Hey family. Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx! In this latest episode, we dove deep into the world of faith-based entertainment with a special focus on the series “Kingdom Business” on BET+. And a controversial real talk segment on “fake Christians”. It’s all about church culture, representation and community.
The Journey to the Screen

Our guests, the talented brother and sister duo Sis N Lil Bro, opened up about their incredible journey to securing roles in “Kingdom Business.” Sis shared her childhood dream of acting, inspired by none other than Halle Berry in “Catwoman.” Lil Bro, on the other hand, was more accidental in his acting pursuits, embracing the opportunity when it presented itself. Their connection to the show came through their manager’s relationship with the executive producer, Dr. Holly Carter, showcasing the power of networking in the entertainment industry.
The Church Community’s Mixed Emotions

As they discussed the series itself, it was clear that “Kingdom Business” has stirred a variety of emotions within the church and faith community. The show’s modern portrayal of faith has not been without controversy, prompting our hosts to explore whether it reflects the current gospel approach. This conversation offered a window into the experiences of Sis N Lil Bro as they navigate their acting careers while impacting the faith community.
Real and Raw Christianity on Screen

During the conversation, Focus and Dice couldn’t help but express our appreciation for “Kingdom Business” and its raw depiction of Christianity. It’s crucial to show the struggles and imperfections of Christians, highlighting the importance of engaging with the world without judgment. This portrayal resonates with many who seek authenticity in their faith journey.
Balancing Relationships and Careers

Sis N Lil Bro also delved into the complexities of managing relationships alongside their careers. Lil Bro spoke about his committed relationship and mentoring his girlfriend in faith, while Sis discussed her approach to casual dating, emphasizing intentionality as a public figure. They both underscored the need for understanding and support from their partners, given the demands of their careers in the spotlight.
Marriage, Music, and Mentoring

The conversation took a turn towards the shifts and challenges that come with marriage, the significance of taking time for oneself, and the grace needed in pursuing relationships. Lil Bro reflected on the honor of contributing to the “Kingdom Business” soundtrack and the creative process behind remixing a classic gospel song.
“Who Dat” A Cultural Anthem

Our hosts also had the chance to talk about Sis N Lil Bro’s latest single “Who Dat,” discussing the unique writing approach and the departure from their previous musical style. The positive reception and anticipation for the upcoming music video was evident, and their gratitude for the support from Holy Culture Radio reinforced Da Fixx’s mission. They shared their excitement for their upcoming album “Versatility” and the delicate balance of considering a record deal while staying true to their faith and community.
The Call for Authentic Transformation

The episode wouldn’t be complete without addressing the controversial issue of fake Christians and the challenges within the church. Focus and Dice emphasized the need for genuine transformation and daily renewal in faith. Drawing an analogy to work responsibilities, our hosts discussed the commitment required in the Christian journey, stressing the importance of prayer, humility, loyalty, and responsibility.
Living Out Loud: The Christian Witness

As Focus and Dice continued, the topic of Christian behavior and representation in the world came to the forefront. Our hosts talked about the need to embody Jesus’ teachings and to live a life that genuinely reflects faith. The role of social media, the responsibility of Christians to maintain a positive witness, and the pursuit of spiritual maturity were all points of discussion. They drew inspiration from the apostle Paul, urging believers to live in obedience to God and to examine their actions closely.
Embracing the Life-Changing Power of Faith

In a powerful message, we are reminded that God is not keeping track of our mistakes but is instead a source of love and forgiveness. Our hosts encouraged listeners to start their relationship with Christ, find a Bible-based church, or seek a mentor to guide them in their faith journey.
Conclusion: A Message of Hope and Encouragement

To wrap up, Focus and Dice leave us with a message of hope and encouragement. Urging everyone to focus on turning negatives into positives and prioritize the advancement of God’s kingdom. It’s about taking that first step in faith and finding the support within a community of believers.
Thank you for tapping in. Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the discussion. See you next episode.


Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the show Da Fixx and the hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble.
Open Invitation to Christ (00:01:20) Encouraging listeners to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, discussing the prayer of salvation.
Fake Christians (00:04:12) Discussion about the concept of fake Christians and personal experiences with faith.
Teasing Guests (00:08:39) Announcement of the upcoming interview with the brother and sister duo, Sis N Lil Bro, and their roles in the series “Kingdom Business” on BET+.
News in Ninety (00:09:46) News segment by Dice Gamble covering Amazon’s best sellers, book news, space travel, and NASA’s discoveries.
Faith and Sport Report (00:10:27) Faith and sports report by Justin Adams, covering sports events and a scripture verse.
Spiritual Detox Segment (00:13:48) Return to the show after the sports report, introduction of the brother and sister duo, Sis N Lil Bro, and their experience in acting.
Kingdom Business (00:17:47) Discussion about the series “Kingdom Business” and its relevance in 2023 for approaching the gospel.
The show’s authenticity (00:18:18) Discussion about the authenticity of the TV show “Kingdom Business,” portraying real struggles within Christianity and the involvement of legendary artists.
Realness of Christianity (00:20:36) Emphasizing the realness and imperfections of Christians, addressing misconceptions, and the impact of the church on the world.
Dating and relationships (00:25:58) Sis N Lil Bro discuss their current relationship statuses, the challenges of dating, and the importance of being intentional in the entertainment industry.
Remixing a classic song (00:35:29) Titus discusses the honor of being featured on the “Kingdom Business” soundtrack, remixing the legendary song “For Every Mountain” by Kirk Carr.
New music and band (00:36:52) The conversation shifts to discussing new music and the introduction of a new band.
Whoo Dat Single Release (00:36:56) Sis N Lil Bro discuss their new single “Who Dat” and share their experience in creating the music video.
Support and Promotion (00:38:16) Gratitude for support from Holy Culture Radio and discussion about effortless promotion and reciprocal support.
Project Release Teaser (00:39:27) Sis N Lil Bro tease their upcoming project “Versatility,” discussing the dilemma of releasing singles with a surplus of unreleased music.
Record Deal Speculation (00:40:56) Uncertainty about signing a record deal and the possibility of future collaborations.
Connect with Sis and Little Bro (00:41:27) Instructions on how to connect with Sis N Lil Bro on social media and introduction of their latest single “Whoo Dat.”
Fake Christians in the Church (00:42:43) Discussion about the discrepancy between appearing as a Christian and truly living by Christian values, citing biblical references and personal experiences.
Transformation Process (00:52:20) Emphasizing the ongoing process of transformation and renewal in faith, comparing it to the commitment in a workplace.
Impact of Unchanged Christians (00:54:02) The negative impact of unchanged Christians on others and the importance of genuine transformation in faith.
The concept of fake Christians (00:54:51) Discussion about the behavior and attitude of Christians, the need to show joy and hospitality, and the impact of negative witness on others.
Personal growth and change in behavior (00:56:03) Sharing personal experiences and testimonies, discussing the need for wisdom to break curses and the importance of being different as a Christian.
Challenges within the church (00:56:39) Addressing issues of lying, fear, and negative behavior among Christians, and the impact on the church’s witness and ability to attract others to Christianity.
Representing the body of Christ genuinely (01:00:18) Emphasizing the importance of representing the body of Christ authentically and genuinely, and the impact of love and faith on others’ perception of Christians.
The impact of social media on Christianity (01:05:02) Discussion about the negative impact of Christians’ public displays of negativity on social media and the need for humility and private resolution of conflicts.
The responsibility of believers and spiritual growth (01:10:11) Encouragement to represent Christianity better, the responsibility of believers to set a positive example, and the need for continuous spiritual growth and maturity.
The call upon the name of the Lord (01:12:49) Explanation of Romans 10:13 and the concept of salvation through confession and belief.
Receiving eternal life (01:13:23) The process of accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Savior and the simplicity of starting a faith journey.
Encouragement to seek out a Bible-based church (01:14:09) Advice to find a church or mentor in the faith and the importance of growth in the journey with Christ.
Life-changing experience (01:14:58) Assurance that inviting God into one’s heart will lead to a positive and transformative change.
Upcoming content (01:15:00) Preview of the next episode, including topics such as spiritual detox, real talk, and laughter.

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