Welcome back to The Corelink Solution family. I’m so excited to share this episode with you. I had the honor of welcoming Cameron Arnett, a man of deep faith and conviction, to discuss a topic that’s close to both our hearts: calling the church back to its lordship and the transformative journey of being a bond servant to Christ. We also discuss how our faith impacts our career journey. And lastly, Philabundance CEO, Loree Jones-Brown shares her new food insecurity campaign, Spread the Love.
The Heart of Servitude

Cameron and I dove into the essence of what it means to be a true servant to our Lord. It’s not about titles or positions; it’s about a heart posture that says, “Not my will, but Yours be done.” Cameron reflected on his career, attributing his success not to his own efforts but to the divine orchestration of God’s plan. This humility and recognition of God’s sovereignty are what being a bond servant is all about.
Unpacking Biblical Truths

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of understanding biblical words and phrases in their original context. We often read scripture through the lens of our modern culture, which can lead to misinterpretations. By delving into the historical and cultural backdrop of the Bible, we gain a richer, more accurate understanding of God’s Word and how it applies to our lives.
Living Under Lordship

What does it look like to live under the lordship of Jesus Christ daily? Cameron and I explored this question, acknowledging that it requires a shift in our priorities and perspectives. It’s about aligning our decisions, actions, and thoughts with God’s will, leading to a life that’s not only fulfilling but also pleasing to Him.
The Wisdom Ball Analogy

Cameron shared a powerful analogy from basketball, which he calls “wisdom ball.” It’s the concept of working smart, not just hard. In our walk with God, this translates to trusting in His guidance and not being overwhelmed by the pressures of life. It’s about discerning when to say no to the world and yes to God’s direction.
Standing Firm in Faith In Your Career

Our discussion took a personal turn as Cameron recounted his experiences in the entertainment industry, where standing firm in his Christian principles often led to challenges and exclusion. His advice to those facing similar trials within their career is to navigate them with unwavering faith and trust in God’s plan.
A Journey of Growth

Cameron also opened up about his spiritual journey, sharing pivotal moments and encounters with spiritual mentors that shaped his understanding of God’s lordship. These experiences were not just milestones but catalysts for deeper commitment and growth in his faith.
Addressing Food Insecurity

The episode took a compassionate turn as we welcomed Loree Jones-Brown, CEO of Philabundance, to discuss the pressing issue of food insecurity. Loree provided staggering statistics and emphasized the need for sustained support, not just during the holiday season but year-round. She offered practical ways for individuals to make a difference, highlighting the power of community involvement.
The “Spread the Love” Campaign

We wrapped up the episode with a preview of the “Spread the Love” campaign, an initiative aimed at combating food insecurity. It’s a call to action for all of us to step up and support those in need, reinforcing the message of service and lordship that permeated our entire conversation.
Thank you for joining me on this journey. Remember to be informed, be inspired and be accountable. I’ll see you next episode.


The introduction (00:00:10) The segment starts with the host welcoming Cameron Arnett back to the show and expressing excitement for their upcoming discussions.
Catching up with Cameron (00:00:36) Cameron Arnett talks about the blessings and opportunities he has experienced, including involvement in several movies and teaching, and expresses gratitude for God’s guidance in his life.
The concept of lordship and bond servant to Christ (00:06:07) Cameron Arnett explains the significance of calling the church back to the lordship of Christ and the meaning of being a bond servant to Christ, emphasizing the importance of following God’s directives.
Understanding the original context of biblical words and phrases (00:09:10) The discussion delves into the importance of understanding the original context of biblical words and phrases to gain a deeper understanding of their meaning and significance.
The impact of living in alignment with the lordship of Jesus Christ (00:15:13) Cameron Arnett discusses how living in alignment with the lordship of Jesus Christ would result in the fulfillment of God’s will on earth, creating a transformative impact on individuals and communities.
Personal reflection and priorities (00:17:52) The host shares his personal reflection on the impact of spending time in the Word and how living under the lordship of Jesus Christ would change his priorities and perspective on the future.
The trust factor (00:19:00) Cameron discusses the importance of spending time with the Lord and how it leads to inner peace and wisdom.
Standing on principles (00:21:40) Cameron shares his experience of standing firm on his Christian principles and the impact it had on his career.
Handling career challenges (00:22:45) Cameron advises on understanding that God treats everyone equally and how to navigate challenges in one’s career.
Progressive journey of faith (00:26:48) Cameron describes his gradual transformation in faith and the significant moments that solidified his commitment.
Addressing food insecurity (00:33:39) Loree Jones-Brown discusses the issue of food insecurity and the need for continuous support beyond the holiday season.
Approaching food insecurity (00:36:21) Loree provides advice on how to offer resources and support to those experiencing food insecurity.
Spread the love campaign (00:37:10) Loree introduces the “Spread the Love” campaign aimed at raising awareness and support for those facing food insecurity.
Spread the Love Campaign (00:37:18) Philabundance’s initiative to collect 40,000 jars of nut butter to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Virtual Food Drive (00:38:56) Details on how individuals and groups can support Philabundance through virtual food drives and donations.
Tips for Hosting a Food Drive (00:39:55) Information and resources available on Philabundance’s website for organizing physical or virtual food drives.
How to Participate (00:40:16) Instructions for joining the Spread the Love campaign by donating nut butter and other items to Philabundance.
Engaging with Philabundance (00:41:01) Encouragement to share takeaways, ask questions, and engage with Philabundance through their website or social media.

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