Welcome to another exciting episode of Da Fixx family. We’ve got a fun and inspiring one for you with special guests, actors Michael Jai White and wife Gillian! They are talking faith, love, marriage, work life balance and the BET+ hit series Kingdom Business. Let’s get in to it!
The Symphony of Well-being: Body and Spirit

Kicking off the episode, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble opened up a dialogue about the significance of taking care of ourselves holistically. It’s a symphony where the body and spirit must be in harmony. Dice explains that she’s always believed that our physical health is deeply intertwined with our spiritual peace. Our hosts discussed how neglecting either aspect can lead to a discordant life. It’s like trying to dance to a beat that’s out of sync it just doesn’t flow.
Power Couple Wisdom: Michael Jai and Gillian White

The highlight of the show was definitely the conversation with power couple, Michael Jai and Gillian White. Their insights on marriage, faith, and values were nothing short of inspiring. They opened up about the foundation of their relationship: friendship. It’s a reminder that at the core of every romantic bond, there should be a cornerstone of genuine companionship.
Best Friends in Love

Michael and Gillian emphasized the significance of being best friends in their marriage. They shared how prioritizing each other’s happiness has been a key ingredient in their loving partnership. It’s a lesson for all of us that love is not just about the grand gestures but also about the small, everyday acts of kindness and consideration.
The Art of Teamwork and Communication

The Whites also shed light on the importance of teamwork and open communication. They candidly spoke about the willingness to admit mistakes and the continuous effort to maintain harmony. It’s a dance of give and take, where both partners lead and follow in equal measure.
Faith as a Moral Compass

Faith plays a central role in guiding the Whites’ moral compass. They discussed how it shapes their approach to life and relationships, offering a sense of direction and purpose. Their conversation was a powerful testament to the role of faith in fostering universal principles of kindness and respect.
Universal Principles: Beyond Belief Systems

One of the most profound takeaways from the episode was the emphasis on universal principles that transcend individual religious beliefs. The Whites advocate for treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of their faith. It’s about being good people at the core and letting that goodness reflect in our interactions.
Staying Tuned: “Kingdom Business”

Our hosts also had the chance to share news updates and promotions for the TV series “Kingdom Business.” It’s a show that aligns with the themes discussed on the episode, weaving together narratives of faith, music, and the human experience.
The Takeaway: Living by Core Values

As Focus and Dice wrapped up the episode, it was clear that the main lesson was about living by our core values. Whether it’s in our personal health, our relationships, or our faith, staying true to what we believe in is what creates a life of harmony and fulfillment.
Thank you for joining us on this journey and remember to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show. We want to hear from you! See you next episode.


The importance of taking care of your temple (00:01:31) Discussion on the significance of holistic well-being, including physical health and spiritual nourishment.
News updates (00:05:31) Announcements about Tesla’s new cybertruck, the benefits of a vegan diet, and the creation of faith-based content in Hollywood.
Interview with Michael Jai and Gillian White (00:07:35) The power couple discusses their marriage, values, and faith, emphasizing the importance of being best friends and maintaining a balanced relationship.
The role of faith in marriage (00:16:24) Michael Jai and Gillian White share their perspective on how faith and universal values influence their relationship and guide their actions.
New Music and Kingdom Business (00:18:45) Discussion about new videos, music, and the TV series “Kingdom Business” on BET Plus.
Michael Jai White’s Role in Kingdom Business (00:19:24) Michael Jai White discusses his role in the series and his experience working with the director.
Working with Spouse on Set (00:21:42) Gillian White discusses working with her husband, Michael Jai White, on the set of Kingdom Business.
Character Dynamics and Realism in the Show (00:24:02) Discussion about the realism and relatability of character dynamics in the show.
Gillian White’s Perspective on the Show (00:29:51) Gillian White addresses the criticisms of the show and encourages viewers to watch it for its truth and relatability.
Impact of Kingdom Business and Watching Experience (00:31:16) Discussion about the impact of the show and the engaging watching experience.
Connecting with the Whites and Watching the Show (00:33:09) Information on how to connect with Michael Jai White and Gillian White on social media and where to watch Kingdom Business.
Closing Segment and Announcement (00:35:47) Announcement about the release of the Kingdom Business soundtrack and closing remarks.
12 Days of Giving and Future Plans (00:36:52) Discussion about the ongoing 12 Days of Giving and future plans for the show.
Upcoming Music and Appreciation for Artists (00:37:52) Excitement for upcoming music and appreciation for artists’ hard work.
Shout Out to Little Sister (00:38:34) Discussion about a special guest joining the show and the anticipation of the upcoming segment.
Challenges of the Younger Generation (00:38:54) The difficulties faced by millennials and the younger generation in maintaining faith and spirituality in a changing world.
Closing Remarks (00:39:36) Encouragement to listeners to stay focused, turn negatives into positives, and prioritize kingdom advancement.

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