversation with her friend Aaron that he realized not resting was like to trying to outwork God—a powerful insight that shifted his entire perspective.
Ace shared a similar journey, noting that it wasn’t until he became a parent that the true meaning of rest came into focus. The demands of fatherhood forced him to prioritize rest, not just for his sake but for his family’s as well.
The Mental Maze and Spiritual Solace

Both Ace and Meah have grappled with the mental aspect of rest. Overthinking, a common adversary, often leads to a restless mind. They discussed the importance of intentionally quieting our thoughts, a task easier said than done. The spiritual aspect of rest, however, offers a beacon of hope. Trusting in God’s work, even in our stillness, is a form of surrender, a way to let go of the anxious thoughts that plague us.
The Biblical Blueprint for Balance

Our hosts conversation naturally wove in the biblical perspective of rest. They reflected on scriptures that emphasize the significance of resting the mind and finding peace in God, especially during times of anxiety and overwhelm. The balance between work and rest is delicate; we must complete our tasks and assignments, working unto the Lord, but also allow God to handle the outcomes.
The Sabbath and Self-Care: A Delicate Dance

The concept of Sabbath is a deliberate pause, a time carved out for physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Yet, in today’s society, self-care can sometimes border on selfishness. Ace and Meah challenged this notion, stressing the importance of including God in our restful practices. As black men and women, they face stereotypes and challenges surrounding rest, but they encourage listeners to view rest as a strength and a discipline.
Rest as a Source of Strength and Creativity

Amidst our busy schedules, finding time for rest can be a challenge. Yet, Ace highlighted an often-overlooked benefit: rest can be a time of renewal and inspiration. Creative ideas often surface when we allow ourselves to pause. He admits his personal journey with rest is ongoing, influenced by his upbringing but evolving as I learn to embrace intentional rest.
Making God a Priority in Our Pursuit of Peace

Linking rest to spiritual fulfillment, our hosts encourage listeners to make God a priority. Intentional rest is about progress, not perfection. It’s a continuous process of growth and understanding, one that we must actively choose to embark on.
A Promise for More of The 116 Life

As our episode drew to a close, Ace and Meah expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to share their thoughts on rest. They hope that the conversation will inspire you to incorporate intentional rest into your life. Remember, prioritizing rest is not just about taking a break; it’s about allowing yourself to be replenished and restored.
In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget the power of a pause. But as we’ve discussed, rest is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s a discipline that strengthens us, a spiritual practice that centers us, and a mental break that rejuvenates us. So, we leave you with this reminder: prioritize rest, for it is in those quiet moments that we often find our greatest strength and clarity.
Until next time, may you find peace in the pause and rejuvenation in the rest.

Work vs Rest (00:00:00) The hosts discuss their upbringing and the balance between work and rest, challenging cultural norms.
Cultural Perspectives on Rest (00:01:39) The hosts share how rest was perceived in their households and the societal pressure to always be productive.
Family Dynamics and Rest (00:04:21) The hosts discuss how their family members influenced their views on rest and the absence of rest in their upbringing.
Sunday Routine (00:05:48) The hosts share their busy Sunday routines and the lack of rest in their family dynamics.
Understanding Rest (00:08:49) The hosts reflect on their understanding of rest as they grew older and the impact of having kids on their perspective.
Setting Boundaries (00:11:32) The hosts discuss setting boundaries for rest and the importance of prioritizing family time.
Mental Rest and Spiritual Perspective (00:14:37) The hosts delve into the concept of mental rest, the spiritual significance of rest, and the impact of overthinking and anxiety.
God’s Model of Rest (00:12:45) The hosts explore how God’s intentional act of resting serves as a model for human rest and trust in divine provision.
Resting the Mind (00:18:20) The importance of mental rest and the role of prayer in calming anxiety and achieving mental peace.
Keeping Thoughts on God (00:19:19) The significance of fixing thoughts on God and the consequences of taking eyes off Him, as discussed in the Bible.
Recognizing Sneaky Pride (00:20:59) Insights into the subtle nature of pride and the implications of overworking and self-reliance.
Finding Peace in Work and Trust (00:22:53) The concept of finding peace in work, surrendering outcomes, and trusting in the Lord’s presence and guidance.
Balancing Work and Rest (00:26:25) Understanding the relationship between completing tasks, resting, and the biblical perspective on resting after finishing work.
Rest as a Response to Work (00:27:10) The idea that rest is a response to completing tasks and the importance of honoring the Sabbath as a part of discipline.
Prioritizing Mental Health and Work (00:30:56) The need to balance prioritizing mental health and rest with the responsibility of completing work and assignments.
Intentional Sabbath Rest (00:32:39) The importance of intentional rest, especially on the Sabbath, and the need to find time to rest amidst busyness.
Resting in the Lord (00:36:13) Emphasizing the significance of resting in the presence of God and not neglecting Him in the pursuit of self-care.
Lyric Ideas and Creativity (00:37:45) Discussion on receiving creative inspiration from God during rest and being renewed for the next day.
Biblical Perspective on Rest (00:37:59) Exploration of the biblical approach to rest, the importance of intentional rest, and the ongoing learning process.
Priorities and Rest (00:39:16) Linking making God a priority with the concept of rest, and the importance of progression over perfection.
Renewal and Conclusion (00:39:50) Emphasizing the continuous renewal process and expressing gratitude for the insights shared in the episode.

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