I have been humbled to start interviewing Christian hip-hop artists. I met Jordan Ramble through Instagram where he has been supportive and prayerfully allowed me to interview him to discover his inspiration behind being a Christian artist. it is a great story of how God is faithful and I would love to see if it is something you would like to put on your website or your social media. And I would love any type of feedback Thank you.
Saving Souls with Jordan Ramble
By Kimberly Payne @instawithkim
Jordan Ramble is an artist who leans on God, but that was not always the way the rapper lived his life. He used to be an atheist; but over the years, his curiosity about God grew. Ramble now knows that it was the Grace of God calling him.
“I didn’t grow up in church. I didn’t have anyone around me that was dedicated to Christ. No one was there to tell me about the goodness of Jesus,” he reflected. “My life ended up reaching a very low point, and I needed to know if God was real. I cried out to Him and repented for the first time. It was crazy because something switched inside of me after that.”
Ramble started waking up early every Sunday, getting dressed, and walking to the neighborhood church. The artist would sit in the back of the church and observe. He soon realized that the simple act of waking and walking to the House of God gave him clarity which would set the tone for the rest of his week. This new lifestyle inspired Ramble to create Godly music.
“When I got saved, I was 100% against making Christian rap music. I thought it was corny and that it wouldn’t be received,” he shared. “I compromised with myself to just eliminate the cursing from my music. But then my faith grew, and then my love for God grew even stronger. It started to spill over into my music.”
He wants to inspire people through his music. He wants them to know that God is real and that no one can ever be too far away to receive God’s grace.
Ramble is inspired by Lecrae, the Sunday Service Choir, and Kirk Franklin. The artist and I shared a knowing laugh as we realized we both enjoy the song, ‘Stomp,’ and count Franklin as an amazing pioneer and one of the greats. Ramble loves performing, but also attending performances. He said Lecrae, TobyMac, and Bizzle are amazing artists. I agree; I have seen TobyMac more than once, and it was a beautiful experience every time.
Ramble is not only an artist with powerful lyrics, he is a Man of God, a husband, and a father. He and his wife founded the Saved Social Club LLC in 2023. However, the idea originated in 2018 at the prompting of the Lord before the family moved to their current home in California.
“When we moved to the West Coast from New Jersey in 2023, we had no intention of starting the club," Ramble recalled. “We moved because we knew we needed a fresh start.”
Upon arriving in Los Angeles, the family quickly found a church community. They were invited to birthday parties and dinners; and were grateful that the Lord had blessed them with a growing church family. Ramble noticed that besides the church building, there was no gathering place for the community.
“That’s when the Lord gave us the idea again for the club,” the artist shared. “The Saved Social Christian Club is a space for believers and non-believers to gather together. The club will be a high quality experience where people can gather to engage and learn the Kingdom Culture.”
Ramble praises God for His faithfulness. The artist shared how the Lord was faithful during a recent adventure. He, his wife, and their four children packed up their SUV (literally), and in faith, moved to California from their hometown of Trenton, New Jersey.
“The commute was a five day journey. Through fog, sleet, snow, and heat, God kept us safe,” he exclaimed. “We had no accidents or issues. We didn’t even realize we were missing a spare tire until we arrived in California.”
The road to their new home was smooth, but life can bring uncertainty. When Ramble starts to feel anxious, discouraged, or unsure, he heads to the Bible.
“My go-to verse is Psalms 37:4; it says to delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart,” he said. “This verse reminds me that as long as my focus is on God, He has me covered. This verse has kept me for years.”
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